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Handout Planets Signs Houses Aspects


The PLANETS in your birth chart

~ What is being expressed


Your sense of identity, ego, need to shine, life force, vitality, self-confidence, Central Self and basic essence. In Balance: confident, full of energy and vitality, creative, inspirational, heart-centered, happy, leadership ability. Out of Balance: self-absorbed, arrogant, dictatorial—or low self-esteem & low self-confidence.


Your basic emotional nature and drives that must be fulfilled in order for you to feel inwardly secure and comfortable. Your approach to home, family, nurturing and security. In Balance: caring, thoughtful, comforting, emotionally secure, and intuitive. Out of Balance: over-emotional, needy and dependent—or emotionally stifled and isolated.


Your mind & “voice”- the way you think and learn and express yourself. Your mental abilities, perception, communication style, speaking and writing abilities. In Balance: good mental and verbal abilities, perceptive, quick to learn, curious, always learning more. Out of Balance: Uncommunicative, verbally antagonistic, unclear thinking—or over-thinking and analyzing and/or incessant talking.


What you love and enjoy. Your romantic nature, desire for closeness, social graces, creativity, desire for harmony, beauty, and your power of attraction. In Balance: Socially adept, charming, creative, pleasant, tactful, secure in one’s own sex appeal, able to have lasting and satisfying relationships, attractive to others. Out of Balance: lazy, self-indulgent, peace at any price, fickle, indecisive, vain, possessive—or shy, socially inept, feelings of love and enjoyment withheld or denied.


Your inner warrior. Your method of taking action, energy level, desire nature, sexual drive, anger expression and courage. How you go after what you want in life. In Balance: assertive but not aggressive, confident, strong, courageous, sexy, energetic, pro-active. Out of Balance: aggressive, angry, irritable, violent, rash, reckless, selfish—or weakness, timidity, repressed anger, low energy.


Your belief system, ideals, faith, confidence in the future, sense of humor, desire to grow and improve. Your quest for the truth through higher learning and travel. In Balance: inspirational, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic, philosophical, good sense of humor, seeker of truth. Out of Balance: excess, over-confidence, grandiose behavior, sanctimonious, self-righteous, a pleasure piggy.


Your sense of responsibility and duty. Discipline, order, realism and practicality. Necessary controls in your life. Your desire for success, achievement and approval of those in authority. In Balance: reliable, responsible, trustworthy, high integrity, organized, disciplined, successful. Out of Balance: fearful, frozen, rigid, judgmental, critical, pessimistic, depressed, workaholic.


Your desire to be a unique individual. Where you want change, freedom, originality, innovation independence, and liberation. In Balance: Independent, original, friendly to all, inventive, liberated sense of self, open-minded. Out of Balance: rebel without a clue, erratic and bizarre behavior, constant change and upsets, inability to get along with others, freedom at any price, won’t commit to anything or anyone—or attracting those types of individuals into your life.          


Your mystical nature, imagination, creativity, psychic ability, dreams, visionary qualities, compassion, sensitivity. The part of you that is on a quest for the Divine and connection with “All That Is”. In Balance: spiritual, compassionate, creative, inspired, imaginative, visionary, “tuned in” to the Cosmos. Out of Balance: Living in a fogbank, escapism through drugs, alcohol, and sleep or daydreaming. Believing one is a victim, savior or martyr. Unrealistic and oversensitive—or attracting those types of individuals into your life.               


Your ability to transform, to handle power, and to deal with the unseen and taboo areas of life, such as psychic energy, sex and death. Your ability for spiritual regeneration and healing by surrendering and releasing. In Balance: comfortable with power and the mysterious and unknown, able to handle intense or “scary” situations, able to go through transformative experiences, ability to use power constructively. Out of Balance: obsessive, compulsive, destructive, controlling, power-hungry, abusive, excessive, and overly intense—or attracting those types of individuals into your life.

Other Parts of Your Birth Chart:

 ASC – Ascendant

Your basic approach to life. The way you present yourself to others. Your “front door”. Your personal style, appearance and physical body.

MC – Midheaven

Your work in the outer world. Your public image, status, honors and achievements.

North Node   

Area of growth for you in this lifetime. Qualities you can develop with the help of karmic friends and teachers.

South Node   

Qualities you learned in past lifetimes that now need to be balanced with new growth and development in your North Node area.


Your inner spiritual counselor, teacher, healer, and mediator between the physical world and the spiritual realms.


