Saturn Square Neptune 2015-2016


Saturn Square Neptune and

The Summer of Shape-Shifting Reality

June through September 2016


There is a very strong planetary pattern that will dominate from June through September of 2016. We are likely to notice it in our personal lives and certainly out in the world. It is not a happy time, but something we can deal with by understanding what is happening. It is not new. We have been dealing with it since October 2015 and its final crisis is likely to occur August 22 to September 24, 2016.

First, a little bit about the energies of Saturn and Neptune:

Saturn is basically what holds everything together in the material world. It represents the structures, systems, organizations, laws, regulation and authorities in our society. Saturn is connected to the element of earth and is concerned with reality, security, the manifest world, facts and figures. The sign Sagittarius is associated with beliefs (religious, spiritual, moral, ethical), foreign countries, travel and higher learning. Saturn in Sagittarius is honorable, educated, outspoken, is a searcher of truth and justice and can be a stickler for doing what is “right”. Saturn in Sagittarius makes a good teacher, preacher or politician. Out of balance Saturn in Sagittarius energy can become self-righteous, opinionated, smug, or could try to impose their beliefs on others.

Neptune represents things that we feel and intuit. It is the inner knowing that tells us there is much more to us than our physical body and the world we see around us. It is the raw material waiting to be made manifest. Neptune is connected to the element of water and is associated with feeling, intuition, compassion, creativity, sensitivity, imagination, spiritual questing, psychic energy and chameleon-like qualities. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and it has generally the same meaning. Pisces is associated with creativity, music, dance, compassion, sensitivity, idealism and devotion. Neptune in Pisces is tuned in to other wave lengths, is inspirational, spiritual, sensitive, empathetic, creative, visionary, compassionate – and is the ultimate shape-shifter. Out of balance Neptune in Pisces energy can become over idealistic, wildly impractical, drifting, illusionary, delusionary or a true believer.

Saturn and Neptune are currently in a challenging pattern called a square (90° angle). Squares indicate crisis, frustration, action and turning points. The energies of each planet are clashing with each other. This tends to push their planetary energies into overdrive resulting in out of balance actions. When Saturn and Neptune are in this challenging pattern, a period of social/political frustration and unrest (us versus them), instability and changeability often occurs in the world.

This influence started last fall and was very strong in November and December 2015. It will be even stronger from June through September 2016 and will start to fade by the end of October.


The following issues are likely to be in the spotlight:

* Challenges regarding political, moral, ethical, religious and social belief systems. We can see this reflected strongly in the world since November 2015: USA presidential race, BREXIT, immigration and refugee issues, religious versus secular beliefs, how we treat our fellow human beings and how to protect ourselves from terrorism.

* There will be a strong need to practice what we preach and to live our lives with integrity.

* Environmental and health challenges (especially regarding water, weather, oil, chemicals, poisons and drugs). Just a sampling of what has happened since Nov 2015: El Niño and other weather systems have brought us lots of water this year resulting in record breaking snow, rain and unprecedented flooding. Glaciers are melting at more rapid rates than expected. Global temperatures are at all time highs. Wildfires have been very destructive in California and other states. Water safety concerns due to failing lead pipes. The Zika virus. A Superbug is now in the US that is resistant to all antibiotics.

* If previous plans and projects were based on faulty foundations, they may dissolve during this time. Until hidden weaknesses are found and corrected, new plans will be undermined or collapse. This also applies to failing infrastructures.

* Situations/structures/systems (Saturn) may not be what they seem (Neptune) and can change forms in an almost surreal way, causing us to feel mystified by events.

* We will find it necessary to face reality and deal with situations we had hoped to avoid.


In Our Personal Lives

Events in our individual lives are not likely to be as dramatic as world or national events, but we will certainly feel the prevailing energies. We are all likely to notice these energies in our individual lives to some extent, but some of us will be more affected than others.

This is a time to be aware that during this summer we may unconsciously pick up feelings of doubt, negativity, disappointment or discouragement due to the heaviness of the prevailing Saturn-Neptune conflicting energy pattern and think that they are our own feelings. One way to tell if this is happening is if you find yourself worrying or having doubts that are unlike your usual thoughts. You may be picking up this energy unknowingly.

A big way to help pull our attention away from the ongoing turmoil in mass consciousness is to focus on the positive things in life. Even if we have personal challenges, we can find effective ways to deal with them. Try to avoid watching endless TV news or online reports that over-dramatize doom, gloom and what new terrible thing could happen next.

Make an effort to send out positive thoughts and love whenever possible. This will uplift our own spirits and ripple out to help lift up others. We each are determining where we are going by what we are focusing upon. It’s okay if we don’t have it all figured out. Be in the present moment and let yourself feel the Love that is always with us and is who we really are. Know you are safe right now in this present moment.


If you feel like you are personally experiencing these heavy conflicting energies, consider the following:

Do not be dismayed if something occurs in your life that indicates it is time for a reality check or if you are feeling tired and have less energy than usual. You are at a predetermined place on your life path where it is time for you to take stock of your life, readjust your plans if necessary, and discover ways to make your dreams come true in a more realistic and practical way.

You may be questioning your life direction and doubting yourself. Perhaps there is another way of achieving your aims, or maybe you need to let go of impractical goals and focus on what you can do, instead of what you can’t do. Give yourself time to work this out, as this influence will last all summer.

Take care of your health. Rest when needed. Be patient and be kind to yourself. Try to simplify your life and don’t try to force something to happen.

Because of the duration of these energies, you may feel overwhelmed, discouraged or uncertain. This could cause you to view your challenges as more difficult to overcome than they really are. This is a temporary situation. Conditions are in a state of flux. There will be many changes during the summer months. Be patient. Accept that it may be necessary to make some adaptations. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, look for what is positive in the world. Stay in the present moment. Your confidence and energy will return when this influence has passed.

It is also important to know that you are very likely being much harder on yourself than is warranted.


The following signs, birth dates and planetary positions may feel the Saturn square Neptune energies more strongly than others.

Sagittarius: Especially those born November 29 to December 8.

Pisces: Especially those born February 26 to March 6.

Gemini: Especially those born May 28 to June 6.

Virgo: Especially those born August 30 to September 8.

If you know your chart, also look for planets, Ascendant or Midheaven at 7 to 16 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. These parts of you will need to balance reality with your hopes and dreams. The houses in your chart that hold 7-16° of Sagittarius and 7-16° Pisces are likely to be the areas of your life that will be involved.


Updated August 2016

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