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(3) Times shown below are Mountain Time (Zone 7), either Standard or Daylight time, as appropriate. See pertinent astrological aspects for the month at the end of this Forecast.


MAY 2015  Flower lilac


For many of us a project or plan we have been working on or contemplating for quite some time will come to a head in May. We may find that there still is some work to be done this month before we can wrap things up. Maintaining  a patient and focused attitude and being willing to do what is needed in May will result in a successful outcome in June and July. There are two main reasons indicating this a time of revision and completion.

1. Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini from May 18 to June 11.

Since Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, this retrograde period is likely to be a strong one. Even though Mercury doesn’t turn retrograde until May 18, we may to start feeling its influence around May 5.

Here are some tips for using the influence of Mercury retrograde in the most positive way:

  • Most importantly: Mercury retrograde is not something to worry about. It is a natural cycle that occurs about three times a year. It is a time to turn inward and focus on the things in our life that need to be completed, revised, reorganized or repaired. It is an influence that can be used successfully. Many positive things can happen when Mercury is retrograde. They may just be a little different than what you expected. A sense of humor is always helpful.


  • This is not the time to begin something brand new. It is a time to pause and finish up things already started. It is also a favorable time to clean, organize and clear out things that may be cluttering up your life.


  • Mercury rules communication,  mental activities, transportation, travel and commerce. It also affects technology and equipment such as vehicles, computers, printers, machinery and telephones. It doesn’t mean all these things will go awry. However, it will be wise to be more vigilant than usual. Always double check verbal and written communications to catch any misunderstandings, miscalculations, mistakes, lost messages or delays. Don’t  assume others are perceiving things the same way you are. Be focused and aware while driving, walking, bicycling or operating equipment.


  • Understanding its influence can save you from mix-ups and misadventures and unnecessary stress. Be flexible and open to change. This can be a serendipitous time, when fun, surprising and exciting events happen.


  • Phases of the Mercury retrograde cycle: May 18 to May 29: We may become aware of and assess what needs to be completed, re-evaluated or revised in our lives. May 30 to June 11: May 30 is a major turning point when we can see more clearly what needs to be done and are ready to take action to do so. From then through June 11 is the time to finish whatever we have decided needs to be done. The things we put in motion during this period will reach their full potential around July 23.


  • The effect of Mercury retrograde will vary from person to person, depending on their personal birth chart. For some, it could have a very minor effect and may not even be noticed. For others, it can be a time of a major re-alignment in their life. This Mercury retrograde will be strongest for those born on the following dates: Gemini: May 24 through June 4. Pisces: February 22 through March 5. Virgo: August 26 through September 6. Sagittarius: November 25 through December 6.


  • For those born under any sign: If you know your chart, look for the house that holds 3 to 14° of Gemini. This is the area of life in which Mercury retrograde will operate. Natal planets, the ascendant or Midheaven at 3 to 14°of Gemini in your birth chart will also be involved.


  • The Mercury Retrograde influence will be particularly strong on: May 5, 9, 12, 18, 25, 27, 28, 30, 31. See details in the Week to Week Forecast below.


2. Saturn in Sagittarius will be opposed by Mercury, Mars and the Sun in Gemini.

This is another strong indication that something is coming to a head involving a project or plan that we have been working on for quite some time. Saturn’s influence may mean a temporary  delay because more work is required or we must wait for some other reason. If that should happen, do not worry. Do what is necessary. Patience and perseverance now prove to be worth it in the long run. This can be an important turning point in your life.

The Saturn aspects will be strongest for those born on the following dates:

Sagittarius: November 22 through November 26

Gemini: May 21 through May 25

Virgo: September 23 through August 27

Pisces: February 19 through February 23

If you know your chart, look for the house that holds 0 to 4° of Sagittarius. This is the area of your life being influenced by Saturn. Natal planets, the ascendant or Midheaven at 0 to 4°of Sagittarius , Gemini, Virgo or Pisces in your birth chart will also be involved.

Saturn’s influence will be the strongest on: May 2, 14, 15, 22. See details in the Week to Week Forecast below.


May Week to Week Forecast

*Days with a Mercury retrograde or Saturn influence are indicated in purple.

*Days with the most positive and easiest energies are indicated in blue.

MAY 1 to 9

May 1: Our interactions with others are likely to be friendly and productive in the morning, but may become a bit unstable and surprising that afternoon and evening. Be flexible.

May 2: Relax or catch up on routine duties in the morning. By afternoon, as Mercury begins to oppose Saturn, we may find we need to do some serious thinking and focus our attention on facts and a realistic approach. If reality turns out to be a lot less charming than you had hoped, don’t waste time feeling negative about it. Instead, make any necessary changes and move on.

May 3-4:  These two days bring a wave of positive and optimistic thinking and  good feelings about the future. The FULL MOON in Scorpio occurs on May 3 at 9:42 pm, MDT. Transformative and positive ideas, conversations and actions that began April 18-24 may now be manifesting. We are likely to strongly feel there is a brighter future ahead. This will be based on positive thinking and observable and actual facts. This is a time when blending optimism with practicality works very well.

May 5: The elation of the previous day needs to be tempered with good sense today. Mercury is not retrograde yet, but its influence will be strong on this day. Thinking may be fuzzy and  communicating or making decisions about important matters is not advised. Information may be unclear or incorrect. Do not make major decisions today. Wait until tomorrow. We may be a little more clumsy or distracted than usual Use extra awareness while moving about.

However, it will be a good day to dream, imagine, visualize, listen to music, do something creative or go to a sci-fi movie.

May 6: This is apt to be a very upbeat, positive day with lots of ideas, and even opportunities, for improvement in our lives. It won’t be wishful thinking, we are likely to have good reasons for optimism about the future. This is a good day to take some kind of action, whether large or small, that will improve our lives.

May 7-8: These are good days to focus on practical matters, planning and organizing. Ideas and actions designed to restructure our lives are favored.

May 9: The morning hours are dominated by idealistic, creative, and mostly likely, unrealistic thinking. Mercury (thinking) is squaring (challenging) Neptune (idealism, emotion, imagination). Good for creating and being inspired, but not for practical decisions. This will happen three times over the next six weeks. May 9 is the first time. The second time will be on May 28 when Mercury is retrograde. The third time will be June 23.

Be inspired today, but don’t sign papers, or make definite decisions and be careful in communications. Especially don’t believe everything you hear. What we do now may have to be redone when Mercury goes retrograde.


MAY 10 to 16

May 10: A lovely day for Mother’s day. The general mood is happy, friendly, open minded and optimistic.

May 11: Take care of routine tasks during the day rather than starting something new. That evening the general tempo of life may begin to speed up. This could amp up our nervous energy and we may feel more scattered, restless or impulsive than usual.

May 12: This day may be similar to May 9 (see above), but not as strong. It is more likely to be a dreamy unfocused sort of energy that will fade out by late afternoon (MDT). Again, avoid signing papers or making important decisions.

The evening hours are likely to be much more productive. At that time we can use our imagination  and come up with inspired ideas that are also practical. This would be a good time to visualize how we can transform our lives in realistic down-to-earth ways.

May 13: This should be a positive day, especially in the morning when the energies are very favorable for harmony and balance.

May 14: This day has mixed energies. Mars will oppose Saturn late this evening which means there may be extra work to be done today and some possible delays, which can be frustrating. We can overcome  our frustration with patience, focus and perseverance. The good news is that the energetic and enthusiastic energies of the Moon in Aries will also be providing us with a “can do” attitude.

May 15: Today is likely to be focused on continuing and completing whatever we started on May 14, but perhaps without quite as much enthusiasm.

May 16: This should be a very nice day in general. It will be a favorable day for social events, friendships, entertainment, fun and romance. The energies are loving, compassionate, imaginative, creative and caring. We will be more willing to help those in need and more understanding of others. Beauty will be inspiring and being out in nature can be very uplifting.


MAY 17 to 23

May 17: Another excellent day to commune with nature with down to earth activities that stimulate our five senses – vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Dig in the dirt, smell a flower, listen to the birds, gaze at a tree, eat a yummy meal – do some thing physical and grounding. The NEW MOON in Taurus occurs this evening at 10:13 pm, MDT, and sets the tone for the next four weeks. The energies of this New Moon bring a blend of practicality and optimism that can lead to a better future. We may have to make some adjustments to achieve our goals. Whatever changes we need to make are likely to be obvious.