THE SIGNS in your birth chart

~ How the energy is expressed

ARIES   Characteristics: Fast, energetic, assertive, eager, impulsive, courageous, daring, pioneering, likes to be first, impatient, independent, lively, competitive, enthusiastic, a leader. Element: Fire. Quality: Cardinal. Ruler: Mars. Your Sun is in Aries if you were born: Mar 20 – Apr 19.

TAURUS   Characteristics: Practical, stable, careful, loyal, comfort-seeking, patient, stubborn, persevering, sensual, security oriented, artistic, earthy. Element: Earth. Quality: Fixed. Ruler: Venus. Your Sun is in Taurus if you were born:  Apr 20 – May 20.

GEMINI   Characteristics: Mentally active, versatile, clever, perceptive, communicative, scattered, curious, changeable, restless, and quick-witted. Element: Air. Quality: Mutable. Ruler: Mercury. Your Sun is in Gemini if you were born: May 21 – Jun 20.

CANCER   Characteristics: Emotional, protective, nurturing, sensitive, receptive, defensive, home and family oriented, intuitive, maternal/paternal. Element: Water. Quality: Cardinal. Ruler:  Moon. Your Sun is in Cancer if you were born: Jun 21- Jul 21.

LEO   Characteristics: Dramatic, grand, royal, magnanimous, proud, self-assured, fun-loving, charismatic, showy, entertaining, the “Ringmaster”. Element: Fire. Quality: Fixed. Ruler: Sun. Your Sun is in Leo if you were born: Jul.22 – Aug 22.

VIRGO   Characteristics: Practical, discriminating, analytical, organizing, health oriented, efficient, helpful, exacting, useful, always seeking the best quality, master diagnostician. Element: Earth. Quality: Mutable. Ruler: Mercury. Your Sun is in Virgo if you were born: Aug 23 – Sep 22.

LIBRA   Characteristics:  Relationship oriented, balanced, harmonious, surrounded by beauty, diplomatic, charming, sociable, artistic, aesthetic, refined, fair, reasonable. Element: Air. Quality: Cardinal. Ruler:  Venus. Your Sun is in Libra if you were born: Sep 23 – Oct 22.

SCORPIO  Characteristics: Intense, deep, emotional, secretive, private, psychic, penetrating, magnetic, resourceful, mysterious, compelling, determined. Element: Water. Quality: Fixed. Ruler: Pluto. Your Sun is in Scorpio if you were born: Oct 23 -Nov 21.

SAGITTARIUS   Characteristics: Optimistic, adventurous, straightforward, frank, excessive, freedom-loving, seeks “truth”, humorous, philosophical, enthusiastic. Element: Fire. Quality: Mutable. Ruler: Jupiter. Your Sun is in Sagittarius if you were born: Nov 22– Dec 20.

CAPRICORN  Characteristics: Responsible, in charge, hardworking, organized, executive, formal, conscientious, ambitious, structured, ability to get things done. Element: Earth. Quality: Cardinal. Ruler: Saturn. Your Sun is in Capricorn if you were born: Dec 21 – Jan 19.

AQUARIUS  Characteristics: Progressive, unusual, unique, cutting-edge, humanitarian, eccentric, altruistic, determined, objective, independent, futuristic. Element: Air. Quality: Fixed. Ruler: Uranus. Your Sun is in Aquarius if you were born: Jan 20 – Feb 18.

PISCES   Characteristics: Spiritual, psychic, creative, visionary, sensitive, gentle, emotional, drifting, idealistic, other- worldly, dedicated. Element: Water. Quality: Mutable. Ruler: Neptune. Your Sun is in Pisces if you were born: Feb 19 – Mar 19.

More information about the signs:


FIRE – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: Energetic and spirited. Ability to bring passion, excitement, inspiration and enthusiasm to the world.

EARTH – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn: Practical and grounded. Ability to manifest things in the world that are tangible, stable and secure.

AIR – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius: Intellectual and communicative. Ability to bring people together through ideas and interactions.

WATER – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: Emotional, sensitive and intuitive. Ability to have insight, depth, and to tune into the mysteries of life.


CARDINAL – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn: Initiatory, action-oriented, ability to get things started.

FIXED – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius: Persistent, resourceful, determined, ability to keep things stable.

MUTABLE – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces: Versatile, adaptable, flexible, ability to bring change.


THE HOUSES in your birth chart

~ Where the energy is expressed


1st House—SELF  Your outer personality and appearance, personal likes and dislikes body image, mannerisms, beginnings, general health. The first impression you make on others. Where you are the most individual, stand on your own personal merits and take the initiative. People & Places: Me, myself and I. Childhood.

2nd House—VALUABLE RESOURCES   Your self-worth and self-esteem. Your personal financial situation, material security, possessions, values, resources, talents and gifts. People & Places: Your bank account, savings account. People and qualities that you value.

