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2015 and Beyond

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Current Month’s Forecast is below:


(1) For more information see: Radical Restructuring article and 2008-2015 – Major Astrological Influences

(2) Personal Forecast Reports are available to order. See a sample report: One Year Detailed Forecast Report

(3) Times referred to below are Mountain Standard Time. The pertinent astrological aspects for January 2015 are at the end of this Forecast.


World Forecast January 2015

The transformational and volatile radical restructuring energies of transiting Uranus and Pluto will continue to be extremely powerful in January, February and March as they build to their seventh and final square on March 16, 2015. In January, the strongest period of unstable energy is likely to be January 1 to 11.

Because these energies are affecting mass consciousness, there has been, and will continue to be, a general inclination to get over excited, to overreact and to speak or act rashly. There may be times when we unconsciously tune in to the unstable and volatile energies around us. Even if we are usually mild mannered and reasonable, we may experience periods when we feel uncharacteristically tense and stressed over a situation that normally would not bring on that reaction. It may be difficult to sleep at times or we may experience a general feeling of over excitement or anxiety without knowing why.

If that occurs, there are things we can do:

*   First, calm down. Easier said than done, but it can be achieved. Do whatever works to restore calmness and be in the present moment. Breath deeply, take a walk, listen to music, meditate, pray, dance, sing, laugh. Look around. You are okay. It’s going to be alright.

*  Second, after we are calm and present, we can take a few moments to send out calming and loving energy to those around us and then out into the world in general. Who wouldn’t like to feel a little love coming their way?

*  Third, affirm your ability to handle any challenges that may arise and work together with others to solve problems that appear in your life.

We are beginning a very exciting and interesting year. It will be important and beneficial to be calm and present.


World: January 1 to 11, 2015

The radical restructuring energies of sudden change and transformation will be very active and challenging during this eleven day period. Situations in the outer world are very likely to reflect this. As the month begins, the approaching Full Moon in Cancer will start to be felt on January 2 and will reach a peak on the evening of January 4 when the Full Moon is exact. Brewing situations can come to a boiling point. The volatile energies released at that time will continue to be visible in the world through January 11. This will make people and situations that are unstable or fanatical even more volatile.

There is some good news, very possibly brought about because of the challenges we face. On January 3-5 countries or groups may start to develop new and innovative, yet practical, ideas and alliances that could prove to be helpful in the future. Pay attention to information and ideas that turn up in the news at this time. Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, the planet of harmony and cooperation, will both be in Aquarius, the sign of brotherhood and humanitarian concerns. Both these planets will be making favorable interactions with Saturn (the old and traditional) and Uranus (the new and unconventional). There could be progress made in finding ways to integrate the “old” with the “new”. Mercury will turn retrograde in Aquarius on January 21, indicating some revisions will probably be needed. It is likely to take until the beginning of March for these new ideas and associations to be fully developed and implemented.


General Forecast January 2015


January 1-11:

January 1: It will be important to have realistic expectations today. We could be feeling so enthusiastic that we over estimate what we can actually accomplish and end up feeling overwhelmed by the end of the day.

January 2-11: Emotions will run high as the Full Moon in Cancer nears on January 4. A crisis or climactic situation could occur for some. Change and transformation in our personal lives will be stimulated. Many people could take the next step in their own individual transformation.

* This transformative energy will be particularly strong for those with the following birthdays:

January 1 to 7; February 16 to 18; March 31 to April 6; July 2 to 8; October 3 to 9.(Note: USA’s birthday is July 4.)

(This will also affect those who have planets or angles in their birth chart at 10-16° of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn; or 27-29° Aquarius, Taurus, Leo or Scorpio.)

January 3-5: This will be a good time to think about and discuss practical and innovative ways to make our lives better. Be open to new and different ideas and affiliations. We also need to be patient; it is likely to take about two months to complete the desired changes.

January 6-7: Lots of talking and a sharing of ideas may be bounced around with others on January 6. This could lead to positive new insights on January 7.

January 8-11: The radical restructuring energies may be stirred up by those with over aggressive attitudes or fanatical beliefs during this period. We, or others around us, could push ideas, beliefs and opinions too hard, which could result in a stalemate or hard feelings. People may be feeling critical and pessimistic the evening of January 8. Wait for a more receptive time to express your ideas. On January 9-10 our attention is likely to be drawn to practical solutions and realistic thinking. This is also a productive time to clean, organize and take care of our health. On January 11 we may find ourselves pondering the meaning of recent information or events.


January 12-17

January 12-14: A shift in tactics can occur. Don’t try to make something happen out in the world during this time. We may decide (or find it necessary) to take a different approach in order to accomplish our goals. On the positive side, we could have some ideas and insights that are eye-opening and exciting. This could start us thinking about trying something new and different. Energy levels may be low on January 14 and there could be a tendency to feel blocked, discouraged or tired. Don’t worry, this will pass.

January 15: Insights and practical ideas in the afternoon can cheer us up.

January 16: We may be over idealistic or unmotivated in the morning, but intuition, insights and high energy will surge that evening.

January 17: The morning should be positive and enlivening. This afternoon and evening will be a good time to kick back, relax and enjoy.


January 18-24

Mercury is slowing down and will turn retrograde on January 21. Double check communications and drive extra carefully over the next four weeks.  What is Mercury Retrograde?

January 18: A good day to be creative. The most satisfaction will come from manifesting a physical creation that is practical and useful. Something you can see, hear, touch, smell or taste.

January 19: A day when inspirational, creative and compassionate feelings are strong, but it may be challenging to use them wisely and effectively. We could be unrealistic about what we can actually accomplish or feel a strong desire to act in accordance with our spiritual beliefs, and at the same time, feel too tired to do much of anything. It will be better to wait rather than rushing in to “save” someone. Write down your insights and rest.

January 20: The New Moon in Aquarius occurs at 6:15 am, MST. This will be an excellent day to focus on becoming more optimistic, innovative and open to change. With a willing attitude, we can release the old and begin to perceive our life in a new way.

January 21 to February 11: Mercury will be Retrograde in Aquarius. Time to stop and take stock of where we are and to refine the ideas and projects we have already started rather than beginning new projects. During the retrograde period we can go back over our plans and make any necessary adjustments or preparations.

January 22: Blend inspirational ideas with practical know-how for good results today.

January 23: Rest or attend to routine maintenance.

January 24: A positive and high energy day. Do something active and fun.


January 25-31

January 25:  The energies of January 24 will carry forward into today. Be inventive, play, enjoy.

January 26: Focus on practical and security matters. There could be a tendency for people to be stubborn this evening. Don’t try to force an issue. It will only be met with more resistance.

January 27: Mercury Retrograde is likely to be in evidence today and tomorrow. Pay extra attention while communicating, driving and traveling. Positively, it is a time when we can get new insights on projects or ideas that began around January 13-14. We can now make some needed improvements and revisions.

January 28: A good day to attend to duties and routine matters. Avoid discussing philosophical or spiritual subjects this evening as people may be oversensitive and more negative than usual.

January 29: If you want to communicate your ideas today, have your discussion by early afternoon. People are likely to have a more skeptical outlook as the day goes on.

January 30: The most successful actions will be compassionate, helpful and practical.

January 31: A good day to enjoy and nurture (and be nurtured by) your family, loved ones, home and domestic life.



Love and Joy to You in These Transformational Times!

Judy Joyce


I must be willing to give up

what I am

in order to become

what I will be.


Albert Einstein





Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Standard Time. Degrees have been rounded off.



Jan 1: Mars opposite Jupiter, 12:49 pm, 22° Aquarius/Leo

Jan 3. Sun square Uranus, 1:40 am, 13° Capricorn/Aries. Venus into Aquarius, 7:48 am. Sun conjunct Pluto, 4:32 pm, 13° Capricorn.

Jan 4: Venus sextile Saturn, 7:15 am, 1° Aquarius/Sagittarius. Mercury into Aquarius, 6:08 pm, Moon square Uranus, 6:18 pm, 13° Cancer/Aries. Moon opposite Pluto, 7:34 pm, 13° Cancer/Capricorn. FULL MOON, 15° Cancer, 9:53 pm.

Jan 5: Mercury sextile Saturn, 3:21 pm, 1° Aquarius/Sagittarius.

Jan 6: Moon opposite Mercury, 8:53 am, 3° Leo/Aquarius. Moon opposite Venus, 11:52 am, 4° Leo/Aquarius.

Jan 7: Moon trine Uranus, 5:10 am, 13° Leo/Aries. Moon conjunct Jupiter, 10:07 pm, 21° Leo.

Jan 8: Mercury activates Mars/Uranus midpoint and Mars/Pluto midpoint. Moon opposite Mars, 10:04 am, 27° Aquarius. Moon square Saturn, 7:19 pm, 2° Virgo/Sagittarius.

Jan 9: Mars conjunct Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 5:10 pm, 28° Aquarius. Moon trine Pluto, 7:20 pm, 13° Virgo/Capricorn. Mercury activates Saturn/Uranus midpoint and Saturn/Pluto midpoint.

Jan 10: Moon trine Sun, 8:45 am, 20° Virgo/Capricorn.

Jan 11: Moon sextile Saturn, 8:46 am, 2° Libra/Sagittarius. Mercury activates Uranus/Neptune midpoint and Neptune/Pluto midpoint.

Jan 12: Mars into Pisces, 3:21 am.

Jan 13: Venus sextile Uranus, 1:12pm, 13° Aquarius/Aries.

Jan 14: Mercury sextile Uranus, 3:25 am, 13° Aquarius/Aries. Moon square Mercury, 6:30 pm, 13° Scorpio/Aquarius. Mars square Saturn, 11:11 pm, Pisces/Sagittarius.

Jan 15: Moon sextile Sun, 4:52 pm, 26° Scorpio/Capricorn.

Jan 16: Moon conjunct Saturn, square Mars and square Neptune, 4 am – noon, 2-6° Sagittarius/Pisces. Moon trine Uranus, 11:50 pm, 13° Sagittarius/Aries.

Jan 17: Moon sextile Venus, 7:53 am, 18° Sagittarius/Aquarius. Moon trine Jupiter, 12:25 pm, 20° Sagittarius/Leo.

Jan 18: Moon sextile Mars and Neptune, noon- 4 pm, 5-6° Capricorn/Pisces.

Jan 19: Venus opposite Jupiter, 6:44 am, 20° Aquarius/Leo. Mars conjunct Neptune, 5:09 pm, 6° Pisces.

Jan 20: Sun into Aquarius, 2:44 am. NEW MOON, 0° Aquarius, 6:24 am.

Jan 21: Mercury Retrograde, 8:54 am, 17° Aquarius.

Jan 22: Moon conjunct Neptune and Mars, 2 pm- 8 pm, 6-8° Pisces. Sun sextile Saturn, 10:24 pm, 3° Aquarius/Sagittarius.

Jan 23; Moon in Pisces void of course all day.

Jan 24: Moon trine Saturn and sextile Sun, 10 am – 3 pm, 3-4° Aries/Aquarius/Sagittarius.

Jan 25: Moon sextile Mercury Rx and trine Jupiter, 7 am – 3 pm, 15-19° Aries/Aquarius/Leo.

Jan 26: Moon in Taurus. Moon square Sun, 9:48 pm, 7° Taurus/Aquarius.

Jan 27: Venus into Pisces, 8 am. Moon square Mercury Rx, 9:55 am, Taurus/Aquarius. Mercury Rx sextile Uranus, 10:03 pm, 13° Aquarius/Aries. Mercury Rx conjunct Mars/Pluto midpoint.

Jan 28: Mercury activates Mars/Uranus midpoint. Moon void of course in Cancer until 3:36 pm. Moon square Venus and opposite Saturn, 5-10 pm, 1-3° Gemini/Pisces/Sagittarius.

Jan 29: Moon trine Sun, trine Mercury and Sextile Uranus, 8 am – 4 pm, 9-13° Gemini/Aquarius/Aries. Moon square Mars, 4 – 6 pm, 14° Gemini/Pisces.

Jan 30: Venus square Saturn, 1:23 am, 3° Pisces/Sagittarius. Sun conjunct Mercury Rx, 6:45 am, 10° Aquarius. Mars sextile Pluto, 6:36 am, 14° Pisces/Capricorn.

Jan 31: Moon trine Venus and trine Neptune, 8 am – 1 pm, Cancer/Pisces.



December 2014 Christmas Tree in the Snow

Week by Week 


December 1-6

This is a week when we will be called upon to balance our wish for familiarity and stability with new methods and activities. We may miss our comfort zone, but it is time to try something new. On December 1-3, our endeavors can be successful as long as we merge our desire for action and change with patience, realistic expectations and careful consideration.

December 4, 5, and 6 will be a favorable time for social events that are light hearted and fun. It will be an especially interesting time for conversations and exchanging information. Sudden insights and innovative ideas could occur. Be open to changes and new ideas. Shopping could be successful on December 5-6, but there could be a tendency to overspend.

The FULL MOON on December 6 could bring us new information and perceptions about old situations. We may become aware of how karmic conditions have been playing a continuing role in our lives, which can help us begin a spiritual releasing and healing process. What these karmic situations might be can be revealed by paying attention to whom and what are occupying our thoughts on December 5-6.