May 18: Mercury goes retrograde starting today will continue through June 11. Stick to routine tasks today and stay low key. Thinking may be faulty at this time and information could be misleading. (See the meaning of Mercury Retrograde in the May Overview located at the beginning of this forecast)

May 19: The morning hours are inventive, lively and fun. By afternoon we may feel more like playing than working.

May 20-21: The focus is likely to be on home, family, nurturing and security matters. We may feel more emotional and sensitive than usual. Relationships could be intense on May 21.

May 22: The Sun is opposing Saturn today indicating another time when we might be temporarily blocked or delayed. Be patient and focused. (See more information on Saturn in the May Overview at the beginning of this forecast.) Even though there may be some challenges and frustrations, there are also other positive influences at this time that will help us deal with and get past any obstacles we may encounter.

May 23: The general outlook will be optimistic, enthusiastic, generous, outgoing and fun-loving. Another good day for social occasions, romance and entertainment. Get out and have some fun!


MAY 24 to 31

May 24: This will be a good day to rest up from all the fun we had yesterday. Take care of routine tasks, take the day off, play or lay around like a cat napping on a sunny windowsill.

May 25: This is Memorial Day and many people will be traveling. Try not to be one of them. If you are on the road, be aware that this is one of those possibly problematic Mercury Retrograde days mentioned in the overview for May located at the beginning of the forecast. It does not mean there will be problems, but be prepared for delays or changes in plans just in case.

There may also be a tendency today for some people to take unwise actions. Especially don’t try to cut corners or do anything secretive. Be wary of anyone who seems shady or has a deal “too good to be true”. If you don’t have to go out, stay home and let the world go by.

May 26: This will be a calmer day and a favorable time to get organized and attend to details. It will also be a good time for cleaning and  focusing on healthy habits.

May 27-28: These two days may bring some Mercury Retrograde challenges. Mercury will be squaring Neptune for the second time (see May 9). Fortunately, the Moon in harmonious Libra will be providing some positive influences, which will be helpful and could help things to go more smoothly. Again be inspired, but don’t sign important documents or make big decisions during this two day period.

May 29: A quieter day. Rest and focus on beauty, harmony and balance.

May 30-31: May 30 is the turning point in the Mercury retrograde cycle. At this time we may feel inspired and start to see how we can make progress on the desired revisions, re-alignments or completions in our lives. The astrological  influences during these two days are sensitive, inspirational, spiritual, compassionate, creative and imaginative. Feelings are deep and strong. We could have an opportunity to connect emotionally and spiritually with others at this time. We may also be inspired to create art, poetry or music.

We are also likely to be somewhat over idealistic and impractical at this time. This is a time for realizations rather than taking immediate action. If there is something you decide to do, wait until the afternoon of June 1 to initiate your plans. Your head will be clearer and that is also a more favorable time.

Until next time…..


Sending Love to All You Beautiful Spirits!

Judy Joyce




I have just three things to teach:

simplicity, patience, compassion.

These three are your greatest treasures.


Lao Tzu







Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Time, either Standard or Daylight Time, as appropriate. Degrees have been rounded off.

May 1: Moon sextile Jupiter, 9-noon, 13°Libra/Leo. Moon square Pluto and opposite Uranus, 1-9 pm, 15-17° Libra/Capricorn/Aries.

May 2: Moon trine Venus, 7-9 am, 23° Libra/Gemini. Moon Void of course in Libra, 8:03 am to 7:47 pm.

May 3: Mercury opposite Saturn, 2:35 am, 3°Gemini/Sagittarius. FULL MOON, 9:42 pm, 13° Scorpio. Full Moon Sun and Moon square Jupiter, 13°Taurus/Scorpio/Leo. Full Moon Sun and Moon trine/sextile Pluto at 15° Capricorn (2° orb).

May 4: Sun Square Jupiter, 3:02 am, 14° Taurus/Leo.

May 5: Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn in Sag, opposite Mercury in Gemini, and square Neptune in Pisces, 8 am – 11pm, 3-9°.

May 6: Sun trine Pluto, 1:08 am, 15° Taurus/Capricorn. Moon trine Jupiter and trine Uranus, 5 am – 4 pm, 14-18° Sagittarius/Leo/Aries.

May 7: Moon opposite Venus, 9 am – noon, 29° Sagittarius/Gemini. Venus into Cancer, 4:52 pm

May 8: Moon conjunct Pluto, trine Sun and square Uranus, 2 – 10 pm, 15-18° Capricorn/Taurus/Aries.

May 9: Mercury square Neptune, 10:09 am, 10° Gemini/Pisces. Moon trine Mars, 1 – 4 pm, 28° Capricorn/Taurus. Moon sextile Saturn, 8 – 11pm, 3° Aquarius/Sagittarius.

May 10: Moon trine Mercury and opposite Jupiter, 9 am – 7 pm, 10-14° Aquarius/Gemini/Leo.

May 11: Moon void of course in Aquarius until 8:52 pm. Mars into Gemini, 8:40 pm. Moon into Pisces, 8:53 pm. Moon square Mars,  8:54 pm, 0° Pisces/Gemini.

May 12: Moon conjunct Neptune, and square Mercury, 10 am – 6 pm, 10-11° Pisces/Gemini. Moon sextile Pluto, 9-midnight, 15° Pisces/Capricorn.

May 13: Moon sextile Sun, 9 am – noon, 22° Pisces/Taurus.

May 14-15: May 14- Moon sextile Mercury, trine Jupiter, 6 pm – midnight, 1° Aries/Gemini/Leo. May 15- Mars opposite Saturn, 12:03 am, 2° Gemini/Saturn. Moon square Pluto, 12 – 1 am, 15° Aries/Capricorn.

May 16: Venus trine Neptune, 12:49 pm, 10° Cancer/Pisces. Moon sextile Neptune and sextile Venus, 3 – 7 pm,  10° Taurus/Pisces/Cancer.

May 17: NEW MOON, 10:13 pm, 27° Taurus.

May 18: Moon opposite Saturn and conjunct Mars, 5 am – noon, 2-5°, Gemini/Sagittarius/Gemini. Mercury Sta Retrograde, 7:50 pm, 13° Gemini. Moon square Neptune, 6-9 pm, 10° Gemini/Pisces.

May 19: Moon sextile Jupiter and sextile Uranus, 4 -noon, 15-19° Gemini/Leo/Aries.

May 20-21: Moon in Cancer, no exact aspects on may 20. May21-Sun into Gemini, 2:45 am. Moon conjunct Venus, opposite Pluto and square Uranus, 10am – 7 pm, 15-19° Cancer/Capricorn/Aries. Venus opposite Pluto,  7:54 pm, 15° Cancer/Capricorn.

May 22: Moon sextile Sun and trine Saturn, 5 – 8 pm, 2°Leo/Gemini/Sagittarius. Sun opposite Saturn, 7:35 pm, 2° Gemini/Sagittarius.

May 23: Moon sextile Mars, sextile Mercury and conjunct Jupiter, 6 am – 11 pm, 8-15° Leo/Gemini/Gemini/Leo.

May 24: Moon in Leo void of course all day.

May 25: Venus square Uranus, 1109 am, 19° Cancer/Aries. Moon square Sun, 10-noon, 4°Virgo/Gemini. Mars square Neptune, 5:39 pm, 10° Gemini/Pisces. Moon opposite Neptune and square Mars, 8pm -midnight, 10° Virgo/Pisces/Gemini.

May 26: Moon trine Pluto, 8-11 am, 15° Virgo/Capricorn. Moon sextile Venus, 6 – 9 pm, 20° Virgo/Cancer.

May 27: Mercury conjunct Mars, 4:37 am, 11° Gemini. Moon sextile Saturn, 4-7 pm, 1° Libra/Sagittarius.

May 28: Moon in Libra trine Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in Gemini, 4 am – 5 pm, 7-11°. Moon square Pluto and sextile Jupiter, 8 pm – midnight, 15-16° Libra/Capricorn/Leo.

May 29: Moon square Venus, 1-4 pm, 23° Libra/Cancer. Moon in Libra void of course 2:20 pm for rest of the day.

