My Trip to the Rally to Restore Sanity

Judy Joyce

November 2, 2010

I just returned yesterday from Washington D.C., where my husband and I, along with 215,000 of our close personal friends, attended Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” on the National Mall. Not only did the rally have a huge turnout in our nation’s capital, but also in satellite rallies around the world. Right here in Boise, Idaho over 500 people attended a satellite rally on the steps of Boise City Hall.

I am writing about the rally because of its connection to a major astrological aspect we are experiencing right now. It is a good example of how an astrological influence can manifest in the world around us. In this article, I will talk about the rally and the astrological aspect, and then tie them together.



 Jon Stewart who hosts “The Daily Show” on the Comedy Central Network was the driving force behind this event. The rally was co-hosted by Stephen Colbert, also from Comedy Central. If you don’t know anything about them or their shows, I have listed some links at the end of this article. Yes, they are comedians, but I can personally say that many times I have found more real news on their shows than on the major networks.

The rally was held to provide a voice for the 70-80 % of the reasonable, moderate people who are fed up with and concerned about the polarization, the shouting/ name-calling/blaming matches, and the magnification by the media of stories designed to keep us all focused on the fearful and the negative. The majority of us are well aware that we don’t all agree on the issues. But most people are willing to have civil discussions with each other in order to work together and find solutions in a mature and responsible way. Yet we haven’t seen that reflected in our leaders or the media. We felt the rally would be a way to speak up for the kind of responsible and mature behavior that can help the country move forward on the very serious issues that face us.

Apparently this resonated strongly with many people. Here is my brief account of how I experienced the day. It may sound sappy to some, but that’s okay. I know I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

First of all, it was thrilling to arrive and see the thousands and thousands of people streaming in and to realize that so many others felt the same way I did. It was a great feeling to know we weren’t the only ones who felt inspired to attend. Relief and happiness came flooding into my heart. You could feel the excitement in the air. It was definitely goose bump time.

As you might expect, 215,000 people standing shoulder to shoulder is quite a bit of energy. We laughed together, and got lumps in our throat and a little misty-eyed together, too. It felt to me that our shared experience was uplifting and connecting our hearts and minds.

Comedy Central now reports that two million people watched the rally on TV. It was broadcast live and without commercials for the entire three hours. So add two million more souls to the count. That’s a whole lot of hearts and minds.



 Right now Jupiter and Uranus are in conjunction in the sign of Pisces. These two planets are conjunct every 14 years. This Jupiter-Uranus-Pisces influence has been in affect since September 2010 and will continue through March 2011.When planets are in the same sign and degree at the same time they are in an aspect called a “conjunction”. The conjunction is the strongest aspect in astrology. It means the planets involved are blending their energies and thus are very powerful.

The planet represents what is involved. Each planet has a different meaning and represents a part of our psyche: 

 Jupiter = what: growth and expansion in all areas from material wealth to spiritual growth. It represents our optimism, confidence, sense of humor, belief systems, philosophy, faith, good fortune, benevolence and generosity. However, if it gets out of balance, it can be too much of a good thing – over-confidence, over-spending, over-expansion, over-indulgence, over-religious, etc. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius.

Uranus = what: our desire to be original, independent, free, and unusual. It represents liberation, rebellion, rapid and sudden change, surprise, excitement, impulsiveness, awakenings, electronics, technology, space, the future, inventiveness, inspiration, insight, future-oriented, anything unusual and unconventional. Out of balance it can bring upheaval, uprisings, fanaticism and violence. Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius.

The sign it is in represents how it is likely to manifest.

 Pisces = how: energies are expressed in an emotional, spiritual, sensitive, compassionate, intuitive, psychic, creative and flowing manner.  It brings an inner awareness of the oneness of us all. Out of balance it can manifest as drifting, over-sensitivity, impracticality, escapism, being emotionally overwhelmed by beliefs, or becoming a “true believer”.

When Jupiter and Uranus come together they usually bring breakthroughs, exciting inventions and discoveries, innovations, explorations, human rights, rebellions, revolutions, inspiration, awakenings and insights. Jupiter means things will happen in a BIG way and will be optimistic and positive. Uranus says they will be exciting, unusual, surprising, sudden, and unconventional. An over used phrase that actually describes this quite well is “thinking outside the box”.

Since this conjunction is in Pisces it is being expressed on an emotional and spiritual level in a compassionate way. It is an energy that operates on a deep inner level and can help us feel our Oneness and connection to each other. 