December 7-13

This week we will be feeling the radical restructuring energies building as we approach the exact square of Uranus and Pluto which will occur on December 14-15. We have been experiencing this energy for quite some time and many people have noticed a feeling of being unusually “amped up” from time to time. It feels kind of like drinking a pot of espresso. Some have had trouble sleeping at night. Pets may get agitated and race around for no apparent reason. Children can feel this energy too, and may need some extra cuddles and reassurances. This energy is likely to get stronger the first half of December.

This particular week will not a very good time to start a brand new project because the intense and fluctuating energies will make it difficult to maintain a stable foundation. However, most people will be busy with the typical things we do during the holiday season – shopping, social events, traveling, visiting with friends and family. December 7 will be a good day to focus on home, family and loved ones. We may need to slow down a bit and readjust our plans on December 7-8-9, but the changes will turn out to be beneficial in the long run.

Getting together with friends and social events on December 10-11 are likely to be fun, exciting and entertaining. December 12-13 will be a positive blend of practicality and fun. This would be a good time for organizing, attending to details, or finding the perfect present for that hard -to-buy-for person.


December 14-20

The energies of change and transformation will reach a peak on December 14-15. Knowing this, we can observe how we are feeling and how others are behaving in a new light. It certainly doesn’t mean that something will happen on those specific days. We may not even notice a difference since the power of this influence has basically been on high since November and will continue straight through to the final square in March 2015. However, the significance of having passed a key point in our worldwide transformative journey is worth noting.

Although the world is likely to continue in turmoil, we will be able to feel enthusiastic and hopeful in our personal lives. Relationships and social events of all kinds may experience some challenges, however, this can be helpful by helping us clear up any misunderstandings. Our interactions with others will be particularly meaningful on December 14-15-16.

December 17-18 will be a good time to focus on work, duties and getting organized. December 19-20 will be an interesting and potent mix of stimulating influences: compassion, excitement, enthusiasm, strong feelings, impulsiveness, unpredictability and a sense of adventure. Relationships that start now are likely to be very intense.


December 21-27

On December 21 the WINTER SOLSTICE occurs at 4:03 pm, MST, quickly followed by the NEW MOON in Capricorn which occurs at 6:36 pm, MST. Uranus also turns Direct on the same day, which makes the Uranian energies of change, surprise, upsets, liberation and innovation very strong. This will be a powerful New Moon, and one that we can use to make liberating changes. We can free ourselves of something that has been holding us back or has outlived its usefulness, whether large or small. Plant some seeds of freedom and innovation and watch them grow. See New Moon Ceremony for ideas.

December 22 has the potential for finding good values in both gifts and friendships. Keep plans flexible, as there is a strong possibility of shifting circumstances.

Shopping for special gifts is not favored on December 23, as it is not likely to yield the desired results. Instead, take care of routine duties and maintenance, or sit back and relax with a cup of something soothing and good friend, a good book or good movie.

It is likely to be hectic on December 24. Travel, weather and communications could be challenging. Be prepared for changing and unexpected conditions, just in case.

Christmas Day, December 25, will be more peaceful. It will be a good time to take it easy and enjoy each moment and each other. December 26-27 will be very pleasant days characterized by caring, creative and compassionate feelings.


December 28-31

On December 28-29 we are apt to be feeling much more active and assertive. Try not to rush. Avoid a tendency to make impulsive purchases or decisions.

December 30-31 are both positive days. There could be a tendency to go overboard from late afternoon to early evening on December 31, so keep the New Years Eve festivities within reason. As long as we do that, that evening should be a very pleasant way to welcome 2015.


What lies ahead? Stay tuned……


Love and Happy Holidays to All!

Judy Joyce


We are what we think…

All that we are

arises with our thoughts.

With our thoughts

we make our world.


the Buddha



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Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Standard Time. Degrees have been rounded off.


Dec 1: Mars sextile Saturn, Noon, 27º Capricorn/Scorpio, Moon in Aries square Pluto and conjunct Uranus, 2-5 pm, 12-13º Aries/Capricorn.

Dec 3; Saturn Sesquiquadrate Uranus, 3:46 am, 28º Scorpio/ 13º Aries.

Dec 4: Venus trine Jupiter, 12:11 pm, 13º Sagittarius/Leo. Sun trine Uranus, 3:30 pm, 13º Sagittarius/Aries. Mars enters Aquarius, 4:57 pm.

Dec 5: Mercury trine Uranus, 8:44 pm, 13º Sagittarius/Aries.

Dec 6: FULL MOON, 5:27 am, 14º Gemini. Sun and Moon square Chiron, 13-14° Sagittarius/Gemini/Pisces. Moon’s final aspect: Moon opposite Venus, Dec 7, 2:52 am.

Dec 7: Moon in Cancer.

Dec 8: Moon opposite Pluto and square Uranus, 8am-Noon, 12-13° Cancer/Capricorn/Aries. Jupiter Stationary Retrograde, 1:41 pm, 23° Leo.

Dec 9: Moon trine Saturn, 3-6 pm, 28° Cancer/Scorpio.

Dec 10: Venus enters Capricorn, 9:42 am. Moon in Leo Trine Uranus, 13° Leo/Aries, 7-10 pm.

Dec 11: Moon trine Sun, Moon trine Mercury, Moon conjunct Jupiter, 9 am-7pm, 20-23° Leo/Sagittarius/Leo.

Dec 12: Mercury trine Jupiter, 4:24 am, 23° Sagittarius/Leo. Moon enters Virgo, 8:19 am. Moon trine Venus, 11 am-3pm, 3° Virgo/Capricorn. Moon Opposite Neptune, 4- 7 pm, 5° Virgo/Pisces.

Dec 13: Moon trine Pluto, 7 – 11 am, 13° Virgo/Capricorn.

Dec 14: Sun trine Jupiter, 8:56 am, 23° Sagittarius/Leo. Venus sextile Neptune, 9:55 am, 5° Capricorn/Pisces. Moon into Libra, 9:05 pm. URANUS SQUARE PLUTO, 11:14 pm, 13° Aries/Capricorn.

Dec 15: Moon square Venus, Moon trine Mars, 7 am – 3pm, 8-9° Libra/Capricorn/Aquarius. Moon opposite Uranus, Moon square Pluto, 8-11 pm, 13 ° Libra/Aries/Capricorn.

Dec 16: Moon sextile Jupiter, 3-6 pm, 23° Libra/Leo. Mercury enters Capricorn, 8:53 pm. Moon sextile Sun, 8-11 pm, 25° Libra/Sagittarius.

Dec 17: Moon enters Scorpio, 7:52 am.

Dec 19: Moon final aspect, Moon conjunct Saturn, 2:11 pm, 29° Scorpio. Moon enters Sagittarius, 2:55 pm. Moon square Neptune, 10-midnight, 5° Sagittarius/Pisces.

Dec 20: Mercury sextile Neptune, 2:31 am, 5° Capricorn/Pisces. Venus square Uranus, 10:08 am, 13° Capricorn/Aries. Moon sextile Mars and trine Uranus, 11 am -1pm, 13° Sagittarius/Aquarius/Aries. Venus conjunct Pluto, 2:07 pm, 13° Capricorn. Mars sextile Uranus, 8:47 pm, 13° Aquarius/Aries.

Dec 21: Uranus stationary Direct, 3:45 pm, 13° Aries. Sun into Capricorn, WINTER SOLSTICE, 4:03 pm. NEW MOON: 6:36 pm, 0° Capricorn.

Dec 22: Moon in Capricorn. Moon conjunct Mercury, 8-10 am. Moon square Uranus and Conjunct Pluto 1-5 pm, Capricorn/Aries. Moon final aspect, Moon conjunct Venus, 8:17 pm.

Dec 23: Saturn enters Sagittarius, 9:33 am. Moon in Capricorn void of course all day until 7:51 pm. Moon enters Aquarius and sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius, 7:52 pm.

Dec 24: Mercury square Uranus, 6:31 pm, 13° Capricorn/Aries. Mercury conjunct Pluto, 11:52 pm, 13° Capricorn. Moon conjunct Mars, 7-10 pm, 16° Aquarius.

Dec 25: Moon in Aquarius void of course until 9:06 pm. Moon into Pisces, 9:07 pm.

Dec 26: Sun sextile Neptune, 7:11 pm, 5° Capricorn/Pisces. Moon sextile Pluto and Mercury, 5 pm -midnight, Pisces/Capricorn.

Dec 27: Moon sextile Venus, 7 – 10 am. Moon in Pisces void of course, 8:44 am- 11:34 pm.

Dec 28: Moon square Sun, 10 am -1 pm, Aries/Capricorn. Moon conjunct Uranus and square Pluto, 7-11 pm, Aries/Capricorn.

Dec 29: Moon square Mercury, 9-11 am, Aries/Capricorn. Moon trine Jupiter, noon-2 pm, Aries/Leo. Moon final aspect square Venus, 5:46 pm, Aries/Capricorn.

Dec 30: Moon sextile Neptune, noon -2 pm, Taurus/Pisces. Moon trine Sun, 7-9 pm, Taurus/Capricorn.

Dec 31: Moon square Mars and Jupiter, 4-8 pm, Taurus/Aquarius/Leo. Moon trine Mercury, 10 pm – midnight, Taurus/Capricorn.

Jan 1, 2015: Mars opposite Jupiter, 12:49 pm, 21° Aquarius/Leo.

November 2014 Forecast      

Basket of Fruit and Pumpkin Pie



World: As discussed many times in previous forecasts, our current world challenges are part of an eight year period of worldwide change, transformation and evolution that started in 2008 and will last through 2015. Even after that, these energies will stay with us in a weaker form until 2024. To learn more, please see links above under Notes (1).

We are about to enter a very critical time in the above cycle.

The six month period of November 2014 through April 2015 will be a turning point. The final two squares (out of seven) of Uranus and Pluto, aka the radical restructuring energies, will occur on December 14, 2014 and on March 16, 2015, respectively. There is likely to be one last spurt of collective transformation and evolution as they head for the finish line. This could possibly be the time that the greatest breakthroughs and transformations will occur. We can help by sending Love and Light to the world and the collective consciousness to help this occur as peacefully as possible.

Individuals: This can be a time of breakthroughs and spiritual evolution for us individually. Many of us have found that our lives have gone through great change and transformation since 2008. The next six months could be the completion of those changes.

Fortunately, as individuals we have control of how we choose to react to, and deal with, the changes in our lives. One way to handle the heavy and fearful energies out in the world, and our own personal worries about what “might” happen in our lives, is to consciously stop giving them our constant attention. We can shake off the mantle of doom that is floating over and around us. We can focus on the present moment, look around and become aware of the positive and loving energies that are actually occurring right now.

There is always something to remind us of the Light and Beauty in our lives. It can be found in nature, in laughter, in love, in friendship, in generosity, in kindness, in compassion, in a friendly wave, in a smile and in a million other places.

The world will continue to be tumultuous and unstable, but that doesn’t mean we have to be.




November 1-9

November 1-3: there are several positive influences over this three day period. We will have an optimistic outlook and feel clearer regarding our plans for the future. We will also be more willing to make meaningful connections with both friends and lovers. This can bring about a deeper understanding of ourselves and others and have a transformative effect upon our lives. It is also a time when practical ideas can blend successfully with imaginative, creative and compassionate actions. Additionally, this will be a good time to get organized and make improvements in our lives. We can each take advantage of this opportunity to improve our lives in some way.

The energies on November 4 are likely to be intense and contentious. It will be wise to think carefully before speaking or taking action. Take care of mundane tasks the morning and early afternoon of November 5. By that evening the energies of the approaching Full Moon will begin to stimulate our imagination and our psychic sensitivity.

The Full Moon in down-to-earth Taurus will occur on November 6 at 3:23 pm, MST. The need to be focused and responsible will be highlighted. It may be tempting to skip over some pesky details, but that could result in an unfortunate outcome.

November 10-16

This week will be very active, fast paced and challenging. The radical restructuring energies will be highly charged and active in the world. November 10-12 is likely to be quite intense. Many people could be feeling irritable, argumentative, and more likely than usual to act impulsively. Power struggles can emerge. Drive carefully and don’t rush, as this could be an accident prone period.

On the other hand, although it may be uncomfortable, changes that occur now can ultimately be liberating and help us see new ways of doing things. The best approach will be to be aware of the energies, but not to be swept up in them. This is not a time to force our ideas or actions on others. Be open to new ways of dealing with old situations. Proceed with focus, discipline and hard work.

New projects and ideas can bring excitement and optimism on November 13. Before jumping in the deep end, it will be important to be realistic about what it will actually take to achieve our desired results. We don’t need to give up on our plans, but we do need to be aware that we may be over-estimating the ease of their accomplishment.

Things may not run smoothly on November 14. Avoid scheduling important meetings or discussions then, as it will be hard to reach agreement. No one will be willing to budge an inch.

The morning of Saturday, November 15, will be a good time to rest, dream, create and imagine. Later that afternoon and on Sunday, November 16, our focus will shift to projects that require attention to detail and practical matters. Intellectual pursuits, cleaning, organizing, and activities pertaining to health and healing will be favored. By Sunday afternoon, we will feel like having some freedom. Get outdoors or do something that is playful, just for the fun of it.