May 30: Sun conjunct Mercury, 10:56 am, 9° Gemini. Moon trine Neptune, 8 pm – midnight, 10° Scorpio/Pisces.

May 31: Sun square Neptune, 7:08 am, 10° Gemini/Pisces. Moon sextile Pluto and square Jupiter, 7- 10 am, 15-17° Scorpio/Capricorn/Leo.



APRIL  2015bicycle and tree




There are likely to be some shifts in direction in April for several reasons. First, although the last square between Uranus and Pluto took place in March, we will still feel the radical restructuring energies strongly, especially during the first half of April. This will likely be most apparent in outer world events. However, if we need to make some changes in our personal lives, we could get a not-so-subtle push, or a surprising breakthrough, that enables us to get on with it, ready or not!

Second, a total Lunar Eclipse will occur on April 4, furthering the shifting circumstances that began at the Solar Eclipse last month on March 20. These shifting circumstances will unfold from now through summer.

Third, Jupiter will change from Retrograde to Direct motion on April 8. This indicates we can begin to move forward on plans to improve and expand our lives. This could relate to something we have been thinking about or working on since September 2014.

Fourth, Pluto turns retrograde on April 16 and will stay that way until September 25, 2015. Pluto’s almost five month retrograde period suggests this spring and summer will be a time of going underground and of delving deeper into understanding what has occurred in our lives since January 2014.


APRIL 1 to 11

Blending practical plans with optimism and enthusiasm can bring positive rewards on April 1-2. April 1 will be the best day to start something important. April 2 is better for relaxing and enjoying, rather than trying to make something happen.

We will start to feel the energies building on April 3 as we approach the FULL MOON total LUNAR ECLIPSE on April 4 at 6:05 am MDT. The eclipse will be visible over a wide area of earth, but not in Europe or Africa. In our local area (Boise, Idaho), the partial eclipse will begin at 4:16 am MDT. The total eclipse phase will only last about six minutes, beginning at 5:58 am and ending at 6:03 am, MDT. The partial eclipse ends at 7:45 am, MDT.

This lunar eclipse is in the sign of Libra and will be opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto, which means the radical restructuring energies will be stirred up and swirling. We could have some sudden realizations, or something that has been hidden could be revealed that ultimately results in a shift of direction.

April 4 to April 8 is likely to be a very active and unsettled time and world events could reflect this. The Sun and Mercury in Aries will conjunct Uranus in Aries and square Pluto in Capricorn. This will add more energy and power to the urge for sudden change and transformation in the world. A crisis point could arise involving world leaders, terrorism, communications, technology, financial systems, commerce or transportation.

In our personal lives, we may find this a liberating time, although it probably will be somewhat of a roller coaster ride during the process.

Even though these are challenging influences, there is also likely to be excitement and hope for the future. A feeling that positive changes are a possibility could start around April 8 when Jupiter in Leo ends its retrograde phase and slowly starts to move forward. Jupiter in Leo wants to expand, uplift and improve the Leo qualities of creativity, enthusiasm and generosity. Pay attention to the inspiring ideas and feelings that are calling to you in April. As Joseph Campbell advised, “Follow your bliss.”

If you are familiar with your birth chart, look for the house, or houses, that contain 12-29 degrees of Leo and also look for any planets or angles at those degrees. These will be the areas of your life that are likely to expand and improve from now through August 10.

April 9 should be a positive, energetic and exciting day. If you want to start something on April 9, set it in motion before 11:40 am MDT. Then play and relax for the rest of the day.

April 10-11 will be a time to focus on realistic and practical matters. The evening of April 10 can be a caring time to spend with loved ones. Even though we would rather be playing on Saturday, April 11, it is likely to be a somewhat hectic day. We may have to attend to duties and other down-to earth matters instead of just relaxing and having fun.


APRIL 12 to 18

Pluto is sitting still in the heavens (from our view on earth) as it gets ready to turn retrograde on April 16. This makes the Plutonian energies of transformation seem very heavy, very strong and very intense this entire week. We may feel an increased pressure bearing down upon us, without knowing where it is coming from. This feeling is natural, so don’t be alarmed if it occurs. It will start to fade by the following week. Because the Plutonian energies are so powerful during this period, there could be a surge in radical restructuring energies out in the world. The good news is Pluto will start to move away from its close square to Uranus.  The radical restructuring energies could ease up a bit in the months ahead.

The influences on April 12-13 suggest a pleasant outlook and feeling thankful for the blessings in our lives.

On April 14 we may have to face some facts about ourselves or our relationships with others that are not fun. Or, we may have to set aside something pleasant in order to deal with duties and obligations. Or, we may feel lonely and overly serious. Or, we just filed our taxes and sent all our money off to the IRS. In other words, this is not a good day to throw a party! The general mood is likely to be serious or gloomy – pretty much of a downer for social occasions.

Things should be brighter on April 15. Creative and inspired ideas can occur if we trust our intuition. Pluto turns retrograde on April 16, as mentioned at the beginning of this section. April 17 will be a high energy day and that energy will need to be expressed. We could feel like what the heck – let’s just throw caution to the wind and have some fun. However, there is a strong possibility of going overboard and wearing ourselves out.  Avoid the temptation to take on more you can handle.

The NEW MOON in Aries occurs on April 18 at 12:57 pm, MDT. This is likely to be a demarcation in April when one phase ends and a new phase begins. The energies for the rest of this month are more positive than they have been in quite some time. We may begin to feel a little lighter.


APRIL 19 to 25

Our thoughts and feelings are likely to be compassionate, imaginative and idealistic on April 19. This would be a good day to get outside and enjoy the natural world.

April 20 is a favorable day to think about making plans to improve our lives and expand our options. However, wait to actually start any new projects until April 21.

The energies are very beneficial on April 21. This would be an excellent time to launch a new project or to open our minds to new perspectives and options. We can make substantial progress in transforming our lives now. Communications are likely to be positive and uplifting. Imaginative ideas for the future and ways to make them happen can result.

April 22 is also a very positive day, but better suited to continuing yesterday’s discussions, relaxing and having fun rather than beginning a new project.

April 23 is another good energy day with an emphasis on family, emotions and compassion.

The very early morning of April 24 could be a little hectic, but soon settles down. Communications are caring and practical later that morning. The afternoon will be a good time to finish up things and attend to routine duties rather than trying to make something happen.

April 25 would be a good day to think about ways to improve our lives and make some plans for the future. In doing so, we may become aware of some subconscious blockages that have been keeping us from achieving our goals.


April 26 to 30

The ideas we had on April 25 could blossom and grow on April 26. Creativity, optimism and a sense of fun are likely to be strong. Do something imaginative, social or entertaining.

April 27 is another one of those days when it is best to finish up things and attend to everyday tasks rather than starting something new.

On April 28-29 inspired and caring actions can be very helpful to others. Pursuits involving creativity, imagination or spirituality are also favored at this time.

We could wake up in a good mood on April 30 with a feeling that something has been successfully completed, even if we don’t know what it is. This will be a pleasant day in general and work should proceed smoothly and efficiently. That evening our minds become more active and our curiosity begins to stir. We start to wonder what is coming in May…..


Much Love to All You Beautiful Spirits!

Judy Joyce


Live in the sunshine,

swim in the sea,

drink the wild air.


Ralph Waldo Emerson



Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Time, either Standard or Daylight Time, as appropriate. Degrees have been rounded off.

Apr 1: Moon trine Pluto, 6-8 pm, 15° Virgo/Capricorn.

Apr 2: Mercury trine Saturn, 6:21 am, 5° Aries/Sagittarius. Sun trine Jupiter, 11:20 am, 13° Aries/Leo. . Moon in Virgo Void of Course all day.

Apr 3: Moon sextile Saturn, 9-11am, 5° Libra/Sagittarius. Moon opposite Mercury, 3-5 pm, 7° Libra/Aries.

Apr 4: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, 6:05 am, 14° Libra. Moon square Pluto and opposite Uranus, 5 am to 10 am, 15-16° Libra/Capricorn/Aries.

Apr 5: Sun square Pluto, 9:05 am, 16° Aries/Capricorn.

Apr 6: Mercury trine Jupiter, 7:26 am, 13° Aries/Leo. Sun conjunct Uranus, 8:08 am, 16° Aries.