3rd House—MIND   Where you think, speak, write and learn. Your mental outlook and communications of all kinds. Your immediate surroundings, neighborhood and short trips. People & Places: brothers and sisters, neighbors, cousins, schools (through high school) television, radio, the media, spokesperson, speech writer.

4th House—HOME & FAMILY  Your home and family environment, childhood, heritage and family tree. Your psychological roots. Your private life at home in your “nest”. Your foundation. People & Places: Your house or apartment, parents, ancestors, the people you live with, anyone you consider “family’. Real estate.

5th House—LOVE & CREATIVITY   Where you express yourself through the love you give others, creativity and social activities. Your romances and love affairs. Your children. Your interests in art, drama, music, parties, fun, enjoyment, romance, playing, sports, entertainment, games & speculation. People and Places: Children, lovers, playmates, movies, plays, parties, child educational facilities. 

6th House—WORK, HEALTH, SERVICE  Where you organize your daily working environment and schedule. Everyday work and duties. Serving and helping others. Where you take care of your physical body, your general health, diet, nutrition and exercise. People and Places: your job, co-workers, employees, customers, people to whom you give a helping hand,  health care professionals, health food store, the doctor’s office, the gym, masseuse, yoga class.

7th House—OTHERS   Partnerships with others. All your one to one relationships—marriage partners, business partners, best friends, any committed relationship. Counselors, contracts, agreements, lawsuits. People & Places: Us and we. Your husband, wife, significant other, best friend, lawyer, opponents, counselor, etc. Weddings, contract signings. The Public.

8th House—POWER & TRANSFORMATION  Intimacy, sex, secrets. The area of death and rebirth, intense deep psychological transformations, power. Regeneration, merging with the Infinite. Investigation, psychic events, mysteries. Shared resources—financial and emotional. Inheritances, insurance, taxes, psychotherapist, parapsychologist. People & Places: Sexual partners, joint financial partners, insurance agent, stockbroker, politicians, detective, ghosts, hospices, healers, psychotherapist.

9th House—BELIEF SYSTEM  Where you quest for higher knowledge. Higher education, travel, religion, philosophy, law, ethics, your spiritual path. Publishing and teaching. People & Places: Travel agent, college professor, College or university, church or synagogue, priest, rabbi, shaman, foreigner, judge, foreign countries.

10th House—CAREER & PUBLIC IMAGE  Your life direction in the outer world. Your career, ambitions, reputation and social status and influence in the outer world. Where you find honor, fame/notoriety. Your public life. People and Places:  The boss, a parent, authority figures, the government, big business.

11th House—KINDRED SPIRITS  Where you find connections with others. Where you work with others for a common goal. Friends, kindred spirits, groups and organizations of like-minded people. Your professional contacts, humanitarian interests, goals for the future. The new /unusual. People & Places: friends, groups, peers, political parties, teams, organizations, community, the Internet, technology.

12th House—CONNECTION TO OTHER DIMENSIONS  Your secret place away from everyone. Your subconscious. Behind the scenes activities, alone time. Spiritual searching. Dreams, past lives, karma, meditation, visions, mysticism. Compassion and selfless service. Service to the Collective. Research and solitary activities. Clandestine affairs. Hidden weaknesses/strengths. People & Places:  hospitals, doctors, sanctuaries, retreats, prisons, monasteries, secret lovers, Spirit Guides, UFO’s, volunteer service, anonymous donations.






Major Aspects


Conjunction   (0 degrees apart)  Most powerful, blending, merging, unification. Intense, emphasis, concentrated. new beginnings, new phase in life.


Square     (90 degrees apart)  Challenge from circumstances, changes and work required. Test to prove self, manifest/actualize plans. Crisis or blockages to overcome (can result in accomplishments). Turning point.


Opposition   (180 degrees apart)  Confrontations, crisis points, culmination or collapse. Conflict, cooperation, balance. Interactions with others, opponents becoming partners. Awareness.


Sextile         (60 degrees apart)  Supportive circumstances and people. Opportunity, affability, integration with others. Can take the initiative. Changes made easily.


Trine     (120 degrees apart)  Ease, growth, expansion with little effort. Creative self expression. Idealism, inspiration. Use it or lose it.


Quincunx     (150 degrees apart)  Challenge to integrate dissimilar energies. Adjustments needed. Off-beat wisdom. Health and financial connections.


Minor Aspects

Semisquare    (45 degrees apart)    and   Sesquiquadrate (135 degrees apart) Similar to square, but not as strong.

Semisextile     (30 degrees apart) Mildly positive.

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