Here are some of the parallels I saw between this conjunction and the rally. I’m sure you can find even more: 

1. Jon Stewart, a Sagittarian (ruled by Jupiter) comedian (Jupiter) announced the rally on September 16, just as Jupiter and Uranus were moving into an exact conjunction on September 18. His birth chart has a major pattern called a T-Square in which his Jupiter in Pisces is opposite his Uranus and both square his   Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter). This makes him a person who is very tuned in to the influences of Jupiter and Uranus, no matter what sign they are in. It is particularly strong right now because Jupiter was in Pisces when he was born.

2. This was an innovative and unusual (Uranus) rally and took the mainstream media by surprise (Uranus). They didn’t know what to think of it (Uranus). Was it political, comedy, entertainment, a joke???

3. The rally was essentially about being civil (Jupiter) and compassionate (Pisces) with each other and changing (Uranus) the way we look at things. It rejected (Uranus) the mainstream media’s negative and over-dramatic reporting. It focused on positive ways (Jupiter) of finding solutions together (Pisces).

4. The rally was announced on TV and promoted on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Uranus).  People came together to share rides, ideas and encouragement (Pisces) online (Uranus). Creative sign ideas were encouraged and posted online for everyone (Uranus, Pisces).

5. Oprah, an Aquarian (ruled by Uranus) bought plane tickets and lodging (Jupiter) for a surprised (Uranus) Daily Show audience one evening. When Arianna Huffington appeared on the Daily Show she impulsively (Uranus) said the Huffington Post would provide buses for anyone in New York who wanted to go. The turnout far surpassed (Jupiter) what she thought it would be when she made the offer. Reports say that it took 200 buses and cost her $250,000 – 500,000. (Jupiter)

6. The rally used humor (Jupiter), entertainment and music. (Pisces) It was broadcast on TV and the Internet (Uranus) so that all (Pisces) could participate.

7. The turnout was Huge (Jupiter) and surprised (Uranus) most everyone.

8. People at the rally were good natured and happy (Jupiter). People were free to express their uniqueness through clothing and signs (Uranus).

9. And best of all, there was definitely a deeply felt oneness of mind and spirit (Pisces), not only for the 215,000 at the rally, but for the two million plus watching online and on TV (Uranus) and for the many thousands in satellite rallies.

As I look back, it was very fitting that the U.S. Capitol building was in the background behind the stage. It was a wonderful reminder that the Statue of Freedom on the Capitol dome stands on a cast-iron globe encircled with the motto of the Great Seal of the United States – E Pluribus Unum – Latin for “out of many, one”.

Here are a few photos we took.





Yes, I was there!








The crowd directly behind us








One of these was my favorite sign – I think you can guess which one!






1. Here is the link to “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart: 

2. The estimated attendance number of 215,000 is based on aerial photographs taken by an independent research company and is the only official estimate. It was commissioned by CBS News. Here is the link:

3.  Jon Stewart’s birth data: November 28, 1962, Trenton, New Jersey, time unknown. Even without an exact time, there are many interesting things to see here if you are astrologically inclined.

4.  Jon Stewart’s closing remarks: Besides all the laughter, music and fun, Jon Stewart had some serious remarks at the end of the rally, which is what I think people enjoyed the most. If you would like to hear the speech in its entirety (about 12 minutes long) Here is a link:

  • By Mary, November 3, 2010 @ 8:38 pm

    Thanks for sharing, Judy. The rally here in Boise was quite different from the rally in DC and yet still held many of the same qualities. It was heartening to know there are people here wanting to Return to Sanity too.

  • By Barbara, November 4, 2010 @ 1:25 am

    Thanks for the great arcticle Judy – always love your astrological insights.

  • By Nancy Contreras, November 4, 2010 @ 2:01 pm

    Thank you for the wonderful information Judy. Loved how it was all broken down everyone can get it. Your the best thank you again.

  • By Iris Barratt, November 7, 2010 @ 3:27 pm

    Beautifully and simply written for the masses to understabd abd enjoy! Thanks for sharing all of these important insights! YOU ROCK!

  • By Jane Jordan, November 7, 2010 @ 9:43 pm

    We were out of town working so didn’t get a chance to participate–on the earthplane level, anyway. Thanks for filling us in–especially with the astrological insight.

    Jane Jordan

  • By Lou Siron, November 11, 2010 @ 5:13 am

    Great job on the article Judy. Your translation of astro-speak to pretty much plain English really helps me understand and make sense of what you say. You make the information very practical. Thanks for the great work you do.

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