Apr 7: Mercury square Pluto, 6:05 pm, 16° Aries/Capricorn. Moon in Scorpio Void of Course from 2:42 pm through rest of the day.

Apr 8: Mercury conjunct Uranus, 6:20 am, 17° Aries. Jupiter Sta. Direct, 10:58 am, 13° Leo.

Apr 9: Moon in Sagittarius trine Uranus, Mercury and Sun, 5 am to noon, 17-19° Aries. Sun conjunct Mercury, 10:01 pm, 20° Aries. Moon in Sagittarius Void of Course from 11:42 am through rest of the day.

Apr 10: Moon in Capricorn trine Mars and sextile Neptune, 7 to 11 pm, 8-9° Taurus/Pisces.

Apr 11: Venus into Gemini, 9:29 am. Moon conjunct Pluto and square Uranus, 9 am- 1pm, 16-17° Capricorn/Aries. Moon square Sun  8 to 10 pm, 22° Capricorn/Aries.

Apr 12: Mars sextile Neptune, 11:23 am, 9° Taurus/Pisces.

Apr 13: Moon in Aquarius opposite Jupiter and trine Uranus, 8 am to 5 pm, 13-17° Leo/Aries.

Apr 14: Mercury into Taurus, 4:52 pm. Moon in Pisces square Venus and Saturn,  8 to 10 pm, 4° Gemini/Sagittarius. Venus opposite Saturn, 10:25 pm, 4° Gemini/Sagittarius.

Apr 15: Moon in Pisces sextile Mars and sextile Pluto, 7 am to 4 pm, 11-16° Taurus/Capricorn.

Apr 16: Pluto Sta. Retrograde, 9:51 pm, 16° Capricorn.

Apr 17: Mars square Jupiter, 6:29 pm, 13° Taurus/Leo. Moon trine Jupiter, 10 am to noon, 13° Aries/Leo. Moon in Aries square Pluto and conjunct Uranus, 3 to 7 pm, 16-17° Capricorn/Aries.

Apr 18: NEW MOON, 12:57 pm, 28° Aries.

Apr 19: Mercury sextile Neptune, 1:13 am, 9° Taurus/Pisces. Venus square Neptune, 4:30 am, 9°Gemini/Pisces. Moon in Taurus sextile Neptune, conjunct Mercury, square Jupiter, conjunct Mars and trine Pluto, 6 am to 6 pm.

Apr 20: Sun into Taurus, 3:42 am. Mercury square Jupiter, 10:16 pm, 13° Taurus/Leo. Moon in Taurus Void of Course until 5:28 pm.

Apr 21: Mars trine Pluto, 3:31 pm, 16° Taurus/Capricorn. Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus and sextile Jupiter, noon to 5 pm, 12-13° Gemini/Leo. Moon sextile Uranus, 10 pm – midnight, 17° Gemini/Aries.

Apr 22: Mercury trine Pluto, 7:25 am, 16° Taurus/Capricorn. Venus sextile Jupiter, 12:41 pm, 13° Gemini/Leo. Mercury conjunct Mars, 5:04 pm, 16° Taurus. Moon in Gemini Void of Course all day until 10:25 pm.

Apr 23: Moon trine Neptune, 2 to 5 pm, 9° Cancer/Pisces.

Apr 24: Moon in Cancer sextile Mars and square Uranus, 6 am to 8 am, 17° Taurus/Aries. Moon sextile Mercury, 10 am to noon, 20° Cancer/Taurus. Moon Void of Course from 11:04 am through rest of the day.

Apr 25: Moon trine Saturn, 1-3 pm, 4° Leo/Sagittarius. Moon square Sun,  5-7 pm, 5° Leo/Taurus.

Apr 26: Venus sextile Uranus, 3:31 pm, 18° Gemini/Aries. Moon conjunct Jupiter 7-9 am, 13° Leo. Moon in Leo trine Uranus, sextile Venus and square Mars, 5-10 pm,  18-19° Aries/Gemini/Taurus.

Apr 27: Moon Void of Course in Leo until 7:07 pm.

Apr 28: Moon in Virgo trine Sun and opposite Neptune, 10 am -3 pm, 8-9° Taurus/Pisces.

Apr 29: Sun sextile Neptune, 5:11 pm, 9° Taurus/Pisces. Moon in Virgo square Venus and trine Mars, noon – 3 pm,  21° Gemini/Taurus.

Apr 30: Moon trine Mercury, 5 am- 8 am, 29° Virgo/Taurus. Moon sextile Saturn, 1-4 pm, 3° Libra/Gemini. Mercury into Gemini, 8:00 pm.


Notes: (1) For more information See: Radical Restructuring  and 2008-2015 Major Astrological Influences

(2) Your own Personal Forecast Report is available to order. See Sample Report: One Year Detailed Forecast Report

(3) Times shown are Mountain Time Zone (7) and will be MST or MDT, as appropriate.


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The square (90° angle) between Uranus and Pluto which has produced the radical restructuring energies in the world and in our personal lives over the past 7-8 years will reach its seventh and final exact square on March 16, 2015. During March and through the first week of April these energies are likely to reach peak intensity. It is possible that there will be a last big surge in disruptive energy, but because the world is already in such a volatile state, it may just seem to be more of the same.

These unsettling energies will still be strong through 2015, but the good news is their unrelenting and pressing nature should begin to weaken over the next few months. However, we can’t realistically expect that the turmoil in the world will magically disappear. Change and transformation will be with us for several years as we deal with the repercussions of the volatile energies that have been released into the world over the past 7 to 8 years.

March will be a turning point of some kind – as yet to be determined…..


MARCH 1 to 7

Although March will be a month of very intense and challenging energies, there will be positive and exciting energies, too, especially March 1-6. Our sense of what is possible could be awakened and expanded. We could also be inspired by scientific news, especially relating to space exploration. The potential exists for innovative peace plans or overtures out in the world. It is likely to be quite challenging to reach agreement between conflicting factions, but it is an opportunity to at least make some progress.

Whether these opportunities manifest in the world or not, as individuals we can use these energies to open ourselves to new and stimulating ideas regarding own future plans and possibilities. Take some time to explore and imagine your future with out thinking, “Yes, but…”

The Full Moon occurs on March 5 in the practical and efficient sign of Virgo (11:05 am MST). Seeds that were planted last month around the New Moon on Feb 18 will now be in full bloom. This full moon has the potential for transformations that can have a real and tangible effect in our lives. Attention to detail and being organized will bring positive results at this time.

By the end of the day on March 7, we may intuitively feel a shift as the radical restructuring energies gain strength and become more intense and unpredictable.


MARCH 8 to 21

It will be a good idea to proceed slowly during this two week period and to avoid starting any major projects, if possible. There are three main reasons for this:


(1) Saturn turns Retrograde on March 14, 2015

Saturn, planet of tests, discipline, reality and responsibility, will slow down and seem to stop around March 8 as it prepares to turn retrograde on March 14. Then it very slowly begins to move backward and retrace its path. This means Saturn will seem to be standing still in the heavens (as seen from earth) from March 8 to 20. During this period we will experience Saturn’s energies as even heavier and more concentrated than usual.

As Saturn makes this shift in direction, it will be in a challenging pattern with Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, technology and thinking. Saturn will also be in a challenging aspect with Neptune, planet of sensitivity, compassion and idealism. This indicates that information, communications and the general mental outlook at this time are apt to be overly critical, worried or pessimistic. There could be delays or misinterpretations that adversely affect communications and transportation. In general, things could be unclear, confusing or blown out of proportion. Not the right conditions to start something important in our lives if we can avoid it.

What we individually can do this week is stop, step back and see if there is a part of our life that is in need of focus, organization or revision. Hint: (A) You really would rather not do it because it seems too hard. (B)  It is probably something that is going to take more work than you planned. (C) You are going to have to do it anyway.

Even though this may seem like a daunting task, the work and attention you put in now will pay off later. This re-working phase is likely to take until the end of July 2015. The completion phase will be August 1 to November 8, 2015. Some will find this relatively easy to do. Others will be more challenged. Here is some motivation: the more challenging it is, the more there is to be gained in the long run.

