2008-2015: Major Astrological Influences



Part 1: World Overview

Part 2: Individual Overview

The years of 2008 through 2015 are a time of collective transformation and evolution. It is an eight year period of tremendous changes and challenges. An appropriate phrase to describe this time in which we are living is “The Great Unraveling”.  Keep in mind that even though so much has happened already, we are really still in the early stages.


A. World Structure Dismantled and Rebuilt 2008 to 2024 Pluto in Capricorn,

Although this influence is in effect until 2024, the energy is most intense from 2008 through 2015.

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. It works by doing major surgery on that which is no longer healthy and viable. It brings collapse, breakdowns, disintegration, purging, releasing, and clearing. This action is necessary in order to heal, renovate and transform. Pluto is using its transformative power on all areas ruled by Capricorn: the way the world is organized, government, business, institutions, systems (e.g. financial, health), leaders, those in control. See Pluto in Capricorn for in-depth article.

Pluto in Capricorn suggests that the changes needed to restore balance and health to our “systems” will be painful and will involve a complete purging and restructuring. To use these energies successfully we must accept responsibility and use our resources carefully. We must be willing to do what needs to be done. Our first response has been to try to fix things and save the system. This is natural and to skip this phase and go right to a major purging would be met with tremendous resistance, not only from the “Powers That Be”, but also by the general population. It is an ongoing process.

We are aware that we need to quit buying stuff we don’t need, quit eating food that is bad for us, and start conserving and taking care of what we have, get out of debt, and live simply and responsibly. However, the world economy has been based on doing the exact opposite. Things finally fell apart and now we have to figure out a way to stabilize our economy without going back to old way of doing things. Nobody wants to bear the pain. We still have a long way to go. It is a process that will take several years.

B. World Shake-Up and Wake-Up  – Sep 2008 to Oct/Nov 2010, Saturn in Virgo-Libra opposite Uranus in Pisces-Aries, 

This has been a very divisive and contentious time represented by the opposition of Saturn and Uranus. Now that we are in the Autumn of 2010, this energy is beginning to wane, but we will now feel the repercussions of the last two years. The energies of Saturn – the old, tradition, the establishment, limits, boundaries, rigidity, rules, regulations, experience, maturity, conformity and caution, have been pitted against Uranus – the new, the unusual, innovation, liberation, rebellion, youth, technology, the future, risk-taking, uniqueness and change. A battle between the old and the new ensues, often involving upheaval, volatility and conflict. In our country it has coincided with the collapse of our financial systems, the vast difference in resources between the rich and the poor, the election of Barack Obama, and perhaps the most obvious and frustrating – intense and continuing political and social polarization with lots of negativity and few solutions.

Maybe now that the above influences are not as strong, we will be able to use the Shake-Up and Wake-Up energies in a positive way and get people to work together, so that the best of each side can be applied to make positive strides towards making the changes we need. Innovation and change that is grounded in reality, but pointed toward the future, can bring sudden and surprising solutions. Things cannot stay the same. Changes have to be made.

C. World  Karmic Consequences Oct 2009 to Oct/Nov 2010, Sat in Libra Square Plu in Capricorn,

When Saturn and Pluto interact, the world must face the consequences of previous actions.  This is a time of collective transformation/evolution. Alterations in the way things are structured and organized will be a necessity. Anything that is out of balance must be rectified and restructured. Power may also be redistributed.  We will be forced to focus on the basics.

The current Saturn/Pluto cycle began in with their conjunction in 1982/83.  Here is the history of each challenging contact in the cycle so far:

1982-83 (conjunction: seeds planted) -Israel invaded Lebanon, bin Laden begins to help the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, US Marine base bombing in Beirut, supply side economics and de-regulation gain strength, Savings and Loan scandal. 

1993-94 (square: manifestation and test)- Bombing in Yemen, US troops killed in Somalia, First World Trade center bombing, de-regulation on many financial “instruments”.

2001-2003 (opposition: culmination and greatest crisis point) Terrorist attack on 9-11-2001, War in Afghanistan, anthrax attacks, continuing terrorist alerts, build-up to and eventual war with Iraq. Alarms were sounded by some regarding risky mortgages and predatory lending practices. These warnings were ignored. 

Oct 2009 – Oct/Nov 2010 (Square: harvest and push to complete).This where we are now. The energies are not as strong at this point, but there is an urge to complete the cycle and harvest whatever was originally planted.  Judging by past history, it looks like we will be harvesting issues involving terrorism/aggression and financial deregulation.

Given the above history of this cycle, It certainly seems possible that we will be thinking about terrorism, Osama bin Laden or other related issues. The current conflict over building a mosque near the World Trade Center location certainly falls in this category. Since 1982 was also the beginning of financial deregulation and supply side economics, we can also say that the financial regulations that have recently been put in place also fit this influence. This does not mean these issues have been eliminated or solved, only that we are dealing with them and have an opportunity to resolve some things.

It is interesting to note that Israel, India, Pakistan, N. Korea, the CIA and the NSA were all “born” under a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (1947/1948). Because of their affinity with Saturn/Pluto, these countries and agencies often serve as conduits through which the Karmic Consequences flow out to the world. 

The influences listed above reveal the type of energies that we have been dealing with in 2009 and 2010. Those who were hoping (and demanding) a quick solution to all our difficulties have been consistently disappointed.