November 17-23

On November 17-19 Reality with a capital R will be staring us in the face. If we have underestimated our ability to achieve our plans, we will find out about it now. No matter what, it is time for work, not play. We may feel a strong urge to organize, plan and put our surroundings in order. However, it is also a time when unexpected events can disrupt our plans, leading to frustration. Be flexible and ready to switch gears, if necessary. November 20 will be a day for creativity and compassion, though there could be a tendency to be a bit over idealistic.

A blend of strong feelings and mental clarity can come together successfully the morning of November 21. It is likely to be a busy time. Our heightened perception and intuition can get to the heart of the matter quickly and come up with solutions. This will be a good time for insightful and practical discussions or ideas. These insights, ideas and solutions will be valuable that afternoon and evening, when we once again face the need to balance expansive plans with the reality of our current obligations.

The New Moon occurs in optimistic and free wheeling Sagittarius on November 22 at 5:32 am, MST. The urge for freedom and the lure of distant horizons will be strong. November 22-23 will be a good time to think of how we can improve our lives and widen our view of what is possible. Again, it will be very important to balance a positive outlook with practical considerations. Both will be needed for success.

November 24-30

Thanksgiving week will be a good time to seek closeness and comfort with family and friends. This can help counter balance the uncertainty in the world around us. Serious and focused thinking and discussions may be necessary on November 24-25. Activities that require concentration and precision are favored, but future planning is not. That is because we are likely to be feeling more cautious, critical, worried and negative than usual and not able to see the big picture. The energies are mixed on November 26 – one minute we could feel happy and excited, and the next moment, over-sensitive, doubtful about our own lives, and concerned about the state of the world.

November 27, Thanksgiving Day, will be a fortunate day for social activities. The astrological energies indicate it will be a time of warm and open feelings and enjoying the company of family and friends. Community activities are also favored.

We may feel a bit like we are stuck and drifting in a fog on November 28-30. It could be the result of too much pumpkin pie, but more likely it will be caused by unclear information and communications that are vague, confusing or misleading. This leads to doubt and uncertainty. Instead of trying to make sense of the outside world, turn within and let things be. The fog will clear soon.

On December 1 careful planning and wise actions will disperse the fog and bring back stability and focus. Objectives will be clear. The willingness, energy and discipline to achieve our goals will be strong. It will be the start of a new and dynamic month.


Many Blessings and a Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Judy Joyce


In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

Deepak Chopra




Pertinent Astrological Aspects for November 2014

Times shown are Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off.

Nov 1:  Mercury sextile Jupiter, 6:44 am, 20º Scorpio/Leo. Venus sextile Pluto, 5:07 pm, 11º Scorpio/Capricorn. Mars sextile Neptune, 5:44 pm, 5º Capricorn/Pisces. Moon conjunct Neptune and sextile Mars, 5-7 pm.

Nov 2: Moon in Pisces trine Sun in Scorpio, sextile Pluto in Capricorn, trine Venus in Scorpio, 1 am-6 pm.

Nov 3: Sun sextile Pluto, 3:48 pm, 11º Scorpio/Capricorn

Nov 4: Moon in Aries square Pluto and conjunct Uranus, 6-11am. Saturn semisquare Mars/Pluto midpoint, 24º Scorpio/9º Capricorn.

Nov 5: Moon sextile Neptune, 10:49 pm, 5º Taurus/Pisces.

Nov 6: FULL MOON, 3:23 pm, 14º Taurus.

Nov 7: Final aspect of Full Moon: Moon opposite Saturn, 9:17 am, 25º Taurus/Saturn.

Nov 8: Mercury into Scorpio, 4:09 pm.

Nov 9: Venus square Jupiter, 1:41 pm, 21º Scorpio/Leo.

Nov 10: Mars conjunct Pluto, 4:03 pm, 12º Capricorn. Moon opposite Pluto and Mars, 10 pm- midnight, 12º Cancer/Capricorn.

Nov 11: Moon square Uranus, 2:52 am, 13º Cancer/Aries. Mercury trine Neptune, 8:59 pm, 5º Scorpio/Pisces.

Nov 12: Venus conjunct Saturn, 6:02 pm, 25º Scorpio. Mars square Uranus, 6:29 pm, 13º Capricorn/Aries.

Nov 13: Sun square Jupiter, 8:05 pm, 22º Scorpio/Leo.

Nov 14: Moon in Leo conjunct Jupiter in Leo, square Sun, Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, 6 am-8 pm. Uranus square Mars/Pluto midpoint, 13º Aries/Capricorn. Venus square Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 27º Scorpio/Aquarius.

Nov 15: Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune, 10 am; sextile Mercury and trine Pluto, 8pm -midnight. Neptune Sta Dir, midnight, 5º Pisces.

Nov 16: Mercury sextile Pluto, 6:55 am, 12º Scorpio/Capricorn. Moon trine Mars, 8 am, Venus into Sagittarius, 12:04 pm.

Nov 18: Sun conjunct Saturn, 01:50 am, 26º Scorpio. Moon in Libra square Pluto, opposite Uranus, and square Mars, 10 am -midnight.

Nov 19: Sun square Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 27º Scorpio/Aquarius.

Nov 20: Venus square Neptune, 7:56 am, 5º Sagittarius/Pisces.

Nov 21; Mercury sextile Mars, 7:01 am, 20 Scorpio/Capricorn. Moon in Scorpio sextile Mars and conjunct Mercury, 10 am-noon. Moon in Scorpio square Jupiter and conjunct Saturn, 2 pm – 11 pm.

Nov 22: Sun into Sagittarius, 2:38 am. NEW MOON, 5:32 am, 0º Sagittarius. Mercury square Jupiter, 9:43 pm, 22º Scorpio/Leo.

Nov 24: Sun square Mars/Uranus midpoint, 3º Sagittarius/Pisces.

Nov 25: Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and square Uranus, 5-8 am. Mercury conjunct Saturn, 7:37 pm, 27º Scorpio.

Nov 26: Venus trine Uranus, 5:22 pm, 13º Sagittarius/Aries. Sun square Neptune, 9:20 pm, 5º Sagittarius/Pisces. Mercury square Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 27º Scorpio/Aquarius.

Nov 27: Moon in Aquarius sextile Uranus and Venus, 9 am- noon. Mercury into Sagittarius, 7; 26 pm.

Nov 28: Moon square Saturn, 9am -10:30 am, Aquarius/Scorpio. Moon in Pisces square Mercury in Scorpio and conjunct Neptune.

Nov 29: Moon in Pisces square Sun and Venus in Sagittarius, 2 am-8 pm.

Nov 30: Mercury square Neptune, 9:27 pm, 5º Sagittarius/Pisces. Saturn square Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 27º Scorpio/Aquarius.

Dec 1: Mars sextile Saturn, noon, 27º Capricorn/Scorpio.



Notes:                                                          ???????????

(1) For more information see: Radical Restructuring article

(2) Personal Forecast Reports are available to order. See a sample report: One Year Detailed Forecast Report

(3) The pertinent astrological aspects for October 2014 are at the end of this Forecast.


October 2014 Overview

October 2014 will be a month when relationships of all kinds become very important. There are several astrological energies activating relationship interactions.

First, the Sun (life giver and energizer) will be in Libra, the sign of relationships, balance, objectivity and harmony. This happens every year from September 23 to October 22*. When we think of relationships, most of us picture a romance or a marriage, but there are many other kinds of relationships – business partnerships, close friends, family interactions, business associates, customers, allies, adversaries and enemies. Whenever we interact with someone else on a one to one basis, we are having a relationship, however brief it may be.

We all have the sign of Libra somewhere in our birth chart ruling a certain area of our life. Every year at this time when the Sun is in Libra that area lights up and becomes more energized. If you are familiar with your chart, look at the house or houses that contain the sign of Libra and the types of relationships that are associated with that house to see how it will affect you. For instance, if Libra is in your sixth house (which rules work, maintenance, health and pets), relationships with your co-workers, health practitioners, repairmen, or even your pets, will be highlighted.

A second reason relationships will be emphasized in October is because the Sun in Libra will be joined by Venus, the ruler of Libra, from October 1-23. This will double up the Libra energies and amp up the desire for cooperation, harmony, pleasantness, consensus and balance.

It won’t all be sunshine and flowers. A third reason relationships will be especially important in October is because as the Sun and Venus move through Libra, they will stir up the radical restructuring energies by opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn from October 1-11. Maintaining the Libra desire for equilibrium is likely to be a challenge. Our interactions with others during that period will play an important role in the ongoing radical restructuring energies, not only in the world, but in our personal lives as well. Changes could occur at that time that are likely to transform relationships, either by making them stronger and more meaningful, or by dramatically changing them, or in some cases, by ending them because they are no longer valid or appropriate.

A fourth reason that relationships will be a focus in October is a total lunar eclipse in Aries at the Full Moon on October 8. At this Full Moon, the Moon in Aries will be conjuncting Uranus and the Sun in Libra will be opposing Uranus, indicating a time of surprises, changes, shocks, sudden actions and emotional ups and downs. Things are likely to happen very rapidly and bring pending situations to a head the week of October 6-12. The eclipse signals a shift in direction in relationships over the following four weeks or so. This does not mean the shift is necessarily positive or negative, just that things are changing.

Depending on our individual birth charts, this could have a relatively mild effect, or it could be an important turning point. It has the potential to be very liberating. Some of us are likely to feel this shift more intensely than others, especially those with the following birthdates: January 1-7; March 31-April 6; July 2-8; and October 3-9. By the way, this includes the USA, born on July 4. (If you know your chart, look for planets or angles at 10-16 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Also affected, but not quite as strongly, are these birth dates: February 14-20; May 16-22; August 17-23; and November 17- 24.)

But wait, there’s more! A fifth reason is that Mercury will be retrograde October 4-25. It goes retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 4 and then retrogrades back into Libra on October 10, where it will stay until November 7. This could mean that agreements with others and relationships in general may need to be revised, discussed or re-examined. Loose ends will need to be tied up and joint projects completed. What does Mercury retrograde mean?

Even though there will be challenge in October, there will also be many favorable energies this month. The changes and revisions we make now can ultimately be very helpful and positive in our lives. See October 2014 Week by Week below.


October 2014 Week by Week


October 1-5

We may sense something stirring on October 1. By October 4, the energies of transformation will emerge. It will be important to stand up for ourselves without getting pulled into power struggles. Mercury will be Retrograde from October 4 – 25, indicating it is time to pause and take stock of where we are. We can use the retrograde period to revise or finish something that has already been started rather than trying to begin something brand new. The energy to make positive changes will be strong and many of us will feel quite daring and energetic on October 4-5.

October 6-12

This is likely to be the most challenging week of the month. The whole week will be strongly influenced by the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon on October 8 (4:51 am, MDT, 15 º Aries). The radical restructuring energies will be active out in the world in October, and particularly this week, especially regarding allies, foes, war, attacks and conflict. It does not mean that powerful changes or upsets will occur, only that the potential is stronger than usual.

In our personal lives, the potential for change is not likely to be as extreme as that of the outside world, but we may find that some areas of our life are transforming, perhaps very quickly. Interactions with others could be intense. Emotions will be strong. Something that has been hidden could be revealed that causes big changes and a shift in direction. Even though it may be a bit like a ride on the Cyclone Roller Coaster at Coney Island, the feeling of liberation that ensues can bring a surge of positive energy and an optimistic outlook for the future.

October 13-19

Relationships will be much smoother this week. The events of the previous week hopefully have cleared the air or brought some helpful realizations. Discussions and interactions with others are likely to be successful and enjoyable. Feelings can be clarified and any misunderstandings or mix-ups can be rectified. By October 19, many of us will feel closer to those we love.

October 20-26

The energies of last week continue as the week begins. The Sun and Venus both leave Libra and move into Scorpio on October 23 just in time for the Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Scorpio  (Oct 23, 3:57 pm, MDT, 0º Scorpio). At this time seeds will be planted that will develop over the next month. The energies of the Eclipse suggest that this can be the beginning of deeper and more meaningful connections with others and the world around us. This would be a good time for us to look around and see the beauty and light in others, in nature and in ourselves. Mercury goes direct on October 25. At that time, we will start moving forward once again, even if it takes a couple more weeks to finally get things completed.

October 27-31

October 27-28 will be a good time for us to focus on creative and spiritual matters. Insights can occur in a gentle way. Pay attention to dreams, Coincidences and intuition. In addition, we could begin to see some practical and realistic ways to manifest our dreams. Write ideas down when they occur as they may be fleeting. We can picture what we want to accomplish and send our vision out to the Universe to percolate and develop.


Thanks for Reading and Have a Great October!

Judy Joyce

When all your desires are distilled;

You will cast just two votes:

To love more

And to be happy.




*These dates are usually correct, but can vary a day on either end, depending on the year.

Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off.


Oct 1: Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries.

Oct 4: Sun square Pluto, 2:03 am, 11º Libra/Capricorn. Mercury stationary retrograde, 11:02 am, 2º Scorpio. Mars trine Uranus, 10:18 pm, 15º Sagittarius/Aries.

Oct 7: Sun opposite Uranus, 2:57 pm, 15º Libra/Aries.

Oct 8: Moon conjunct Uranus, 3:52 am, 15º Aries. Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon, 4:51 am, 15º Aries. Mars (Full Moon ruler) conjunct Sat/Plu midpoint and SemiSquare Sat/Ura midpoint. Venus square Pluto, 11:31 am, 11º Libra/Capricorn. Mars trine Jupiter, 2:43 pm, 17º Sagittarius/Leo.