You are likely to be strongly affected by Saturn’s retrograde phase if:

  • Your birthday is November 18 to 28; February 15 to 25; May 17 to 27; or August 18 to 29.
  • You have planets or angles in your natal chart at 26 to 29° of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius; or at 0 to 6° of Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces.

If you know your chart, check to see which house contains 26° Scorpio through 6° of Sagittarius. This is the area of your life in which you will be focusing on responsibilities and getting your ducks in a row.


(2) Final Uranus /Pluto Square on March 16, 2015

 (The Radical Restructuring Energies)

The square occurs on March 16, but will be in effect the entire month. The peak in intensity will likely be March 8 to 21. There is a strong possibility of increased aggression or military action in the world that may be sudden and shocking. There may be a release of pent up energy. There could also be a breakthrough of some sort. Many people may feel more agitated, impatient or assertive than usual. Slow down and be extra careful in general, especially while driving.

As individuals, this could be a time when we push through obstacles to finalize personal changes and transformations in our lives that have been building for quite some time, possibly for years.

You are likely to be strongly affected by this final Uranus Pluto square if:

  • Your Birthday is January 3 to 9; April 2 to 8; July 4 to10; or October 5 to 11.
  • You have planets or angles in your natal chart at 12 to 18° of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra.

If you know your chart, check to see which houses contain 12-18° of Aries and Capricorn. These are the areas of your life in which the radical restructuring energies of change and transformation are occurring.


(3) Total Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Pisces on March 20, 2015

Solar eclipses happen about twice a year and indicate a time of shifting circumstances. Sometimes an eclipse brings a crisis which precipitates the shift. The effects can last for three to six months.

Where the shadow of the solar eclipse falls indicates which parts of the world will be most affected by the eclipse. The total eclipse path only passes over very high Northern latitudes. The only populated area that will experience totality will be Svalbard, Norway and the Faroe Islands. However, a partial solar eclipse will be experienced in Europe, northern and eastern Asia and northern and western Africa. We will not be able to see the eclipse in the United States.

As discussed in last month’s forecast, this eclipse is particularly interesting and significant because it is at the last degree (29°) of the last sign in the zodiac (Pisces). This indicates a time when something is finishing. A cycle is ending. A new cycle will begin, but the ending phase will probably be more visible at this time. It may take three to six months to complete. The effects of the eclipse are very strong ten days before and after it occurs. So we each should get some indication from March 10 to 30 as to how, or if, this eclipse will bring shifting circumstances into our life.

You are likely to be strongly affected by this Solar eclipse if:

  • Your Birthday is March 18 to 22; Jun 18 to 22; September 20-24; and December 20 to 23.
  • You have planets or angles in your natal chart at 28-29 ° Pisces or 0-1°Aries; 28-29° Gemini; 0-1° Cancer; 28-29° Virgo; 0-1° Libra; 28-29° Sagittarius; 0-1° Capricorn.

If you know your chart, check to see which house contains 29° Pisces. This is where you will be completing something in your life over the next three to six months.

The March 20 Solar Eclipse occurs at 3:36 am, MDT at 29° of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, followed 13 hours later at 4:45 pm by the Spring Equinox as the Sun enters 0° Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This is a powerful symbol of the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another.

We will have a Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015. More about that next month…..


MARCH 22-31

Although the intense energies mentioned above are still with us, whether we realize it or not, we have just moved into a new phase. March 22 to 23 will be a good time for a realistic assessment of current conditions and to focus on practical and concrete issues. Activities related to security and stability are favored.

On March 24 we will need to face some facts that may seem a little disappointing. That feeling fades away on March 25 as new ideas and enthusiasm bring positive and practical plans for the future.

The morning of March 26 will be best suited to attending to routine duties rather than beginning something new. Catch up on neglected chores or better yet, take the morning off to visualize and daydream.

On March 27 the morning hours should be pleasant, but the radical restructuring energies will be stirred up that afternoon and evening. People may be feeling a bit prickly, over sensitive or emotional. There will also be a tendency to go overboard on socializing or spending money.

Focus on matters pertaining to home, family and domestic life on March 28.

March 29 will be a positive and optimistic day and a good time for social events, romance or getting together with friends.

We may not feel much like working on March 30 and it could be hard to get things moving then and the morning of March 31. However, by the afternoon of March 31, the energy shifts and the focus will be on practical matters and getting organized.


We made through March! Even if it’s not clear yet, we have passed a significant point in our development. See you in April….


Happy Spring to All You Beautiful Spirits, Judy Joyce

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When a great ship is in harbor and moored,

it is saved, there can be no doubt.

But that is not what great ships are built for.


Clarissa Pinkola Estes



Pertinent Astrological Aspects:

Times shown are Mountain Standard Time or Mountain Daylight Time, as appropriate. Degrees have been rounded off.

Mar 1: Mercury sextile Pluto, 8:55am, 15° Aquarius/Aries. Mercury opposite Jupiter, 2:15 pm, 15° Aquarius/Leo.

Mar 2: Moon in Leo, trine Saturn in Sag, trine Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries and conjunct Jupiter in Leo, 1 am to 11 pm.

Mar 3: Jupiter trine Uranus, 5:27 am, 15° Leo/Aries.

Mar 4: Venus trine Jupiter, 8:14 am, 15°Aries/Leo. Venus conjunct Uranus, 11:46 am, 15° Aries. Venus square Pluto, 8:15 pm, 15° Aries/Capricorn.

Mar 5: FULL MOON, 15° Virgo 11:05 am, Moon trine Pluto, 11:36 am, 15° Virgo/Capricorn. Sun sextile Pluto, 5:16 pm, 15° Pisces/Capricorn.

Mar 7: Moon opposite Uranus, 11:49 pm,

Mar 8: Moon square Pluto, 12:27 am.

Mar 9: Uranus square Mercury/Saturn midpoint. Pluto conjunct Mercury/Saturn midpoint.

Mar 10: Mars trine Jupiter, 14° Aries/Leo

Mar 11: Mars conjunct Uranus, 10:06 am, 15° Aries. Mars square Pluto, 4:37 pm, 15° Aries/Capricorn.

Mar 12: Mercury enters Pisces. Mercury conjunct Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 0° Pisces.

Mar 13: Mercury semisquare Mars/Uranus midpoint and conjunct Mars/Pluto midpoint.

Mar 14: Saturn stationary retrograde, 5° Sagittarius. Sun conjunct Mercury/Uranus midpoint and semisquare Mercury/Pluto midpoint.

Mar 15: Sun semisquare Saturn/Uranus midpoint and square Saturn/Pluto midpoint. Moon in Capricorn square Uranus, conjunct Pluto, and square Mars.

Mar 16: Mercury square Saturn, 3:41 am, 5° Pisces/Sagittarius. Uranus Square Pluto, 7:50 pm, 15° Aries/Capricorn. Venus into Taurus, 4:15 am.

Mar 17: Sun semisquare Neptune/Pluto and conjunct Uranus/Neptune.

Mar 18: Mercury conjunct Neptune, 2:49 am, 8° Pisces. Moon in Pisces square Saturn in Sag, and conjunct Neptune and Mercury in Pisces, 10 am to 8 pm.

Mar 20: NEW MOON/ SOLAR ECLIPSE, 3:36 am, 29° Pisces. Spring Equinox, 4:45pm, Sun into Aries.

Mar 21: Moon in Aries square Pluto on Capricorn and conjunct Uranus and Mars in Aries, 4 am to 6 pm.

Mar 22: Mercury sextile Pluto, 2:25 pm, 15° Pisces/Capricorn. Moon in Taurus conjunct Venus in Taurus and sextile Neptune in Pisces, 2pm to 7 pm.

Mar 23: Moon in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Mercury in Pisces, 5 am to 10 am.

Mar 24: Venus sextile Neptune, 12:26 am, 8° Taurus/Pisces. Moon in Gemini opposite Saturn and square Neptune, 2 pm to 11 pm.

Mar 25: Sun trine Saturn, 1:25 pm, 5° Aries/Sagittarius. Moon in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Leo and sextile Uranus in Aries, 5 am to 1 pm.

Mar 26: Moon in Gemini void of course until 1:45 pm.

