Mars in Libra December 7, 2013 to July 25, 2014

This article includes excerpts from the December 2013 Forecast

A New Sheriff in Town

On December 7, 2013 Mars moved from the sign of Virgo into Libra. This was a more significant sign change for Mars than usual and signaled a speeding up of the radical restructuring energies we are experiencing. To understand why this is so, we need to look at Mars and how it influences our lives.

What does Mars represent?

Mars is associated with how energy is used. It can manifest as: anger, conflict, accidents, arguments, aggression, speed, impulsiveness, power, force, action, courage, strength, daring, passion, sexuality, physical assertion, construction and hard work.

Mars energies can be used in a destructive way or in a positive way. It can tear down or build up.

What is associated with Mars?

In the outer world, Mars is manifested as the military, war, aggression, law enforcement, warriors, guns, knives, fire, weapons, criminals, militants and activists.

In our individual lives, Mars manifests as our physical activity, energy level, sexual drive, how we express our anger and how we go after what we want in life. Mars is our inner warrior and shows how we respond when under stress or a perceived attack. Mars gives us the courage and strength to achieve our aims.

Why is this sign change important?

It takes Mars almost two years to complete one cycle around the Sun, spending about 1 ½ months in a sign. However, every two years it goes through a retrograde cycle and spends a much longer time in a specific area of the zodiac – almost eight months. That is what started on December 7, 2013 when Mars moved into Libra, where it will stay until July 25, 2014. That means the Mars in Libra influence will carry extra significance this time because it will stay in Libra much longer than usual.

What happens when Mars changes signs?

When Mars changes signs, there is a general shift in energy. The following analogy may help explain this further:

Each planet has a certain persona, like a role in a play. In the case of Mars, the role is the warrior. The warrior’s role is to take action, to defend or to attack, to go after what it wants, to take the initiative and to make things happen.

The sign shows the way a planet will play its role, the “costumes” it will wear, its personality, and how it will portray its role. In this case, how Mars will portray the warrior.

Mars went into the practical, analytical, detail-oriented, hardworking and exacting sign of Virgo on October 15, 2013. Virgo is a practical earth sign and is also associated with healing and healthcare. Mars in Virgo is a warrior that analyzes, critiques and takes things apart in order to put them back together correctly. Mars in Virgo notices what is wrong and what needs to be fixed. Mars in Virgo warrior is prone to irritation and worry when things are not in order. Kind of like an accountant with a gun.

On December 7, 2013 this energy changed. Mars donned a new costume as it moved into Libra, the sign of peace, harmony and relationships. That meant a new approach and a new look for the warrior. Libra likes to get things done by working with others, by being charming, good natured and cooperative. Libra strives for peace and balance, does not want conflict and avoids it whenever possible. However, Libra has a purpose in mind, and if necessary will take action to make it happen. Libra has been likened to the iron fist in a velvet glove. Think of Roger Moore (a Libra) in his role of James Bond. Just because he’s smiling, doesn’t mean he won’t shoot you if necessary.

Why is this Mars Retrograde Phase more important than usual?

Although Mars in Libra prefers to seek a peaceful solution to problems, there will be some challenging times ahead. That’s because Mars in Libra will stir up the radical restructuring energies of the  Uranus /Pluto square that is bringing so much change and transformation in the world right now.

Mars wants to make things happen right now. No more waiting. With Mars in the mix, events are very likely to be more forceful and happen much more quickly than expected. That could mean people will be feeling more confrontational, impatient and will have a tendency to take sudden action. Although this will add volatility to an already unstable situation in the world, but it will also bring breakthroughs and will finally get some situations moving that have been stuck. Transformations that need to happen will get a big push. This will be true in our personal lives as well. Not everyday will be as dramatic as it sounds. There will be certain times when the energies will be at their strongest and that is when we will notice them the most.

Those born under the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be strongly affected. No matter what your sign is you will be affected in some fashion. If  you are familiar with your birth chart, look for planets or angles at 6 to 29 º of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, and the house that contains 6-29º of Libra. That will show you where and how Mars will motivate you to take action.

Mars in Libra activity will be the strongest on the following dates:

December 22, 2013 to January 10, 2014:

Mars opposite Uranus, square Pluto, square Mercury, conjunct Node, square Sun, square Jupiter


February 28 to March 3, 2014:

Mars retrograde at 27 º 32´ Libra on March 1


April 7 to 9, 2014:

Mars opposite Sun


April 15 to 30, 2014:

Mars opposite Mercury, square Jupiter, opposite Uranus, square Pluto


May 18 to 21, 2014:

Mars Direct at 9º02´ Libra on May 19


June 5 to 29, 2014:

Mars opposite Uranus, square Pluto


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