Oct 10: Mercury retrogrades back into Libra, 11:27 am. Sun sextile Jupiter, 5:18 pm, 18º Libra/Leo.

Oct 11: Venus opposite Uranus, 3:10 am, 14º Libra/Aries.

Oct 14: Venus sextile Jupiter, 2:33 am, 18º Libra/Leo.

Oct 15: Sun sextile Mars, 1:19 am, 22º Libra/Sagittarius.

Oct 16: Mercury conjunct Sun, 2:40 pm, 23º Libra. Mercury sextile Mars, 7:49 pm, 23º Libra/Leo.

Oct 17: Mercury conjunct Venus, 11:56 am, 22º Libra.

Oct 19: Venus sextile Mars, 11:19 pm, 25º Libra/Sagittarius.

Oct 20: Mercury sextile Jupiter, 2:38 pm, 19º Libra/Leo.

Oct 23: Sun into Scorpio, 5:57 am. Venus into Scorpio, 2:52 pm. Solar Eclipse/New Moon, 3:57 pm, 0º Scorpio.

Oct 25: Sun conjunct Venus, 1:31 am, 2º Scorpio. Mercury stationary direct, 1:17 pm.

Oct 26: Mars into Capricorn, 4:43 am.

Oct 27: Venus trine Neptune, 12:48 pm, 5º Scorpio/Pisces.

Oct 28: Sun trine Neptune, 3:50 am, 5º Scorpio/Pisces. Moon in Capricorn conjunct Mars; sextile Neptune, Sun and Venus; and conjunct Pluto.



Autumn Lane


2015 and Beyond

(1) For more information see: Radical Restructuring article
(2) Personal Forecast Reports are available to order. See a sample report: One Year Detailed Forecast Report
(3) The pertinent astrological aspects for September 2014 are at the end of this Forecast.


Hello Everyone!

This will be a short newsletter because I am in the midst of my own “radical restructuring” right now. We are moving to a new home after living in our current home for nineteen years. It’s a very positive move, but it is also a major undertaking.


The Show keeps going on…

and on… and on…


As is obvious to all of us, the radical restructuring energies of the Uranus-Pluto square we are seeing at play out in the world are not only relentless, but appear to be accelerating. As individuals, it can be challenging to stay informed, compassionate and calm and not be swept up in the energies of fear, anger and emotional turmoil that are swirling around us.

It seems like all the things that need to be healed in the world have risen up from the depths and are staring us in the face. You could compare it to an illness in which poisons that were buried within the body come to the surface. That may sound gross, but the poisons (e.g. hate, fear, prejudice, resentment, revenge) have to be released and purged before the earth can heal. Fears must be faced before the transformation can occur. That is a basic Plutonian principle. The Uranian influences of disruption, rebelliousness, unexpected changes, violence, instability and shock are also part of the mix.

Although this process is unpleasant and uncomfortable, it can ultimately lead to transformation and breakthroughs. From a spiritual perspective, we can view it as part of a natural cycle in the evolution of human consciousness. The Uranus-Pluto cycle we are now experiencing lasts for 139 years. It started in the 1960’s when Uranus and Pluto came together in a series of conjunctions in Virgo and planted the seeds for the entire cycle. It will end in 2104 when a new cycle begins.

Three crisis/turning points will occur before this cycle ends: 2010-2015 (square), 2046-2048 (opposition), 2073-2074 (square). We are in the first crisis/turning point in this cycle right now (2010 through 2015). We still have a ways to go. Uranus and Pluto have two more exact squares before they finally start to separate from the square configuration. The next one is on December 14, 2014 and the last one will be on March 16, 2015. The turmoil will start to lessen in 2016, but we will still have to deal with the repercussions of our actions until 2020 when some new planetary cycles take precedence. Because the complete cycle is longer than our lifetime, it makes it impossible to see the “big picture” from our current viewpoint.

Time will have to be the judge as to what this cycle in radical restructuring ultimately means in the evolution of human consciousness. In the meantime, we are living through an historic planetary upheaval. We are here because we wanted to be on Earth at this time for our own spiritual evolution. As individuals we can help ourselves and others by maintaining a positive attitude and making our own lives as kind, loving and forgiving as possible. We are all contributing to the whole and the positive energies we send out really do help. We can be aware of our feelings and change our thinking if we find ourselves getting caught up in fear, anger, or other poisonous emotions and attitudes. It can easily happen, especially for those who are very sensitive. Take time to ground yourself and meditate. Be aware of your thoughts and your feelings. Honor your boundaries. These are all things that can help get us back to our center and in touch with the wonderful Spiritual Beings that we all are.


 The past has no power over the present moment.

Eckhart Tolle


The information below covers the most important astrological influences for September 2014.


September 8

FULL MOON, 16º Pisces, 7:38 pm, MDT. The sensitive, creative and compassionate energies of Pisces will flow to the surface at this time. There could be a tendency to be over idealistic or a bit too helpful. Don’t be a doormat. However, we can be stabilizing and helpful influence on ourselves and others by being responsible, realistic, careful and patient.

September 9-13

The 9-11 anniversary always brings an increased tension around this time and this will be no exception. In fact it is likely to be more tense than usual. There is a strong likelihood of escalating change and transformation during this period. Breakthroughs could occur in our personal lives, but may come through meeting challenges and tests. Communications will be very important. Strive for a balanced, reasonable and objective attitude and avoid getting swept up in arguments or power struggles.

September 19-30

There are mixed influences overlapping each other during the rest of the month.

September 19-30: Positively, it should be easier to make sweeping changes and to liberate ourselves from restrictions as Jupiter trines Uranus during this entire period. It could also be easy to get carried away and overdo things. However, this is a positive influence we can certainly use. Do something to improve your life. Be brave. Go big. Have fun.

September 20-21: Our intentions may be good, but possibly misguided. Wait a day or two before taking action.

September 22: Fall Equinox, Sun into Libra 8:29 pm, MDT. Fall begins and Pluto’s energies will intensify as it starts to move forward after being retrograde since April 14. This will be a turning point. It may be subtle at first, but it will be the beginning of a significant increase in transformational energy. See if you can sense a shift in your life over the next few days.

September 24: NEW MOON, 1º Libra, 12:14 am. The New Moon in the partnership sign of Libra will bring a cooperative energy and will be a good time to initiate relationships or any activity involving working together as a team. People will be better able to work together harmoniously and effectively. In our personal lives, this would be a good time to revitalize our close relationships.


Happy Fall and Thanks for Reading!

Judy Joyce


Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off.

Sep 1: Mercury enters Libra

Sep 3: Sun trine Pluto, 10:08 am, 11º Virgo/Capricorn.

Sep 5: Venus enters Virgo

Sep 8: FULL MOON, 7:38 pm, 16º Pisces. Venus opposite Neptune (in orb), Sun sextile Saturn and Moon trine Saturn.

Sep 9: Mercury square Pluto, 4:48 pm, 11º Libra/Capricorn.

Sep 10: Venus opposite Neptune, 4:51 am, 6º Virgo/Pisces. Mercury sextile Jupiter, 12:37 pm, 12º Libra/Leo. Moon in Aries square Pluto, opposite Mercury, conjunct Uranus, 10 am – 8 pm.

Sep 11: Mars square Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 28º Scorpio/Aquarius.

Sep 12: Sun square Mars/Pluto midpoint, 20º Virgo/Sagittarius.

Sep 13: Mercury opposite Uranus, 2:16 am, 15º Libra/Aries. Mars enters Sagittarius, 3:57 pm.

Sep 14: Venus trine Pluto, 8:33 am, 11º Virgo/Capricorn.

Sep 19: Jupiter trine Uranus 1º orb begins (exact on Sep 25, lasts until Sep 30)

Sep 21: Venus sextile Saturn, 7:03 am, 20º Virgo/Scorpio. Mars square Neptune, 9:40 pm, 6º Sagittarius/Pisces.

Sep 22: Pluto Sta. Direct, 6:34 pm, 11º Capricorn. AUTUMNAL EQUINOX, 8:29 pm, Sun enters Libra.

Sep 24: NEW MOON, 12:14 am, 1º Libra. Sun and Moon sextile Mars in Sagittarius (in orb). Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Libra are in Mutual Reception.

Sep 25: Jupiter trine Uranus, 12:17 pm, 15º Leo/Aries.

Sep 27: Mercury enters Scorpio, 4:39 pm.

Sep 29: Venus enters Libra, 2:52 pm. Moon in Sagittarius trines Jupiter and Uranus in Leo/Aries, 7-10 pm.

Sep 30: Jupiter trine Uranus 1º orb ends.






(1) For more information on the 2008-2015 cycle see: Radical Restructuring article

(2) Personal Forecast Reports are available to order. See a sample report: One Year Detailed Forecast Report

(3) The pertinent astrological aspects for July and August are at the end of this Forecast.




Jupiter in Leo ??????????????????????????????

July 16, 2014 to August 10, 2015

With all the turmoil in the world brought about by the radical restructuring energies, it is nice to know that there are also some easier astrological influences. So this newsletter is going to focus on one of the most positive astrological influences – the planet Jupiter. Now is a good time to discuss the effect of Jupiter because it will change signs in July and that will bring in new energies.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is actually has a protective influence on the Earth. Due to Jupiter’s size and gravity, it attracts asteroids and comets that might otherwise come crashing into Earth. In astrology, Jupiter’s influence is also protective and beneficial. Jupiter’s energies are associated with growth and expansion, optimism, doing things in a big way and looking at the “Big Picture”.

The astrological influence of Jupiter brings good fortune, enthusiasm, humor, confidence, faith, optimism, enjoyment, a positive attitude, a philosophical outlook and the urge to improve conditions. Jupiter is like cosmic fertilizer; it causes things to grow and expand. However, Jupiter energies can sometimes get carried away and bring over-confidence, excess and overdoing things. Balance and maturity are needed to optimize Jupiter’s energies. Most people experience the positive effects of Jupiter, but it is good to keep in mind that there really can be too much of a good thing.

Jupiter takes twelve years to move through all the signs, spending about one year in each sign. The year that Jupiter is in the same sign as your sun sign is a very important time in your personal life and often brings positive self development and improvement. It is characterized by positive thinking, growth, expansion and opportunities for personal success and happiness. Even when it’s not in your sign, Jupiter is still moving through your chart and bringing opportunities for growth and expansion in some area of your life.

Jupiter has been in the sign of Cancer since June 25, 2013. Cancer is a water sign and is associated with home, family, security, safety, emotion, sensitivity, intuition and imagination. Those were the qualities that Jupiter expanded during its stay in Cancer over the past year. For most Cancer’s this has been a very helpful influence in their personal lives. However, it wasn’t without some challenges. Jupiter in Cancer formed a difficult pattern with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (aka the radical restructuring energies). The effect of Jupiter in Cancer ramped up and increased the radical restructuring energies of Uranus and Pluto. A general feeling of growing unrest has been evident in world conditions over the past year. Disruptive energies expanded in the world and now seem out of control. Many things were brought to our collective attention that were unsettling.

It is now time for a shift in Jupiter’s energies. Jupiter will move from the sign of Cancer to Leo. This should help to slow down the out of control growth of  radical change, emotional reactions and disruption. We have all felt this in some part of our lives. It certainly doesn’t mean the radical restructuring energies will go away, but it should help things move in a more manageable direction.

On July 16, 2014, Jupiter will move into the fire sign of Leo and will stay through August 10, 2015. Jupiter’s influence of optimism, confidence, faith, enjoyment, fun, expansion, growth, good fortune, humor, a positive attitude will be expressed through the qualities of Leo. Leo is enthusiastic, spirited, generous, courageous, determined, confident, playful, fun, loving, creative and self expressive. A good combination! This should help us all have a sunnier outlook.

If you are a Leo or have a Leo Ascendant, the next twelve months are very likely to be positive, expansive and exciting for you. If you know your chart, look for planets in Leo, they will also receive a boost.

No matter what your Sun Sign is, Leo will be part of your chart. Your birth chart is a circle comprised of all the signs, and you have a Leo area of life. That is a naturally creative place for you, so your creative energies will be stimulated during Jupiter’s stay in Leo.

To find out where and how Jupiter in Leo will help you become more daring, creative, expressive and loving, read your Sun Sign below. If you know your Ascendant (rising sign) read that, too.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected with creative self-expression, fun, entertainment, children, love, romance and speculation. This will be a period of expansion and optimism in these areas. You may become involved in the creative arts, drama, music or social events. It will be an excellent time for social activities and enjoying life in general. You will now have the confidence to express yourself creatively and socially. Children may be a positive influence in your life at this time. You can also be quite lucky during this period. Although there is could be a tendency to become over-confident. Even if it seems like it at the time, it really is not a good idea to spend all the grocery money on lottery tickets. All in all, this will be a very pleasant time when you open your heart to more joy and happiness into your life.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected with home, family, real estate, your past, your childhood, your parents and your inner foundations. This is a very positive and optimistic time for family relationships. Your family is likely to be beneficial to you during this period and you will be beneficial for them. Your family could also expand over the year ahead. You are likely to enlarge or improve your current home, or move to a better and bigger home now. You may do some creative projects in your home or yard. You will want your home to be an expression of who you are. This is usually a very favorable time for real estate matters. Your inner foundations will also feel fortified. Your inner sense of security and happiness will expand.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected with mental attributes and communication. During this period, your general mental outlook will become more optimistic, expansive and open-minded. You will have the urge to communicate more and may find yourself very busy with errands and short trips. You could become more involved with your siblings or your local community. You may help them or they may help you. The use of telephones, computers, the Internet, texting, and all forms of telecommunications will increase in your life. You also will be seeking new information and this will be a great time to take up a new study that will expand your perceptions and be of benefit to you in the future. You will have an opportunity to fully express your creative thoughts and ideas. It is a favorable time for speaking, writing and working with the media.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected with personal finances, possessions, values, self-worth and talents. Jupiter’s energies will bring opportunities to improve and expand your finances and your sense of self-worth. You will feel more optimistic about your financial situation now. You will also appreciate what you have and realize what you really value. In addition, you will likely be able to increase your income and possessions. You may also get a chance to use your natural talents in a way that is very gratifying. One caveat – You may be tempted to over-spend now. Be sure to balance your optimism, confidence and generosity with reality and your bank account.