Mar 27: Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces and sextile Venus in Taurus, 4 am to 2 pm. Venus square Jupiter, 8:11 pm, 13° Taurus/Leo. Moon in Cancer square Uranus in Aries and opposite Pluto in Capricorn, 5 pm to 9 pm.

Mar 28: Moon in Cancer trine Mercury in Pisces and square Mars in Aries, 2 pm to 9 pm.

Mar 29: Moon in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius and trine Sun in Aries, 7 am to 7 pm.

Mar 30: Venus trine Pluto, 1:45 am. Moon void of course in Leo all day. Mercury into Aries, 7:44 pm.

Mar 31: Mars into Taurus, 10:27 am. Moon in Leo void of course until12:11 pm. Moon into Virgo 12:12 pm. Moon trine Mars, 12:19 pm, 0° Virgo/Taurus.



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General Forecast February 2015

The radical restructuring energies of Uranus square Pluto are likely to expand in the world as we approach the final Uranus Pluto square on March 16. We could see escalating tensions, upsets, instability and possibly military actions.

Change and transformation will be occurring in our personal lives, too. It could be somewhat challenging, but it could also result in positive breakthroughs and new plans for the future.


Week of February 1 to 7

All week:

Mercury is Retrograde until February 11. This is a good time for revisions, to catch up on projects, clear up and clean-up. However, mix-ups and delays can occur involving communication and transportation. Double check information and travel details. Drive extra carefully. Need more information? Click here: What is Mercury Retrograde?

Feb 1-2: There are some helpful influences for us as the week begins. Compassion, understanding, caring, imagination and innovation can blend together and lift our spirits. This is a good time to bring positive change and liberation into our lives, even if only in a small way.

Feb 3-4: The Full Moon in Leo occurs at 4:09 pm, MST, on Feb 3. This Full Moon will bring expansive, uplifting, creative and positive energies. We may realize that improvements have occurred in our lives over the previous two weeks. This is likely due to our actions and thoughts around the last New Moon on Jan 20. At that time we planted seeds that are now blooming. Be open to sudden insights and to looking at life with a new perspective. This is a good time to update our ideas and revise projects. We will be able to see what needs to be done in order to achieve our objectives. And, even more importantly, we will have the focus and discipline to do it.

Feb 5-7: Clearer thinking and deeper emotional connections with others can be transforming during this two day period.


Week of February 8 to 14

Things to keep in mind all week:

  • Mercury goes direct on Feb 11. The retrograde effect is often very strong about 3-4 days before and after it ends. This means the entire week of February 8 will be subject to a strong Mercury retrograde influence. Be extra aware while driving. Double check information, communications and travel plans. Finish up projects, repairs and reorganizing.
  • As tensions in the outer world mount, we can focus on maintaining our balance and making our individual lives as peaceful as possible this week. Tune in to what is really important and tune out the constant barrage of mass media static. This is a good time to focus on and be grateful for the things that make our hearts sing and give us energy, as opposed to what we think we “should” be doing.

Feb 8-9: The afternoon of Feb 8 could bring up some relationship challenges, but by that evening we can resolve any differences. Overall, this is a good time to be with friends and loved ones. It can help us appreciate the importance of having positive connections with others in our lives.

Feb 10-11: We can become more aware of the deeper spiritual meaning behind every situation at this time. Look beneath the surface. Bravely face what is hidden in the shadows. Take back your power.

Feb 12-13: Search for the positive meaning in each situation and keep an optimistic outlook. Look at the “Big Picture”. Get outside in nature. Do something fun and playful. Laughter is healing.

Feb 14: Recognize the pattern and structures in your life that provide you with security and a solid base. Be grateful for the work and effort that you and others have done to make your life stable and reliable.


Week of February 15 to 21

Feb 15: This will be a good day to focus on duties, responsibilities and re-organization. If there is something that needs to be transformed in your life, it is likely to come to your attention today.

Feb 16: Get up early to take advantage of the pleasant, creative, romantic and friendly energies that are in affect today. Spend time with pleasant companions. This would be a good day to invite someone you like out to lunch.

Feb 17: The energies today are innovative, imaginative and exciting. Think about what you want for yourself in the future. Think big.

Endings and Beginnings…….

Feb 18: New Moon in Aquarius at 4:46 pm, MST. This New Moon is at the 29th degree of Aquarius (29° is the last degree in each sign) suggesting something is ending and something else is beginning.

The 29th degree is a very important degree in astrology. Besides signifying the end of something, it is a time of finalizing our accomplishments before we move on to a new area. We could compare it to taking our finals and demonstrating our mastery of what we have learned in order to graduate. There can be a sense of urgency to complete something before we move on to the next phase.

This particular new moon is even more interesting because 29° Aquarius is also the current midpoint of transiting Uranus and Pluto. The Feb 18 New Moon will conjunct the Uranus/Pluto midpoint. That indicates a strong urge to complete something pertaining to the radical restructuring energies will be stimulated both in the outside world and in our personal lives.

Even the Uranus/Pluto midpoint in Aquarius will be changing signs. The midpoint of Uranus/Pluto has been in Aquarius during six squares between Uranus and Pluto that occurred in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The Uranus/Pluto midpoint will change from 29 Aquarius to 0 Pisces on March 8, 2015. That means at the 7th and last square of Uranus and Pluto on March 16, 2015, the Uranus /Pluto midpoint will be at 0° Pisces. It is possible that this could reflect something completing in February and something else beginning in March regarding the Radical Restructuring energies.

Here is something else to consider for next month. The New Moon on March 20 will be at 29 degrees of Pisces. Another ending – an even bigger one because it will also be a total Solar Eclipse. Plus, 29 degrees of Pisces is the last degree of the last sign in the zodiac. So it is really the ultimate “ending” phase.

Exactly what will be ending during February and March remains to be seen. The next question is, “What will be starting?” We shall watch the world with interest.

Some of us will also feel this strongly in our personal lives in February and March. If we have been dragging our feet on making some necessary changes in our lives, we may feel a strong urge to finally get on with it.

If you know your birth chart, locate the houses where 29° of Aquarius and 29° of Pisces are located. These are the areas of your life in which you are likely to be completing something. This is where you will be demonstrating your mastery before moving to the next phase. Also look for any aspects that 29° Aquarius or 29° Pisces make to your natal planets, Ascendant or Midheaven for more information. Be sure to look for 0° too. This is where the new phase will be occurring. The impact of the above will be mild for some of us and very strong for others, depending on how the individual birth chart is affected.

If you wouldn’t know your birth chart from a pepperoni pizza, just pay attention to what is occurring in your life in February and March and especially to how you are thinking and feeling. See if you can identify where something is completing and something new is beginning for you personally.

Feb 19: Now we can finalize some plans and ideas we have been working on since January. By evening we are likely to be feeling more assertive and confident and willing to take more chances than usual.

Feb 20-21: This is a lively two day period and favors creativity, romance, energy and fun. Be prepared for the possibility of unexpected events on the afternoon of Feb 21 which could be startling. People are likely to be feeling outgoing, friendly and enthusiastic that evening. Romances can start quickly now and will be fiery and passionate.


Week of February 22-28

Feb 22-25: Reality is likely to rudely insert itself into our lives without an invitation during this period. We may need to face some facts that could leave us feeling uncertain and cause our imagination to go overboard on worse case scenarios. Instead of succumbing to negative thinking, we can use this opportunity to clear out the cobwebs and be willing to deal with whatever is in front of us. Fortunately, there will also be some positive influences during this time that can help us overcome worries and imagined problems by providing us with the imagination, courage and optimism to come up with practical solutions.

Feb 26: This will be a good day to tie up loose ends and attend to routine tasks rather than beginning something brand new. Catch up on correspondence and reading.

Feb 27-28: We are likely to be feeling more emotional, sensitive and nurturing than usual. We may want to feel safe and sound, stay home, have our favorite foods and curl up in a comfy chair with a soft blankie. The term “snug as a bug in a rug” comes to mind.


Much Love to All You Beautiful Spirits,

Judy Joyce



Life is simple.

Everything happens for you, not to you.

Everything happens at exactly the right moment,

neither too soon or too late.

You don’t have to like it…

it’s just easier if you do.


Byron Katie




Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Standard Time. Degrees have been rounded off.


Feb 1: Venus conjunct Neptune, 10:36 am, 6° Pisces.

