Venus Retrograde July 25 to September 6, 2015


Whether we are male or female, the planet Venus, aka the goddess of love, is in charge of many things that are very important to us in life. Venus rules relationships, love, romance, money, possessions, values, social life, artistic and creative talents, enjoyment of life, beauty, balance and harmony.

As July begins, Venus will seem to slow down in her path through the heavens. That’s because Venus is getting ready to go retrograde on July 25. Every 18 months Venus is retrograde for about a six week period. During those six weeks, we are given an opportunity to reconsider and re-evaluate all the areas that Venus rules in our lives.

How Venus expresses her charms is colored by the nature of the sign through which she is traveling. Venus goes retrograde on July 25 at 0° of Virgo. By July 31, Venus will move out of Virgo and back into Leo, where she will stay until October 8. The Venus in Virgo Goddess enjoys expresses her love, creativity and values through down to earth matters, and is modest, hardworking, humble, health oriented, analytical, efficient, practical, and seeks purity and perfection. The Venus in Leo Goddess enjoys expressing her love, creativity and values through self expression, and is fiery, warm, spirited, dramatic, enthusiastic, generous, joyful, self-assured, fun loving, and does things in a big way with flair and imagination.

Since Venus retrograde quickly moves out of Virgo back into Leo for the rest of the retrograde period, we may find ourselves putting practical down to earth matters (Virgo) on hold in order to reconsider and re-evaluate the side of our life that has to do with expressing our love through self expression, having fun, and a spirited enjoyment of life (Leo).

During this Venus retrograde period from July 25 to September 6, we may ask ourselves, “Am I having fun yet? Am I joyfully expressing who I am? Are my values and priorities in life set up to enable me to fully live my life as a creative spirit? Am I fully expressing my Love?”

Some may experience the Venus retrograde energy as a very subtle and mild influence. Others will find it to be much stronger. If your birth date is August 5 to 23, this Venus retrograde cycle could be very significant for you. In addition to the questions in the above paragraph, you may also ask yourself, “Am I embodying all the qualities of Leo that are the true heart of who I am?”

For all: If you know your chart, look for the House(s) that contains 14 to 29 °Leo. This will be the area of your life that you are re-evaluating. Any planets you have at 14 to 29° Leo will also be part of this re-evaluation. The aspects that Venus makes to the other planets in your chart during the retrograde period are also likely to be important. Houses and planets with 0 to 1° of Virgo will be affected, too, but mainly because that part of us may have to be put on hold until Venus returns to Virgo on October 8, 2015.


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