Lucky you! This a very fortunate time period for you. Jupiter will be in your own Sun Sign, and will bring you opportunities to expand and enhance your true essence. During this time you will have the desire to improve the way you express yourself in the world, your appearance, your self interests and your general health. This is likely to be a very positive and successful time for you. Your self-confidence will grow and your outlook on life will become more outgoing, optimistic and expansive.

Beneficial people and opportunities will be drawn to you during this period because of the positive energy you radiate to others. Your popularity will increase and you are likely to meet many new people and expand your social life. There can be a tendency to expand your waistline, too. Keep that in mind when you are tempted to over-indulge. You may be tempted to go overboard or be over-confident at times, but for most people this will not be a big problem. All in all, this will be a very fortunate time for your personal desires and your general sense of well-being.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to your inner self and subconscious. You may enjoy being alone more than usual and spend more time meditating, imagining, visualizing, creating and dreaming. You will feel more in tune with the Oneness of us all. Compassion, service to others and charity will appeal to you during this period. This is an excellent time to rest and renew your spirit and expand your spiritual life. It will be a good time for spiritual studies and to commune with the Universe. You may meet a spiritual teacher or be one for someone else. You will also be very compassionate now. You are laying the inner groundwork for a year of positive personal growth and success that will start for you when Jupiter enters Virgo on August 11, 2015.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to friends, associates, humanitarian interests, groups and future plans. During this period you will expand your involvement with friends and groups with whom you share common ideals and interests. You may lead a group or do a creative project involving others of like mind. You could become more involved in your community or in political or humanitarian organizations. You are likely to meet many new people during this period and some will become good friends. The friends, professional associates and groups that do come into your life will be mutually beneficial. Your future will improve because of the contacts you will make now.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to your career, life path, social status, public self, reputation, or any outer world pursuits. This is a very important and fortunate time for you. Opportunities to enhance your career/outer life path will increase. You could receive a promotion and recognition at work. You could begin a new career that is connected to travel, writing, teaching, creative arts, other cultures, the law, imports, exports or publishing. Powerful people could also be very beneficial to you now. If you own your own business it will expand and become more successful. You will feel confident about your abilities and others will see you as a successful person. You are likely to be in the public eye more at this time. Opportunities to be noticed may come out of the blue. Be prepared by being positive and looking your best when you are out in public.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to belief systems, travel, world view, advanced studies, writing, teaching and publishing. This is a time when you will want to spread your wings and fly to faraway places or at least to somewhere new and exciting. You will feel optimistic and inspired during this period. This is a good time to explore or revive your spiritual/religious views through studying, teaching, writing or traveling. You could feel a desire to share your philosophy of life with others. You may start an advanced degree, publish a book, begin a spiritual study or embark on a major journey. This is also the area of philosophy and politics, so you could get involved in politics or expand a particular world view in which you have a strong belief.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to joint finances, intimacy, sexuality, power, transformation and the mysteries of the unknown. During this time you are likely to benefit through the resources of others. Other people can provide material, emotional and psychological support. Your spouse or significant other could have an increase in income. Getting a loan will be easier than usual. If you are a business owner, others will be more willing to invest in your creative ideas and plans at this time. Because Jupiter energies can be over-confident at times, be realistic when signing up for future financial commitments. You could also experience an increase in intimacy and sharing in your close relationships. This can be a time when you gain a deeper understanding of yourself through therapy and spiritual or psychic experiences. You could also find that your psychic abilities and paranormal interests are expanded over the next year.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit and improve the area of your life connected to relationships. This will be a fortunate time for you in all your one-to-one encounters. Other people will be drawn to you. Your relationship with your spouse, significant other, business partners, close friends advisors, or counselors will be very beneficial for you during this time. Relationships will improve. Previous problems with others can be solved. Even if you end a relationship now, it will be for the best.You may form an alliance with others to work on a project involving the creative arts, children or social events. Agreements and contracts are favored. This is also a good time for public relations and promotions. Others will be drawn to your warm, expansive and generous nature. Opportunities will come your way to meet many new people and your social life will be quite enjoyable.



Jupiter in Leo will benefit the area of your life connected to your work, working conditions, health, pets and service to others. During this time the work you do will be very creative, enjoyable and fulfilling. If you have a job, working conditions and relationships with co-workers and your boss will improve and expand. If you have your own business, employees will be happier and more productive. If you work independently, you will be able to do what you love. The help and service you give others will not seem to be a chore and you will be happy to help. Your health should be robust at this time. You may start a positive new health regimen now. However, at times, you may over-optimistically convince yourself that pies, cakes and cookies will not cause you to gain weight. Unfortunately, that assumption will be incorrect.


Thanks for reading. May you enjoy the blessings of Jupiter in your life!

Judy Joyce


You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,

deserve your love and affection.



More articles on astrology can be found at:

Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off.

July 1: Mercury Direct, 6:50 am, 24º Gemini.

July 4: Sun opposite Pluto, 2:00 am, 12º Cancer/Capricorn.

July 7: Venus sextile Uranus, 12:49 am, 16º Gemini/Aries

July 8: Sun square Uranus, 10:23 am, 16º Cancer/Aries.

July 8: Sun trine Saturn, 6:29 pm, 16º Cancer/Scorpio.

July 12: FULL MOON: 5:25 am, 20º Capricorn.

July 12: Mercury into Cancer, 10:45 pm.

July 13: Venus trine Mars, 2:22 am, 24º Gemini/Libra.

July 16: JUPITER into LEO, 4:30 am.

July 18: Venus into Cancer, 8:06 am.

July 18: Mercury trine Neptune, 11:37 pm, 7º Cancer/Pisces.

July 19: Sun square Mars, 12:32 am, 26º Cancer/Libra.

July 20: Saturn Direct, 9:21 am, 17º Scorpio.

July 21: 8:53 pm, Uranus Retrograde, 17º Aries.

July 22: Mercury opposite Pluto, 12º Cancer/Capricorn.

July 22: Sun into Leo, 3:41 pm.

July 24: Venus trine Neptune, 5:10 am, 7º Cancer/Pisces.

July 24: Sun conjunct Jupiter: 2:44 pm, 2º Leo.

July 24: Mercury square Uranus, 6:07 pm, 17º Cancer/Aries.

July 24: Mercury trine Saturn, 8;11 PM, 17º Cancer/Scorpio.

July 25: Mars into Scorpio, 8:25 pm.

July 26: NEW MOON, 4:42 pm, 4º Leo.

July 28: Venus opposite Pluto, 12:37 am, 12º Cancer/Capricorn.

July 31: Mercury into Leo, 4:46 pm.

July 31: Venus square Uranus, 10:43 pm, 16º Cancer/Aries.

August 1: Venus trine Saturn, 4:22 am, 17º Cancer/Scorpio.

August 1: Mars square Jupiter, 4:47 pm, 4º Scorpio/Leo.

August 2: Mercury conjunct Jupiter, 1:33 pm, 4º Leo.

August 2: Mercury square Mars, 6:01 pm, 4º Leo/Scorpio.

August 7: Mars trine Neptune, 6:14 am, 7º Scorpio/Pisces.

August 8: Sun conjunct Mercury, 10:21 am, 16º Leo.

August 8: Mercury trine Uranus, 2:14 pm, 16º Leo/Aries.

August 8: Sun trine Uranus, 6:36 pm, 16º Leo/Aries.

August 8: Mercury square Saturn, 8:50 pm, 17º Leo/Scorpio.

August 9: Sun square Saturn, 9:11 am, 17º Leo/Scorpio.

August 10: FULL MOON, 12:09 pm, 18º Aquarius.

August 12: Venus into Leo, 1:24 am.

August 15: Mars sextile Pluto, 3:25 am, 11º Scorpio/Capricorn.

August 15: Mercury into Virgo, 10:44 am.

August 17: Venus conjunct Jupiter: 11:21 pm, 7º Leo.

August 18: Mercury opposite Neptune, 9:42 pm, 6º Virgo/Pisces.

August 21: Mercury trine Pluto, 1:19 pm, 11º Virgo/Capricorn.

August 22: Sun into Virgo, 10:46 pm.

August 25: Mercury sextile Mars, 2:46 am, 18º Virgo/Scorpio.

August 25: Venus trine Uranus, 3:38 am, 16º Leo/Aries.

August 25: Mercury sextile Saturn, 6:30 am, 18º Virgo/Scorpio.

August 25: NEW MOON, 8:13 am, 2º Virgo.

August 25: Mars conjunct Saturn, 1:30 pm, 18º Scorpio.

August 26: Venus square Saturn, 12:22 pm, 18º Leo/Scorpio.

August 27: Venus square Mars, 9:46 am, 19º Leo/Scorpio.

August 29: Sun opposite Neptune, 8:33 am, 6º Virgo/Pisces.



(1) For more information on the 2008-2015 cycle see: Radical Restructuring article

(2) Personal Forecast Reports are available to order. See a sample report: One Year Detailed Forecast Report

(3) The pertinent astrological aspects for June are at the end of this Forecast.


Hello Summer!Sun and Woman

Here are the highlights for June 2014

June – All Month: Mercury goes retrograde on June 7 and will stay that way until July 1. However, the days just before and just after the actual retrograde period can be quite intense, too. June will be a good time to clear out clutter in your home, do some repairs, catch up on chores, and for heaven’s sake, finally read or throw away that pile of magazines/articles/etc. you’ve been saving for months (years?). Focus on completing, refining or revising projects already started. Stay flexible if you are traveling and keep your schedule open. That will enable you to accommodate unexpected changes and take advantage of spontaneous opportunities. More about Mercury Retrograde

June 4-8: This will be a favorable time for pleasant social contacts and strengthening connections with others. Dare to be yourself and follow your heart.

June 12: The FULL MOON in adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius can bring a positive slant to some serious issues that could arise now. The bill is likely to come due at this time for any over spending or impractical ideas that were initiated around the last New Moon on May 29. Oh oh. Something that seems challenging may actually lead to a deeper understanding of love and commitment. Focus your attention on what is most important and worthwhile in life, whether it is material, emotional, physical or spiritual.

June 13-14: Projects or issues that began back in December 2013 now are ready for one last big push to completion now through July 25. Focus on getting some major things done during these two days. The radical restructuring energies will be strong. Energies are high and a lot can be accomplished. Keep a positive attitude and avoid power struggles.

June 17-18: Keep your ears and eyes open the morning of June 17. Be observant of the world around you. It could be very enlightening and interesting. Both days are favorable for social occasions with friends and loved ones. The general feeling is peaceful, generous and lighthearted.

June 21: SUMMER SOLSTICE is at 4:51 am, MDT, when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. This is the time of year to embrace the fullness and sumptuousness of Mother Nature. Celebrate the life-giving rays of the Sun. Connect to your own Inner Light and let it shine!

June 23: Venus, planet of love and enjoyment, enters Gemini, the sign of communication, curiosity and lighthearted fun, where it will stay until July 17. Get out and about, have some interesting conversations and try something new just for fun.

June 24-25: This will be another two days of intense activity related to something you have been dealing with for months (see June 13-14, above). The radical restructuring energies are surging and the urge for liberation and freedom will be strong. Avoid impatience, impulsiveness and irritability. Breathe deeply and try to relax. You may finally break free of whatever has been holding you back. A breakthrough of some kind could certainly occur, but the way it happens may surprise you.

June 27: The NEW MOON is in nurturing and emotional Cancer today. Time to shift your focus to family, security and your home over the next 30 days. This would be a good time to ask yourself the following questions: What does “home” mean to you? What do you need to feel physically and emotionally safe and secure? What does it take to make you feel snug as a bug in a rug? Does your home life reflect this? If not, make some changes. If yes, enjoy!

June 28-29: Focus on caring and sharing feelings. Romance, imagination, intuition and creativity are favored at this time. Be aware that there could also be a tendency for over-idealism and some unrealistic expectations.


Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the stars and

Have a Great Summer!

Judy Joyce


Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off.

June 4: Venus sextile Neptune, 7:16 am, 8º Cancer/Pisces.

June 6: Sun sextile Uranus, 5:20 am, 16º Gemini/Aries.

June 7: Mercury retrograde, 5:57 am, 3º Cancer, goes back to 24º Gemini. See July 1.