Feb 2: Sun sextile Uranus, 5:29 am, 13° Aquarius/Aries.

Feb 3: FULL MOON, 4:09 pm, 15° Leo. Moon conjunct Jupiter, 10:31 pm, 18° Leo. In orb: Moon trine Uranus, Sun sextile Uranus, Mercury sextile Saturn.

Feb 4: Sun semisquare Mars/Uranus midpoint, 7:26 pm.

Feb 5: Mercury Rx sextile Saturn, 4:40 am, 4° Aquarius/Sagittarius. Sun 16° Aquarius conjunct Mars/Pluto midpoint.

Feb 6: Sun opposite Jupiter, 11:20 am, 18° Aquarius/Leo.

Feb 7: Venus sextile Pluto, 10:51 pm, 14° Pisces/Capricorn. Jupiter opposite Mars/Pluto midpoint, 18° Leo/Aquarius.

Feb 8: Moon in Libra opposite Uranus and square Pluto, 2 to 6 pm. Moon sextile Jupiter, 10:45 pm, 17° Libra/Leo. Jupiter sesquiquadrate Mars/Uranus midpoint.

Feb 9: Moon trine Sun, 4:58 am, 20° Libra/Aquarius.

Feb 10: Moon trine Neptune, 1:15 pm, 7° Scorpio/Pisces.

Feb 11: Mercury Stationary Direct, 7:57 am, 1° Aquarius. Moon in Scorpio. Mars semisquare Saturn/Uranus midpoint.

Feb 12: Moon in Sagittarius. Mars square Saturn/Pluto midpoint, 24°Pisces/Sagittarius. Uranus square Sun/Saturn midpoint, 14° Aries/Capricorn.

Feb 13: Moon in Sagittarius trine Uranus and trine Jupiter, 10 am-5pm, 14-17° Sag/Aries/Leo. Mars conjunct Uranus/Neptune midpoint, 25° Sag/Pisces. Pluto conjunct Sun/Saturn midpoint, 15° Capricorn.

Feb 14: Moon enters Capricorn, 3:24 pm. Mars semisquare Neptune/Pluto.

Feb 15: Moon square Uranus and conjunct Pluto, 1 to 5 pm, 14-15° Cap/Aries/Cap.

Feb 16: Moon sextile Venus and Mars, 8 am to 2 pm, 25-27° Capricorn/Pisces.

Feb 17: Moon in Aquarius sextile Uranus and opposite Jupiter, 2 to 8 pm, 14-16° Aquarius/Aries/Leo.

Feb 18: NEW MOON, 29° Aquarius, 4:47 pm. Sun and Moon conjunct Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 29° Aquarius. Sun into Pisces, 4:50 pm.

Feb 19: Mercury sextile Saturn, 6:06 am, 4° Aquarius/Sagittarius. Venus and Mars conjunct March 20, 2015 Eclipse point at 29° Pisces. Mars into Aries, 5:12 pm.

Feb 20: Venus into Aries, 1:06 pm. Moon conjunct Venus and Mars, 3 to 6 pm, 1° Aries.

Feb 21: Moon conjunct Uranus and square Pluto, 2 to 5 pm, 14-15° Aries/Aries/Capricorn. Moon trine Jupiter, 5:36 pm, 16° Aries/Leo. Venus conjunct Mars, 10:13 pm, 2° Aries.

Feb 23: Sun square Saturn, 5:51 am, 5° Pisces/Sagittarius.

Feb 24: Venus trine Saturn, 7:58 am, 5° Aries/Sagittarius. Jupiter trine Uranus 1° orb begins, 14-15° Leo/Aries.

Feb 25: Moon square Sun and square Neptune, 9 am to noon, 7° Gemini/Pisces/Pisces. Mars trine Saturn, 8:09 pm, 5° Aries/Sagittarius. Sun conjunct Neptune, 9:55 pm, 7° Pisces.

Feb 26: Moon void of course in Gemini.

Feb 27: Moon in Cancer square Mars in Aries, trine Neptune in Pisces, square Venus in Aries, trine Sun in Pisces, 4 pm – midnight.

Feb 28: Moon in Cancer square Uranus and opposite Pluto, 8 to 11 am, Cancer/Aries/ Capricorn.



(1) For more information see: Radical Restructuring article and 2008-2015 – Major Astrological Influences

(2) Personal Forecast Reports are available to order. See a sample report: One Year Detailed Forecast Report

(3) Times referred to below are Mountain Standard Time. The pertinent astrological aspects for January 2015 are at the end of this Forecast.


World Forecast January 2015

The transformational and volatile radical restructuring energies of transiting Uranus and Pluto will continue to be extremely powerful in January, February and March as they build to their seventh and final square on March 16, 2015. In January, the strongest period of unstable energy is likely to be January 1 to 11.

Because these energies are affecting mass consciousness, there has been, and will continue to be, a general inclination to get over excited, to overreact and to speak or act rashly. There may be times when we unconsciously tune in to the unstable and volatile energies around us. Even if we are usually mild mannered and reasonable, we may experience periods when we feel uncharacteristically tense and stressed over a situation that normally would not bring on that reaction. It may be difficult to sleep at times or we may experience a general feeling of over excitement or anxiety without knowing why.

If that occurs, there are things we can do:

*   First, calm down. Easier said than done, but it can be achieved. Do whatever works to restore calmness and be in the present moment. Breath deeply, take a walk, listen to music, meditate, pray, dance, sing, laugh. Look around. You are okay. It’s going to be alright.

*  Second, after we are calm and present, we can take a few moments to send out calming and loving energy to those around us and then out into the world in general. Who wouldn’t like to feel a little love coming their way?

*  Third, affirm your ability to handle any challenges that may arise and work together with others to solve problems that appear in your life.

We are beginning a very exciting and interesting year. It will be important and beneficial to be calm and present.


World: January 1 to 11, 2015

The radical restructuring energies of sudden change and transformation will be very active and challenging during this eleven day period. Situations in the outer world are very likely to reflect this. As the month begins, the approaching Full Moon in Cancer will start to be felt on January 2 and will reach a peak on the evening of January 4 when the Full Moon is exact. Brewing situations can come to a boiling point. The volatile energies released at that time will continue to be visible in the world through January 11. This will make people and situations that are unstable or fanatical even more volatile.

There is some good news, very possibly brought about because of the challenges we face. On January 3-5 countries or groups may start to develop new and innovative, yet practical, ideas and alliances that could prove to be helpful in the future. Pay attention to information and ideas that turn up in the news at this time. Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, the planet of harmony and cooperation, will both be in Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood and humanitarian concerns. Both these planets will be making favorable interactions with Saturn (the old and traditional) and Uranus (the new and unconventional). There could be progress made in finding ways to integrate the “old” with the “new”. Mercury will turn retrograde in Aquarius on January 21, indicating some revisions will probably be needed. It is likely to take until the beginning of March for these new ideas and associations to be fully developed and implemented.


General Forecast January 2015


January 1-11:

January 1: It will be important to have realistic expectations today. We could be feeling so enthusiastic that we over estimate what we can actually accomplish and end up feeling overwhelmed by the end of the day.

January 2-11: Emotions will run high as the Full Moon in Cancer nears on January 4. A crisis or climactic situation could occur for some. Change and transformation in our personal lives will be stimulated. Many people could take the next step in their own individual transformation.

* This transformative energy will be particularly strong for those with the following birthdays:

January 1 to 7; February 16 to 18; March 31 to April 6; July 2 to 8; October 3 to 9.(Note: USA’s birthday is July 4.)

(This will also affect those who have planets or angles in their birth chart at 10-16° of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn; or 27-29° Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio.)

January 3-5: This will be a good time to think about and discuss practical and innovative ways to make our lives better. Be open to new and different ideas and affiliations. We also need to be patient; it is likely to take about two months to complete the desired changes.

January 6-7: Lots of talking and a sharing of ideas may be bounced around with others on January 6. This could lead to positive new insights on January 7.

January 8-11: The radical restructuring energies may be stirred up by those with over aggressive attitudes or fanatical beliefs during this period. We, or others around us, could push ideas, beliefs and opinions too hard, which could result in a stalemate or hard feelings. People may be feeling critical and pessimistic the evening of January 8. Wait for a more receptive time to express your ideas. On January 9-10 our attention is likely to be drawn to practical solutions and realistic thinking. This is also a productive time to clean, organize and take care of our health. On January 11 we may find ourselves pondering the meaning of recent information or events.


