2016 Forecast

2016 Forecast

Times shown below are Mountain Time (Zone 7), either Standard or Daylight time, as appropriate. See pertinent astrological aspects for the month at the end of this Forecast.

A NEW YEAR BEGINS                        

January 2016 – a new year begins and the question arises, “What lies ahead over the coming year?” Astrology can’t tell us exactly what will happen, but the astrological patterns in 2016 can provide us with a description of the types of influences or “energies’ we will be experiencing and the times when they will be most likely to manifest. It can also provide suggestions on how to use these energies effectively.


The world and mass consciousness will continue to deal with many of the same energies we experienced in 2015. Although we are slowly moving away from the unsettling transformation, disruption and changes that have occurred throughout the world since 2008, there are still many unresolved problems that will move into 2016. Social unrest, terrorism, immigration concerns, Middle Eastern conflicts, economic concerns, unstable and unusual weather, and the craziness of the political presidential race in the US will all continue. There will be times throughout 2016 when some progress can be made, but it will most likely be in November and December 2016 before we begin to feel we have passed through the hardest part of a challenging period.


January and February 2016

This two month period is likely to be tense and similar to November and December 2015, as Uranus and Pluto remain close to a square formation. For more information See Radical Restructuring article. This is part of a long term pattern of tremendous upheaval and transformation that the world has been experiencing since 2008. Even though the pattern is starting to separate, we still have to deal with the repercussions of the actions, choices and decisions that have occurred since 2008. This pattern should start to weaken by the end March, but is likely to be felt off and on until mid April 2016.

In our personal lives this influence can provide us with the energy to restructure and reorganize where necessary. For some, this will be minor. For others, this can be a time of major restructuring. If this describes your life, don’t sap your energy fighting the changes. Instead, use your time and energy to focus on getting your ducks in a row and doing what needs to be done. See January forecast below for more information.

March 2016

March will bring the need to find a way to balance practical considerations with the desire for improvement and growth. It is also a month when big transformations could begin that may last through June. Important decisions and adjustments are likely. There can be a great effort by some to obtain power. We may see political/social/economic power plays in the US and in the world in general.

From Mid- April to the end of June 2016,

Mars, the planet representing action, energy and the military, will be retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio from Apr 17 to June 29. Plans for action may need to be reviewed. We can use this period to revise or complete our plans and projects. Military campaigns could also be revised or stymied during this period. Patience and taking the time to get things done correctly is likely to be required.

May and June 2016 could bring further developments and a completion of activities begun in March. See March 2016 above.

From June to October 2016

The world is likely to be forced to deal with some troubling issues and feelings that bring uncertainty, fears, confusion, discouragement and low motivation. This can be related to energies that were strong in Nov and Dec 2015. The influence we will be feeling is the square of Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces. Basically this is a challenge between our hopes and ideals versus the unpleasant aspects of reality. This energy pattern requires us to face things we would rather not deal with and have been hoping would go away. Yet we feel unsure about what to do. These issues are likely to have started in November 2015 and include:

  • Challenges regarding political, moral, ethical, religious and social belief systems.
  • Environmental or health challenges, especially regarding water, the weather, oil, chemicals, poisons and drugs.
  • Previous plans and projects that were based on faulty foundations may dissolve. Until hidden weaknesses are found and corrected, new plans will be undermined or collapse.
  • The necessity of facing reality and dealing with a situation we cannot avoid.

Because of the duration of these energies, we may feel overwhelmed, discouraged and uncertain during this five month period. This can cause us to view our challenges as more difficult to overcome than they really are. This is a temporary situation. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, look for what is positive in the world – yes, it will be there! Appreciating nature, friends, family and kindness given and received is a good place to start. Our confidence and energy will return when this influence has passed.

September 2016 is likely to be very intense month, which will cause yet another shift in direction.

October 2016 could bring surprises around the Full Moon on Oct 15. By mid-October we should feel the gloominess of the Saturn square Neptune energy pattern starting to evaporate. Hooray!


November and December 2016

We may sense that something is changing. There are still challenges, but exciting and positive potentials will bring us renewed energy and optimism in December of 2016. These energies will carry over to 2017. Everything won’t be magically resolved, but we will feel hopeful, energized and ready to tackle whatever needs to be done.

Our Personal Lives in 2016

Events in our individual lives are not likely to be nearly as dramatic as world events, but we will certainly feel the prevailing energies. How they will manifest in our lives depends on each individual chart, but we always have a choice as to how we react to whatever comes our way.

The most challenging influences, though uncomfortable,  can provide the impetus to make needed changes or breakthroughs in our lives. Likewise, even the most positive influences can be overlooked or taken for granted and fail to be utilized.

Things will get better, but we will have to be patient. We can use the energies in 2016 to help us reorganize our lives and rid ourselves of possessions, situations, attitudes or fears that weigh us down and hold us back. By doing this, we will ultimately improve our lives and experience renewed optimism for the future by the end of the year.

We are all going through this together. It can be helpful to accept, honor and view the events and experiences in 2016 as the current conditions on humanity’s path of spiritual evolution. We are passing through this time and learning from it, but we will move on.

One thing we can always count on is that everything changes.

Love and Light to All You Beautiful Spirits in 2016!

Judy Joyce

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