June 8: Venus trine Pluto, 7:38 pm, 13º Taurus/Capricorn.

June 9: Neptune retrograde, 1:51 pm, 7º Pisces.

June 12: Venus opposite Saturn, 10:09 pm, 18º Taurus/Scorpio.

June 12: FULL MOON, 10:11 pm, 22º Sagittarius.

June 14: Mars square Pluto, 6:34 am, 13º Libra/Capricorn.

June 17: Mercury retrogrades back into Gemini, 4:05 am. Moon in Aquarius trine Sun and Mercury in Gemini, 6 am to noon.

June 18: Venus sextile Jupiter, 3:16 am, 24º Taurus/Cancer.

June 21: Sun into Cancer, 4:51 am, SUMMER SOLSTICE.

June 23: Venus into Gemini, 6:34 am.

June 25: Mars opposite Uranus, 2:25 am, 16º Libra/Aries.




(1) For more information on the 2008-2015 cycle see: Radical Restructuring article

(2) Personal Forecast Reports are available to order. See a sample report: One Year Detailed Forecast Report

(3) The pertinent astrological aspects for May are at the end of this Forecast.


Moving Forward

We made it through April and “The Big One” out in the world didn’t happen. There were many accidents, attacks, environmental/weather related incidents, etc. that were certainly radically restructuring to those involved, but no one huge event that affected mass consciousness. Yet, maybe we are being radically restructured in ways that are not so obvious.

Individually, for many people there was (and continues to be) a sense of being overwhelmed at times by a relentless pressure to make changes. This is accompanied by a feeling of great urgency to do something immediately to resolve the situation along with extreme frustration  because of either not knowing what to do, or not being able to make things happen. Then the pressure lifts and we realize there is no need to take such immediate drastic action. Things weren’t nearly as critical as they seemed. This cycle repeats itself a few days later, perhaps getting a tiny bit easier each time. Still, there is no closure. Collectively, we have seen the frustration of no closure in several situations, e.g. the missing Malaysian jet, the sinking of the South Korean ferry and the Ukraine situation.

Instead of looking outward for the Big Event that will change everything, it could be a better idea to look inward and see how we are being transformed slowly and individually. Radical restructuring is also an inside job. All the ups and downs that we have been experiencing are altering us in ways that are not yet clear. We feel the pressure intensely, and just when we think we are literally going to pop, it lets up for a few days. This is a powerful emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical experience. Could it be that each of these cycles of intensity is changing us inwardly? Are we given as much as we can take, and then offered a chance to assimilate the changes, each time with some inner restructuring being accomplished?

Even if we don’t realize it yet, decisions made and actions taken in April were pivotal, both in the world and individually. We are not done yet. It can help to realize that it is okay that we are feeling what we are feeling. It is part of the process. When we go through something so deep and intense, we are apt to be a little tender for awhile. We need to be kind and understanding toward ourselves and others.

The mark of your ignorance is the depth

 of your belief in injustice and tragedy.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the word,

the master calls a butterfly.

Butterfly coming out of cocoon

Richard Bach

Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah


May 2014

May 2: Communications will be important on May 2. This will be a day to focus on practical matters. Be accurate and clear in all interactions with others. It is good to be serious, but watch a tendency to get carried away and end up being negative and critical. Get your ducks in a row on May 2, but wait a day or so before making your decision final.

On the evening of May 2, Venus, planet of love and money, will move into the fiery and action-oriented sign of Aries. Many people will be feeling more assertive, daring and impulsive in love and money matters now through May 27.

May 3 – 4:  Confidence and a sunnier attitude will prevail. The ability to face whatever needs to be done will make changes occur more easily than usual.

May 5-6:  Positive astrological influences will bring an optimistic outlook, especially concerning security, home and family matters.

May 7:  Mercury, the planet of communication and mental outlook, will move into clever and witty Gemini, where it will stay until May 28. Communications will become fast paced and changeable during this three week period. This influence will bring increased flexibility and objectivity. Be aware and careful in all communications and don’t jump to any conclusions. Mercury will go retrograde in June. Think before you speak or push send on your computer or cell phone. What you say or write in May could come back for reconsideration in June.

May 9-10:  At this time it will be necessary to deal with reality. There could possibly be a temporary delay in plans which could be frustrating. Do what is necessary. Be patient. Trying to make things happen faster will just cause more resistance.

May 10-18:  Venus in Aries will make challenging aspects to Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, which will rattle the radical restructuring cage. Venus rules love and money. Could this mean economic radical restructuring in the world? Possibly.

In our individual lives, be aware that there will be a tendency to be headstrong during this nine day period in love and money matters. Venus in Aries wants what she wants when she wants it, which is always right now! This could lead to impulsive purchases and relationships in order to satisfy an amped up desire for instant gratification.

Relationships can heat up. Breakthroughs can occur. This could result in passion and more closeness, a break-through, or a break-up, depending on the nature of the relationship. New relationships started at this time will be exciting and possibly transformational. Will the new relationship last? Good question.

The May 14 FULL MOON in Scorpio will also occur during this period and could reveal something serious, surprising and previously hidden. The necessity of dealing with this can put a damper on the Venus in Aries desire to do something fun, liberating and innovative. Be patient and pay attention to events/ realizations at this time, they could be quite illuminating.

Relationships and financial transactions could be fine, and are certainly likely to be quite exciting at this time. Just don’t go overboard and throw caution to the wind. Impulsiveness and rash actions could easily bring about unintended consequences.

May 19-20

This is likely to be a turning point as Mars, planet of action and initiative, ends its retrograde phase and begins to slowly move forward. Ideas and projects started in December 2013 that have been spinning their wheels since March 1 will get back on track and should be completed by the end of July.

May 20-31: The last ten days of the month are under a very positive influence that favors business agreements and other long term projects. Optimism and confidence will be balanced with practicality and organization. This helpful influence will be especially strong over Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-26).

However, be circumspect at the Gemini NEW MOON on May 28. Things set in motion on May 28-29 will set the tone for the next month. There could be a tendency to be too trusting and to overlook details that are important during this two day period. Double-check and verify information. Whatever starts at that time is likely to go through revisions in June, so allow for flexibility and changes in plans. Pay careful attention to all communications, verbal and written, to avoid problems next month. Do not go overboard on spending. Think ahead. The bills will come due around the Full Moon on June 12.

On May 28 Venus leaves fiery Aries and moves into earthy and sensual Taurus. The quest for love, money and enjoyment will slow down and be more peaceful and practical now through June 22. Mercury will also change signs on May 29 when it leaves intellectual Gemini and enters emotional Cancer. Mercury will go retrograde ion June 7 and will go back into Gemini for awhile. Be aware that communications and plans made now could change in June. Stay flexible.

May 30-31 will be positive and energetic days for action and accomplishment. Take the initiative and start moving!


Thanks for Reading!

Judy Joyce



Pertinent Astrological Aspects

Times shown are Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off.

May 2: Mercury opposite Saturn, 6:56 pm, 21º Taurus/Scorpio.

May 2: Venus into Aries, 7:21 pm.

May 3: Sun trine Pluto, 6:34 pm, 13º Taurus/Capricorn.

May 6: Sun sextile Jupiter, 3:54 am, 16º Taurus/Cancer.

May 7: Mercury into Gemini, 8:57 am.

May 10: Sun opposite Saturn, 12:28 pm, 20º Taurus/Scorpio.

May 11: Venus opposite Mars, 3:27 am, 10º Aries/Libra. Mercury square Neptune, 6:35 am, 7º Gemini/Pisces. Moon in Libra conjunct Mars, opposite Venus, square Pluto, opposite Uranus, and square Jupiter.

May 12: Mercury trine Mars, 10:02 am, 9º Gemini/Libra.

May 14: Venus square Pluto, 11:47 am, 13º Aries/Capricorn. FULL MOON, 1:16 pm, 24º Scorpio.

May 15: Mercury sextile Venus, 3:54 pm, 14º Gemini/Aries. Mercury sextile Uranus, 5:22 pm, 15º Gemini/Aries. Venus conjunct Uranus, 5:54 pm, 15º Aries.

May 17: Moon in Capricorn square Mars and conjunct Pluto.

May 18: Venus square Jupiter, 9:31 am, 18º Aries/Cancer. Moon in Capricorn square Uranus, square Venus, opposite Jupiter.

May 19: Mars Direct, 7:31 pm, 9º Libra.

May 20: Sun into Gemini, 8:59 pm.

May 22: Moon forms water grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn. Moon trine Jupiter, 2:14 pm, 19º Pisces/Cancer. Moon trine Saturn, 3:05 pm 19º Pisces/Scorpio.

May 24: Jupiter trine Saturn, 11:48 am, 19º Cancer/Scorpio.

May 28: NEW MOON, 12:40 pm, 7º Gemini. Sun and Moon square Neptune, 7º Gemini/Pisces.

May 28: Venus into Taurus, 7:46 pm.

May 29: Mercury into Cancer, 3:12 am.

May 31: Sun trine Mars, 2:01 am, 10º Gemini/Libra.



Cover 2012 Into the Future


Notes: (1) For more information on the 2008-2015 cycle see: Radical Restructuring article

(2) Personal Forecast Reports are available to order.

See a sample report:

One Year Detailed Forecast Report

(3) The pertinent astrological aspects for April are

at the end of this Forecast.


April 2014: The Short Version……..

Life altering events and actions are very likely to occur in the world and in the lives of many individuals during this month. Changes and transformations that have been pending for months or years can finally move forward. April 1 to 23 will be the most active and intense period. After that, things will start to settle down and become a bit easier.  

April 2014: The Long Version…….

What in the World?

In 2008, an intense cycle of transformation and change began that has been shaking up the world’s economic, social and political systems ever since. This cycle will continue through 2015. In April 2014, it will reach a significant peak. Astrologically, these radical restructuring energies are represented by a challenging square (90 degree angle) between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. The energies of great change (Uranus) and total transformation (Pluto) have manifested as economic meltdowns, upsets, uprisings, revolutions, power plays, conflicts and violence in the world. The 2008-2015 radical restructuring cycle indicates that it is time to dismantle the things that aren’t working and that are outworn or corrupt. And then to build a new healthy foundation. Basically, it is a death and a rebirth. The new can’t be born as long as we are clinging to the old. April can bring us the stimulation and motivation to finally let go of the old and start on the path of rebuilding. Let’s take a look at some of the current world conditions that are in need of restructuring: Worldwide unstable economic conditions make life uncertain. Unemployment has been high and many people have found it necessary to change their lifestyle. We are experiencing the largest divide ever between the rich and the poor. The middle class is shrinking. Political infighting has reached toxic levels, stopping any real progress in fixing our problems and bringing a loss of confidence in our leaders. Conflicts regarding social issues such as gay rights, abortion rights, religious rights, minimum wage, privacy concerns and health care that have caused further turmoil and divisiveness. The USA and Europe are at loggerheads with Russia regarding Crimea, Ukraine and other issues. Worries about a new Cold War abound. Uprisings and revolutions in the Middle East seem to go on and on with no resolution in sight. Ongoing weather extremes have caused tremendous destruction and damage. Concerns about climate change and the future are building.   The astrological energies in April will bring plenty of opportunities for transformation. On April 21, Uranus and Pluto will form the fifth in a series of seven exact squares that mark the important peaks in the 2008 -2015 radical restructuring cycle. But this fifth square will be a super-peak. That’s because Uranus and Pluto will also be dynamically interacting with the energies of the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. The combination of planets will form a rare and powerful planetary pattern called a Grand Cross. This Grand Cross will be in the action-packed cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Issues that have been simmering are very likely to come to a boil and demand action. We will be stimulated and motivated to make long overdue changes and transformations, whether we are ready or not. Quite possibly this will be the most pivotal time in the entire eight year cycle.  Below is a chart showing the Grand Cross formation. This formation will be in place for most of April. For illustration purposes, I am using a chart for April 14, 2014 in Washington, D.C. at 6:09 am showing the Grand Cross. On that day, the Moon in Libra will become part of the Grand Cross formation. Mercury and Uranus in Aries are on the ascendant. Pluto is standing still, intensifying and concentrating its transformative power as it gets ready to go retrograde later that evening. Then, in the wee hours of April 15, a lunar eclipse occurs, which indicates a culmination and shifting circumstances. This means April 14-15 will be a particularly dynamic and important time, but not necessarily the most intense time during the month. In the illustration below, Pluto in Capricorn is at the top of the Grand Cross. On the right arm of the cross are Mars and the Moon in Libra. Jupiter in Cancer is at the bottom of the cross. On the left arm of the cross are Mercury, Uranus and the Sun in Aries.

Click on Chart to Enlarge

Chart Wheel Grand Cross Newsletter

The Grand Cross shows the dynamic and active energies as they push across and sideways against each other. Something has to give. (Did I mention it looks like April will be an eventful month?)

Who in the World?

The whole world will feel this powerful astrological influence, but some countries, leaders, institutions and systems will be directly in the crosshairs of the Grand Cross. Those with a birth date in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be strongly affected, especially the following birth dates, which will be super activated.

This means it is very likely that they will go through major changes in April.