January 12-17

January 12-14: A shift in tactics can occur. Don’t try to make something happen out in the world during this time. We may decide (or find it necessary) to take a different approach in order to accomplish our goals. On the positive side, we could have some ideas and insights that are eye-opening and exciting. This could start us thinking about trying something new and different. Energy levels may be low on January 14 and there could be a tendency to feel blocked, discouraged or tired. Don’t worry, this will pass.

January 15: Insights and practical ideas in the afternoon can cheer us up.

January 16: We may be over idealistic or unmotivated in the morning, but intuition, insights and high energy will surge that evening.

January 17: The morning should be positive and enlivening. This afternoon and evening will be a good time to kick back, relax and enjoy.


January 18-24

Mercury is slowing down and will turn retrograde on January 21. Double check communications and drive extra carefully over the next four weeks.  What is Mercury Retrograde?

January 18: A good day to be creative. The most satisfaction will come from manifesting a physical creation that is practical and useful. Something you can see, hear, touch, smell or taste.

January 19: A day when inspirational, creative and compassionate feelings are strong, but it may be challenging to use them wisely and effectively. We could be unrealistic about what we can actually accomplish or feel a strong desire to act in accordance with our spiritual beliefs, and at the same time, feel too tired to do much of anything. It will be better to wait rather than rushing in to “save” someone. Write down your insights and rest.

January 20: The New Moon in Aquarius occurs at 6:15 am, MST. This will be an excellent day to focus on becoming more optimistic, innovative and open to change. With a willing attitude, we can release the old and begin to perceive our life in a new way.

January 21 to February 11: Mercury will be Retrograde in Aquarius. Time to stop and take stock of where we are and to refine the ideas and projects we have already started rather than beginning new projects. During the retrograde period we can go back over our plans and make any necessary adjustments or preparations.

January 22: Blend inspirational ideas with practical know-how for good results today.

January 23: Rest or attend to routine maintenance.

January 24: A positive and high energy day. Do something active and fun.


January 25-31

January 25:  The energies of January 24 will carry forward into today. Be inventive, play, enjoy.

January 26: Focus on practical and security matters. There could be a tendency for people to be stubborn this evening. Don’t try to force an issue. It will only be met with more resistance.

January 27: Mercury Retrograde is likely to be in evidence today and tomorrow. Pay extra attention while communicating, driving and traveling. Positively, it is a time when we can get new insights on projects or ideas that began around January 13-14. We can now make some needed improvements and revisions.

January 28: A good day to attend to duties and routine matters. Avoid discussing philosophical or spiritual subjects this evening as people may be oversensitive and more negative than usual.

January 29: If you want to communicate your ideas today, have your discussion by early afternoon. People are likely to have a more skeptical outlook as the day goes on.

January 30: The most successful actions will be compassionate, helpful and practical.

January 31: A good day to enjoy and nurture (and be nurtured by) your family, loved ones, home and domestic life.



Love and Joy to You in These Transformational Times!

Judy Joyce


I must be willing to give up

what I am

in order to become

what I will be.


Albert Einstein





Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Standard Time. Degrees have been rounded off.



Jan 1: Mars opposite Jupiter, 12:49 pm, 22° Aquarius/Leo

Jan 3. Sun square Uranus, 1:40 am, 13° Capricorn/Aries. Venus into Aquarius, 7:48 am. Sun conjunct Pluto, 4:32 pm, 13° Capricorn.

Jan 4: Venus sextile Saturn, 7:15 am, 1° Aquarius/Sagittarius. Mercury into Aquarius, 6:08 pm, Moon square Uranus, 6:18 pm, 13° Cancer/Aries. Moon opposite Pluto, 7:34 pm, 13° Cancer/Capricorn. FULL MOON, 15° Cancer, 9:53 pm.

Jan 5: Mercury sextile Saturn, 3:21 pm, 1° Aquarius/Sagittarius.

Jan 6: Moon opposite Mercury, 8:53 am, 3° Leo/Aquarius. Moon opposite Venus, 11:52 am, 4° Leo/Aquarius.

Jan 7: Moon trine Uranus, 5:10 am, 13° Leo/Aries. Moon conjunct Jupiter, 10:07 pm, 21° Leo.

Jan 8: Mercury activates Mars/Uranus midpoint and Mars/Pluto midpoint. Moon opposite Mars, 10:04 am, 27° Aquarius. Moon square Saturn, 7:19 pm, 2° Virgo/Sagittarius.

Jan 9: Mars conjunct Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 5:10 pm, 28° Aquarius. Moon trine Pluto, 7:20 pm, 13° Virgo/Capricorn. Mercury activates Saturn/Uranus midpoint and Saturn/Pluto midpoint.

Jan 10: Moon trine Sun, 8:45 am, 20° Virgo/Capricorn.

Jan 11: Moon sextile Saturn, 8:46 am, 2° Libra/Sagittarius. Mercury activates Uranus/Neptune midpoint and Neptune/Pluto midpoint.

Jan 12: Mars into Pisces, 3:21 am.

Jan 13: Venus sextile Uranus, 1:12pm, 13° Aquarius/Aries.

Jan 14: Mercury sextile Uranus, 3:25 am, 13° Aquarius/Aries. Moon square Mercury, 6:30 pm, 13° Scorpio/Aquarius. Mars square Saturn, 11:11 pm, Pisces/Sagittarius.

Jan 15: Moon sextile Sun, 4:52 pm, 26° Scorpio/Capricorn.

Jan 16: Moon conjunct Saturn, square Mars and square Neptune, 4 am – noon, 2-6° Sagittarius/Pisces. Moon trine Uranus, 11:50 pm, 13° Sagittarius/Aries.

Jan 17: Moon sextile Venus, 7:53 am, 18° Sagittarius/Aquarius. Moon trine Jupiter, 12:25 pm, 20° Sagittarius/Leo.

Jan 18: Moon sextile Mars and Neptune, noon- 4 pm, 5-6° Capricorn/Pisces.

Jan 19: Venus opposite Jupiter, 6:44 am, 20° Aquarius/Leo. Mars conjunct Neptune, 5:09 pm, 6° Pisces.

Jan 20: Sun into Aquarius, 2:44 am. NEW MOON, 0° Aquarius, 6:24 am.

Jan 21: Mercury Retrograde, 8:54 am, 17° Aquarius.

Jan 22: Moon conjunct Neptune and Mars, 2 pm- 8 pm, 6-8° Pisces. Sun sextile Saturn, 10:24 pm, 3° Aquarius/Sagittarius.

Jan 23; Moon in Pisces void of course all day.

Jan 24: Moon trine Saturn and sextile Sun, 10 am – 3 pm, 3-4° Aries/Aquarius/Sagittarius.

Jan 25: Moon sextile Mercury Rx and trine Jupiter, 7 am – 3 pm, 15-19° Aries/Aquarius/Leo.

Jan 26: Moon in Taurus. Moon square Sun, 9:48 pm, 7° Taurus/Aquarius.

Jan 27: Venus into Pisces, 8 am. Moon square Mercury Rx, 9:55 am, Taurus/Aquarius. Mercury Rx sextile Uranus, 10:03 pm, 13° Aquarius/Aries. Mercury Rx conjunct Mars/Pluto midpoint.

Jan 28: Mercury activates Mars/Uranus midpoint. Moon void of course in Cancer until 3:36 pm. Moon square Venus and opposite Saturn, 5-10 pm, 1-3° Gemini/Pisces/Sagittarius.

Jan 29: Moon trine Sun, trine Mercury and Sextile Uranus, 8 am – 4 pm, 9-13° Gemini/Aquarius/Aries. Moon square Mars, 4 – 6 pm, 14° Gemini/Pisces.

Jan 30: Venus square Saturn, 1:23 am, 3° Pisces/Sagittarius. Sun conjunct Mercury Rx, 6:45 am, 10° Aquarius. Mars sextile Pluto, 6:36 am, 14° Pisces/Capricorn.

Jan 31: Moon trine Venus and trine Neptune, 8 am – 1 pm, Cancer/Pisces.






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