A. Your Life Structure Dismantled and Rebuilt2008-2015  Pluto in Capricorn

If Pluto isn’t influencing your personal birth chart, you will still be affected by world events, but are not likely to be totally swept up in a personal life transformation. Those born under the signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra will feel it the most and are likely to experience a major transformation in their lives. (Also any planets or angles in your birth chart in those signs will be affected (no matter when you were born).)

Pluto is a very slow and deep transformative influence and is hard to understand and grasp while it is occurring. It is so pervasive and massive, that it is really impossible to have a clear perspective on the situation while it is happening.

The intensity of your dismantling and re-structuring depends on how badly your life needs to be transformed. If you have been changing, growing and transforming throughout your life in small increments, then these changes will certainly be challenging, but you will be ready and willing to do it. It will take some effort, but it won’t be overwhelming. If, on the other hand, an individual’s life structure has become toxic to their health and well-being, such as an unhealthy relationship, a job they hate, overspending and debt, drug/alcohol addiction, poor health habits, or unresolved emotional and psychological issues, Pluto will bring conditions to a crisis point. 

Even if the person tries to ignore it, outside events will bring about a crisis that will force a transformation. At first this crisis may seem like a terrible tragedy, a failure or a huge unwelcome challenge. The process of shedding an old life leaves us feeling vulnerable and unsure. Often there is a void in which we wander around in the dark, but nothing seems to happen – even though we have told the universe repeatedly and in no uncertain terms that we are ready to start our new life! We may feel alone and stranded. This is a testing period and usually involves a surrender to a higher power and a willingness to let go of the outcome.

B. Your Shake-Up and Wake-Up Sep 2008 – Sep 2010, Saturn in Virgo-Libra opposite Uranus in Pisces-Aries 

Something needs to change in all of our lives. We all will have to deal with the changes happening around us. Some will adjust without too much disruption. Others will feel like their life has been turned upside down, or wish they could turn it upside down themselves!  The signs of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, have been feeling the Shake-Up and Wake-Up energy since last fall, 2008. It will continue until mid-summer 2010. The signs of Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer, will have their chance to Shake-Up and Wake-Up from June through August 2010. 

Here is a good way to use the Shake-Up and Wake-Up energies no matter when you were born:

First, be willing to change. Next, try to get clear on what is pulling you in two different directions. What is really holding you back? It may not be what you think. Open your mind to ways of blending your past with your future. Be innovative. You don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You can bring together the best of opposing qualities. Take advantage of the opportunities being presented to you for change.  Here are some Saturn/Uranus opposites that might need to be blended in your life: responsibility and liberation, the old and the new, experience and a fresh outlook, stability and adventure, conformity and innovation, wisdom and new ideas, limitations and breaking barriers. 

C. Your Karmic ConsequencesOct 2009 – Oct 2010, Saturn Square Pluto,

All of us will feel this to some extent, but those with planets or angles in the first few degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra are likely to experience a major turning points in their lives.

Saturn and Pluto can bring very significant and life changing events. Since these planets represent karmic consequences, much depends on how we have been living our lives. When we look at world events, we are dealing with mass consciousness, which usually manifests in a dramatic and reactive way.  Things are likely to be less intense in our individual lives.  Remember, consequences can be good, too. It is still not a walk in the park. It will require work, effort and the courage to purge, prune and discard.

Many times this is when we must make a karmic choice.  Even though it may be hard, it will be worth it in the long run. The right choice can lead to a greatly improved and happier life.

For All Signs: It could be very revealing for you if you look back at the last Saturn/Pluto contacts. Try to remember how you were feeling and what you were doing in 1982-83, 1993-94 and 2001-2003. Can you see any choices you made (or were forced to make) then, that may have seemed challenging or karmic at the time? Did you ultimately made your life much better because you made the right choice? Karmic choices can also be something positive you wanted to do in this lifetime. Saturn and Pluto can provide us with an opportunity to finally leave a karmic situation and start down a new path, or if we made the right choices before, to take our next step.   



How to Use These Astrological Influences Successfully in Your Life:

Remember, we are in an ongoing process which will take several years with more layers yet to be added.

  • The years of 2009 and 2010 have been a time for change and transformation. Accept that it can’t happen overnight. A seed has been planted in your life. It won’t help to stand over it and yell at it to grow. Give yourself love and nourishment, weed as necessary, and above all, be patient.
  • Take responsibility for your life.
  • Get back to basics. Live simply. Conserve your resources.
  • Be as self-sufficient as possible.
  • Cultivate patience and maturity.
  • Accept what needs to be done and do it efficiently.
  • Be willing to change and make new choices.
  • Be open and respectful to other points of view.

Try to stand back and allow that a certain amount of chaos is natural. Realize that as messy and annoying and scary as it is, it is all part of the creative process. Out of this uncertainty and confusion, new innovations and solutions are being imagined and created.  We are just not aware of them yet.

Judy Joyce

  • By Tracy L'Herisson, September 30, 2010 @ 10:45 pm

    Dear Starbaby,

    I think this web site will help people from many parts of the world in the next few years.
    It may demand a lot from you to keep updating as the celestial energies change, combine and new outcomes are revealed, but I believe your fulfillment will be great.

    I hope so anyway :-) CONGRATULATIONS!

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