Aries – March 31 to April 5, 9-16º Aries

Cancer – July 2 to 8, 9-16º Cancer

Libra – October 3 to 9, 9-16º Libra

Capricorn - January 1 to 7, 9-16º Capricorn

The list below provides a fascinating look at just some of the countries, institutions and leaders that are likely to be affected by the Grand Cross because they were born under the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, and/or have natal or progressed planets at, or very close to, the super-activated 10-15 º of those signs. Birthdates on the super activated dates are underlined. Those who will be affected by the April 15 lunar eclipse are also noted… Degrees shown below have been rounded off. Secondary progressions are noted as sp. and solar progressions as sa.

China – Libra -October 1, 1949: Sun 8º Libra; Mercury 13º Libra; Neptune 15º Libra; sp. N Node 14 Libra. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: conj sa. Pluto 22º Libra; sqr Jupiter 23º Capricorn; sqr sa. Venus 24º Capricorn)

The Euro – Capricorn – January 1, 1999: Sun 10º Capricorn; sp. Midheaven 15º Cancer; sp. Asc 12º Libra; sa. Asc 15º Libra; sp. Moon 9º Capricorn; sp. Mercury 13º Capricorn. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: conj sp. Mars 26º Libra; opp Saturn 27 º Aries; sqr Venus 26º Capricorn; sqr sp. Sun 26ºCapricorn)

Federal Reserve -Capricorn - December 23, 1913: sp. Sun 13º Aries; sp. Midheaven 11º Cancer; sp. Ascendant 10º Libra; sa. Pluto 11º Libra. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: opp sp. Venus 25º Aries; sqr Neptune 27º Cancer; sqr Jupiter 23º Capricorn)

France – Scorpio – October 28, 1946: sp. Sun 13º Capricorn; sp. Mars 13º Capricorn.

French President – Francois Hollande – August 12, 1954 Leo: Jupiter 17º Cancer; N Node 13º Capricorn; sp. Sun 17º Libra; Moon 17º Capricorn.

Germany – Libra – October 3, 1990: Sun 9º Libra; Midheaven 11º Aries. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: conj sa. Venus 25º Libra)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel - Cancer - July 17, 1954: sa. Moon 13º Aries; Jupiter 12º Cancer; sp. Mercury 11 Libra; N. Node14º Capricorn; sp. Mars 9º Capricorn. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: conj Midheaven 22º Libra; conj sa. Pluto 21º Libra; conj Neptune 23º Libra; Sqr Sun 25º Cancer; sqr Uranus 23º Cancer; sqr Chiron 26 Capricorn)

Iran – Aries - April 1, 1979: Sun 11º Aries; sa. Moon 11º Cancer; sa. Saturn 13º Libra. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: opp sp. Mercury 23 Aries; opp sp. Mars 23 Aries; sqr sa. Neptune 25 Capricorn)

Israel – Taurus – May 14, 1948: sa. N Node 17º Cancer; sa. Pluto 16º Libra; sp. Moon 9º Capricorn; sp. Neptune 10º Capricorn. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: conj Asc 23º Libra; sqr Midheaven 25º Cancer; sqr sp. Sun 27º Cancer)

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -Libra – October 21, 1949: N Node 16º Aries; Mercury 10º Libra; Neptune 16º Libra. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: conj Sun 27º Libra; conj sa. Pluto 23º Libra; sqr Jupiter 24º Capricorn)

North Korea - Virgo – September 10, 1948: Mercury 10º Libra; Neptune 12º Libra; sp. Venus 16º Libra; sa. Mars 9º Capricorn; sa. N Node 12º Cancer.  

Russia - Capricorn - December 25, 1991: N Node 10º Capricorn; sp. Mercury 10º Capricorn; sa. Mars 12º Capricorn; Uranus 13º Capricorn; Neptune 16º Capricorn. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: sqr sp. Sun 26º Capricorn)  

Russian President Vladimir Putin – Libra - October 7, 1952: Sun 14º Libra; sa. Venus 13º Capricorn. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: Mercury 23º Libra; sp. Neptune 23º Libra; sp. Saturn 24º Libra; sa. Pluto 24º Libra; sa. Jupiter 21 Cancer; sp. Venus 26 Capricorn)

Syria – Capricorn - January 1, 1944: Sun 9º Capricorn.

United Kingdom: Capricorn - January 1, 1801: Sun 10º Capricorn; N Node 14º Aries; Midheaven 9º Cancer.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron – Libra – October 9, 1966: Sun 15º Libra; Venus 8º Libra; sa. Mars, 15º Libra.

USA: Cancer - July 4, 1776; Sun 13º Cancer; Saturn 15 Libra. (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: conj sa. Moon 23º Libra; opp sp. Venus 24º Aries; sqr Mercury 24º Cancer; sqr sp. N Node 25º Cancer; sqr Pluto 27º Capricorn)

US President Barack Obama – Leo – August 4, 1961; sa. Asc 9º Aries; sp. Vertex 11º Libra; sa. Uranus 16º Libra.* (April 15 Lunar Eclipse 25º Libra: conj sp. Mars 27º Libra; conj sa. Pluto 28º Libra; opp sp. Asc 28º Aries; opp sa. Chiron 26º Aries; sqr Saturn 25º Capricorn; sqr sa. Moon 24º Cancer)

How in the World?

The Grand Cross could manifest in a variety of ways. Much depends on previous actions and choices that have led to present conditions. In general, major changes and transformations affecting existing economic, business, government and social structures could occur suddenly and with great power. There is a strong possibility of any of the following: big economic shifts, escalating conflicts, extreme environmental conditions, or startling actions from unexpected sources. Breakthroughs, discoveries and realizations that challenge existing structures and systems could occur that will shake us up and wake us up. Whatever happens, it is likely to create a stir.

How Will this Affect Our Personal Lives?

Thankfully, individuals are much more likely than countries to use this energy in a positive and effective way. Not that it won’t be challenging. In our personal lives, this can be a time when we will have the energy, courage and confidence to make breakthroughs, take chances and start making big changes. Surprising events could occur to prompt this.

Those born in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be strongly affected, especially those born on (or within a couple days) of the following super-activated birth dates:

Aries – March 31 to April 5, 10-15º Aries

Cancer – July 2 to 8, 10-15º Cancer

Libra – October 3 to 9, 10-15º Libra

Capricorn - January 1 to 7, 10-15º Capricorn

Those with the birth dates or planets and angles at the degrees mentioned above, are likely to experience some life-changing events or realizations. If there are issues or projects pending in your life, April will very likely bring them to the forefront. You will find it necessary to deal with them and move on. However, you are also likely to be motivated to take action, even if it is due to events beyond your control.

No matter when we were born, all of us will feel the waves of radical restructuring in some way. If you have your own chart, look at the houses containing 10-15º of the cardinal signs and for any natal or progressed planets/angles at those degrees to see where the action is likely to occur in your life.

Here are some ways we can use these energies most effectively:

(1) Be open to change.

(2) Don’t spend all our energy resisting the changes and transformations that are pending or necessary in our lives. Focus on what kinds of positive actions we can take to move forward.

(3) Get on with it! Stay grounded and take one day at a time. Go with the flow. For some, changes will be minor. For others, this will be a time of major life direction shifts.

(4) Expect some surprises and maintain flexibility. Planning may help us feel better, but don’t take anything for granted.

(5) Be aware that the powerful energies at play in the world are affecting everyone. Keep this in mind when interacting with others.

(6) Be assured that it is all part of our path on Earth at this time. Don’t jump to conclusions. We are in the middle of a transformation and what we are becoming is not clear yet.

Quote for the month:

 My life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened.

French philosopher, Montaigne


General April Forecast


April 1-13 ~ Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

  Apr 1-4: The enthusiastic energy of the Sun in Aries will blend its fiery energies with the radical restructuring energies. In the world, this could manifest as over-reaching, over-reacting or over-confidence which could lead to rash actions or accidents. Watch the news; it will be a harbinger of things to come later this month. In our personal lives, we may find the courage to start making big changes. Surprising events could occur to prompt this. It can be exciting, but stressful. Stay grounded and realistic.

On April 5 at 2:31 pm, MDT, Venus, planet of love and enjoyment, enters the compassionate and creative water sign of Pisces, where it will stay for the rest of the month. Venus in Pisces will be a gentle, understanding and caring influence. The public may be drawn to mystical and spiritual matters during this period. This gentle energy won’t overrule the more dynamic energies at play in April, but it could be helpful. If you get overwhelmed this month, tune in to the soothing Venus in Pisces energy, and visualize yourself relaxing peacefully by water in a beautiful and mystical place.

April 6-7 will bring a desire for taking care of home and family matters. Emotions and sensitivity will be strong. Mercury, planet of communication, moves into Aries on April 7 where it stays until April 22. This will bring lots of enthusiasm, original ideas and foresight, but also a tendency for fiery oratory, impatience and impulsiveness. April 8 is a day with lots of energy that needs to be used. People may be feeling more assertive than usual. Unresolved conflicts may come to a head. Do something that requires activity. A great deal of work can be accomplished today.

On April 9 take some time out and do something fun and entertaining, but make it an early evening. Play time will be over by 9 pm, MDT. April 10-12 will be a good time to pause and do some organizational and housekeeping duties. It could also be a time when you help out someone else. Attend to practical matters and get your ducks in a row. The next week will be a busy one. It may be hard to sleep the night of April 13. If that happens, don’t worry, you are just picking up the power building in the Grand Cross formation.

April 14-30 ~ GO!

From April 14 to 23, the radical restructuring energies will be intense. Mercury in Aries, Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer join Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn to form the Grand Cross pattern.

Apr 14-16: We could have some surprises with our morning coffee. Things will most likely be happening very quickly. There could be surprising news. Some will be caught off guard. Those in power stand their ground and bear down with more pressure. At the Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 15 we realize that something is shifting. The tide is turning and events could happen rapidly. Communications will be active, assertive, and fast-paced. The possibility of accidents is increased, as many will be impatient and in a hurry. Reckless and damaging words could be spoken in the heat of passion. Possibly a “war of words” will occur out in the world.

In our personal lives, these three days are likely to be busy and hectic. We definitely could be booted out of our comfort zone. It can be a challenging time, but it can also be a time of breakthroughs. People in general are apt to be more assertive and confrontational than usual. If you find yourself in a conflict, count to ten and breathe deeply before saying something that will unnecessarily make the situation worse. Something that seems very annoying at the moment may not be important in a few days. Stay grounded and try to slow down whenever possible.

Apr 17-18 will have the potential to be a somewhat calmer and fortunate time. Openness, optimism and a friendly attitude toward others could bring positive results. The theme for these two days could be “Let’s make a Deal”. The Sun leaves fiery Aries and moves into Taurus on April 19 at 9:56 pm. This will bring in practicality and steadiness and should slow down the pace a bit.

However, the Grand Cross energies are still at the height of their power on Apr 19-23 and will continue to shake things up. This period could be a culmination of the previous two weeks. On Apr 24-27 there is a strong indication that the dust will settle and cooler heads will prevail, even if everything isn’t all settled yet. On April 24-25, the cool waters of the Moon in Pisces and Sun in earthy Taurus bring calmer conditions, empathy, stability and a focus on practical down-to-earth matters.

On April 29 the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus occurs at 12:14 am, MDT. The New Moon is a time for a new start and we will be ready for it. Since this will be a Solar Eclipse, it also indicates there will be shifting and changing circumstances that could set the tone for the next 3-6 months. This will be good time for realistic thinking, solid communications and new plans. Major changes can be made now.

Woohoo! We made through April!!  

Thanks for Reading!

Judy Joyce

* Birth information sources: Countries and The Euro:  The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion All others: Astro Databank

Pertinent Astrological Aspects Times shown are Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off.

Apr 1: Sun square Jupiter, 1:40 am, 12º Aries/Cancer.

Apr 2: Sun conjunct Uranus, 1:08 am, 13º Aries. Mercury trine Saturn, 9:02 pm, 23 º Pisces/Scorpio. Apr 3: Sun square Pluto, 3:19 am, 14º Aries/Capricorn.

Apr 5: Venus enters Pisces, 2:31 pm. Moon in Cancer trine Venus in Pisces, 3:46 pm.

Apr 6-7: Moon 12-19º Cancer conjunct Jupiter, square Uranus in Aries, opposite Pluto in Capricorn, square Sun in Aries and square Mars in Libra (in affect from 2 pm on Apr 6 to 7 am on Apr 7). Mercury enters Aries, 9:35 am.

Apr 8: Sun opposite Mars, 3:04 pm 19º Aries/Libra.

Apr 11: Venus conjunct Neptune, 8:24 pm, 7º Pisces.

Apr 14: Moon 12-17º Libra opposite Mercury in Aries, square Jupiter in Cancer, opposite Uranus in Aries, square Pluto in Capricorn and conjunct Mars in Libra (in effect from 12 am to 11am). Mercury square Jupiter, 12:32 pm, 13º Aries/Cancer. Mercury conjunct Uranus, 5:15 pm, 13º Aries. Mercury square Pluto, 10:12 pm, 14 Aries/Capricorn. Pluto Sta. Retrograde, 5:44 pm, 14º Capricorn (13º 35′).

Apr 15: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, 1:42 am, 25º Libra.

Apr 16:  Mercury opposite Mars, 5:15 am,  16º Aries/Libra.

Apr 17: Venus trine Jupiter, 7:19 pm, 13º Pisces/Cancer.

Apr 18: Venus sextile Pluto, 3:24 am, 14º Pisces/Capricorn.

Apr 19: Sun enters Taurus, 9:56 pm.

Apr 20: (Easter Sunday) Jupiter square Uranus, 1:25 am, 14 Cancer/Aries. Jupiter opposite Pluto, 5:05 pm, 14º Cancer/Capricorn. Moon 14-15º Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, opposite Jupiter in Cancer and square Mars in Libra (in affect from 5 pm to 9 pm).

Apr 21: Uranus square Pluto, 12:38 pm, 14º Aries/Capricorn.

Apr 22: (Earth Day) Mars square Jupiter, 1:38 pm, 14º Libra/Cancer.

Apr 23: Mars opposite Uranus, 1:09 am, 14º Libra/Aries. Mars square Pluto, 7:47 am, 14º Libra/Capricorn. Mercury enters Taurus, 3:16 am.

Apr 24: Venus trine Saturn, 11:15 pm, 21 Pisces/Scorpio.

Apr 25: Sun conjunct Mercury, 9:27 pm, 5º Taurus Apr 26: Mercury sextile Neptune, 11:27 am, 7 Taurus/º Pisces.

Apr 27: Moon 12-14º Aries opposite Mars in Libra, square Pluto in Capricorn, conjunct Uranus in Aries and square Jupiter in Cancer  (in effect from 12 am to 6 pm). Sun sextile Neptune, 4:34 am, 7º Taurus/Pisces.

Apr 29:New Moon Solar Eclipse, 12:14 am, 9º Taurus. Moon 14º Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Jupiter in Cancer (in effect from 7 to noon) Mercury trine Pluto, 11:29 am, 14º Taurus/Capricorn. Apr 30: Mercury sextile Jupiter, 2:32 am, 14º Taurus/Cancer.


March 2014 Forecast

March 2014 Forecast Notes:(1) Radical Restructuring is a phrase below to describe the profound change, upheaval and transformation  that has been affecting our world and our individual lives for the last several years. It will continue through 2015. Astrologically, these energies are represented by a square (90 degree angle) between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. For more information see: Radical Restructuring article. (2) Personal Forecast Reports are available to order. See a sample report: One Year Detailed Forecast Report (3) The pertinent astrological aspects for March are at the end of this Forecast.



 March 1-9 ~ Deciding on a Direction

This will be an important nine day period. Several planets will begin to gradually move into position for a gathering of energies that will coalesce into a powerful surge of change and transformation (radical restructuring) in April 2014. This directional shift will be reflected in both world situations and our individual lives. The shift may be subtle in the beginning, but will build during the month of March and accelerate in April. March 1 begins with a New Moon in the sensitive and imaginative sign of Pisces. The New Moon takes place every 29.53 days. It signals a time for a new beginning and brings in energy for a fresh start. This New Moon carries the seeds of imagination, intuition, creativity, optimism and compassion. The urge to improve and transform our lives will receive a boost of inspiration and positive energy. Usually the days right after a New Moon are a good time to begin something new, but be aware that things in general will be in flux this entire week, as you will see in the following paragraphs. With so much shifting, it will not the best time to lay a foundation for a new project. Go ahead and think about what you want to initiate, but wait until March 12-13 to launch any big projects.   On March 1-2, Venus, planet of love, enjoyment and sociability will be actively challenging Mars, planet of action, war and passion. Mars will be very strong because it is turning retrograde on the day of the New Moon (discussed below). Venus has been in Capricorn since November 5, 2013. Many people have been re-evaluating relationships, finances, priorities and responsibilities over the past couple months. Venus is getting ready to change signs and it is time to bring this phase to a close. On March 1-2, intensity will build in relationships regarding sexual attraction, affection, partnerships, finances or possessions. Relationships and partnerships of all kinds could reach some sort of turning point on issues that have been undergoing a re-evaluation for the past four months. Relationships that are basically healthy and open could find this exciting and refreshing. Relationships that have underlying tensions may experience conflicts or disputes. These two days will be a time to clear the air and get on with it, whatever “it” may be. Mars in Libra will go retrograde on March 1 (click here for more information) and will stay retrograde until May 19, 2014. During that 2½ month period, many people will focus their energy on the next phase of a project or idea that began in December 2013. Around the end of February and the beginning of March, we are likely to have realizations that prompt us to look at our previous plans and ideas with a fresh perspective. This will result in a realignment of our energies. Positively, our new insights can give us the energy and courage to break through blockages that have been holding us back from making desired changes in our lives. The radical restructuring energies in the world will also be strongly affected. Mars likes to stir things up, get things started and take action – NOW. Mars will be actively poking a stick into the smoldering radical restructuring energies and adding oxygen (or gasoline) to the fire off and on over the next four months. The action will be at its peak in April. On March 2, Saturn, planet of limits, responsibility and hard work will also turn retrograde. From then through July 21, we will find it necessary to clarify and focus on responsibilities and obligations. The next 4½ months will be a good time let go of the things in our lives that are no longer appropriate, whether they are situations past their expiration date, possessions, or our own attitudes and habits. Time to clean out the closet, literally and figuratively! It may take time, attention and patience, but it will pay off in the future. It will also help us use the radical restructuring energies much more effectively. March 3 could bring an opportunity to make meaningful changes and reforms. On March 5, Venus, planet of relationships, love and money will leave the practical and responsible sign of Capricorn. It will move into the objective, friendly and humanitarian sign of Aquarius, where it will stay until April 5. The new, the unusual, progressive ideas, independence and equality will be popular themes during that four week period. On March 6, Jupiter, planet of optimism and expansion goes Direct (starts moving forward), bringing us the urge to move forward with improvements we have been considering since last November. On March 7-9, we will be looking realistically at what it will take to manifest these changes. To summarize, March 1-9 will be a time of many realizations, shifts and changes.

March 10-16 ~ Tying Up Loose Ends and Moving On

This week will be a good time to clear up and complete projects and plans that have been hanging around for several weeks. March 10-11 could bring to light some misunderstandings or roadblocks that have been slowing things down. Use this opportunity to straighten out any communication problems. On March 12-15 we will feel like we have a clearer direction and will be ready to initiate our plans and projects.

The radical restructuring energies will be stimulated on March 14-16. This can bring breakthroughs in our individual lives. We may hear unsettling news regarding world events. Things will reach a climax as we approach the March 16 Full Moon in the practical and analytical sign of Virgo. Finding a way to balance dreams with reality is likely to be an issue. Some adjustments will need to be made.

March 17-23 ~ Spring Arrives!

There could be a deep inner rumbling all this week. It will be the vibration in the earth as the wheels of radical restructuring roll toward April. Try doing something thing fun and different on March 18. It could reveal some inventive ways to bring about positive changes that will be liberating. On March 20 the Sun enters Aries at the Spring Equinox. The stage is being set for April as the vitality and focus of the Sun moves closer to joining the radical restructuring energies. Can you feel something stirring? On March 21-22 there will be a spirit of hope and compassion. Our thinking will be more affected by our emotions than usual. However, we need to be aware that information and our perceptions may not be very clear at that time. Take what you hear with a grain of salt. Things are likely not what they seem. Instead of making important decisions during this two day period, go to a movie, do something imaginative or just take some time to relax.

March 24-31 ~ Here We Go

March 24 will bring an active start to the week. Get organized now. You’ll be glad you did as the tempo is about to speed up. On March 25-28, we could have some inventive and intuitive ideas about ways to improve and transform our lives. On March 29 we are likely to be torn between being open-minded and adventurous versus being conservative and overly serious. Try to find a balance between the two. The New Moon On March 30 will be in fiery, action-oriented, and assertive Aries This New Moon will light the torch at the radical restructuring gathering that will occur in April. Let the games begin! March 30-31 will be very active days as a major phase of transformation begins. What do you want to transform in your life?   A thought before I go…..   Even though this forecast is all about future possibilities, the only time that anything ever happens is right now in the present moment. It can be helpful to have some awareness of the energies that are ahead, but it’s important not to get so absorbed with the future that we miss the present.

What day is it?” It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

A.A. Milne

The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.

Abraham Lincoln


Happy Spring and Thanks for Reading!

Judy Joyce

  Pertinent Astrological Aspects Times shown from March 1-8: Mountain Standard Time, from March 9-31: Mountain Daylight Time. Degrees have been rounded off. Mar 1: New Moon, 12:59 am, 11º Pisces. Sun and Moon trine Jupiter, 11º Pisces/Cancer. Mars Retrograde, 9:24 am, 28º Libra. Mar 2: Saturn Retrograde, 9:19 am, 23º Scorpio. Venus square Mars, 1:04 pm, 28 º Capricorn/Libra. Mar 3: Sun sextile Pluto, 12:13 pm, 13º Pisces/Capricorn. Sun conjunct Chiron, 6:26 pm, 13º Pisces. Mar 5: Venus enters Aquarius, 2:03 pm. Mar 6; Jupiter Direct, 3:42 am, 10º Cancer. Mar 7-9: Sun at 17º Pisces opposite Jupiter/Saturn midpoint at 17º Virgo. Sun at 17º Pisces Semisquare Saturn/Uranus midpoint at 2º Aquarius. Sun at 18º Pisces square Saturn/Pluto midpoint at 18º Sagittarius. Mar 11: Mercury square Saturn, 12:14 am, 23º Aquarius/Scorpio. Mar 13: Sun trine Saturn, 3:16 pm, 23º Pisces/Scorpio. Mar 14: Mercury trine Mars. 10:17 am, 26º Aquarius/Libra. Mar 15: Mercury conjunct Uranus/Pluto midpoint at 28 º Aquarius. Mar 16: Full Moon, 11:08 am, 26º Virgo. Moon at 26º Virgo quincunx Mercury at 28º Aquarius. Sun at 26º Pisces quincunx Mars at 26º Libra. Mar 17: Mercury enters Pisces, 4:24 pm. Mar 18: Venus sextile Uranus, 1:00 pm, 12º Aquarius/Aries. Mars at 26º Libra opposite degree of Oct 18, 2013 lunar eclipse at 26º Aries. Mar 20: Spring Equinox, 10:57 am, Sun enters Aries. Mars conjunct degree of Apr 15, 2014 lunar eclipse at 25º Libra. Mar 21: Moon at 6º Sagittarius square Mercury and Neptune at 6º Pisces. (In effect from about 3 pm to 9 pm.) See Mar 22. Mar 22: Mercury conjunct Neptune, 2:16 pm, 6º Pisces. Mar 24: Moon at 11–13º Capricorn, opposite Jupiter at 11º Cancer, square Uranus at 12º Aries and conjunct Pluto at 13º Capricorn. (In effect from about 6 am to 3 pm.) Mar 26: Mercury trine Jupiter, 7:11 am, 11º Pisces/Cancer. Mar 28: Mercury conjunct Chiron, 10:09 pm, 15º Pisces. Mar 29: Venus trine Mars, 1:05 pm, 23º Aquarius/Libra. Venus square Saturn, 23º Aquarius/Scorpio. Mar 30: New Moon, 12:45 pm, 10º Aries. (Sun and Moon square Jupiter at 11º Cancer, conjunct Uranus at 12º Aries, square Pluto at 13º Capricorn.)

The pertinent astrological aspects for February are at the end of this Forecast.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to All!


February 1-8 ~ Hit the Pause Button

2014 is a breakthrough year. Things are moving. Big plans for action and change are on deck for many people over the next three months. The radical restructuring energies will be strong in February and March as they build to an action-packed climax in April. World events are likely to be shocking and surprising. In our individual lives we may find this influence to be unsettling and unexpected, or liberating and exciting, or all of the above! We may be inspired and impatient to take action on Feb 3. However, before we rush out and initiate major changes, it will be wise to do some careful thinking and tweak our plans a bit (or a lot) during February. Mercury, the planet ruling communication, transportation, thinking and perceptions, will be retrograde from February 6 to 28. The heavens are telling us that it is time to pause, clear up, clean up, revise, reorganize and reconsider. Focus on refining and improving current plans and projects during this period. It will be well worth the effort. To learn more about the meaning of Mercury Retrograde, see: Mercury Retrograde On Feb 7 there will be a strong tendency for unrealistic thinking, daydreaming, forgetfulness or miscommunications. Avoid making important decisions that day and make sure all communications are clear. Do something creative and imaginative or take that day off for some rest and relaxation. 

February 9-15 ~ Wake-Up Call

February 14 (Valentine’s Day) Full Moon, 4:53 pm MST, 26º Leo – Whatever needs to reorganized or revised is likely to come to our attention over this seven day period. The astrological patterns show a strong possibility for challenging or unsettling events in the world. The Full Moon in Leo on Feb 14 also suggests a major release of radical restructuring energy could erupt sometime this week. If so, it will have an eye-opening effect for many people. Startling revelations or even revolutions could occur. In our individual lives, the energies this week are more likely to manifest as major insights and realizations. This can energize and motivate us to take positive action to bring about needed change and transformation in our personal lives. The Full Moon on Friday, Feb 14, falls on Valentine’s Day and will activate both the radical restructuring energies and Mercury retrograde over the weekend. Something unexpected could cause us to see things from a new point of view, resulting in an exciting, surprising and transformational experience.

February 16-22 ~ Focusing

On Feb 16, we could be enthusiastic about proceeding with a previous idea or a project that originated in January. However, on Feb 18, we will realize more work and attention is needed before we can move forward. Don’t be discouraged. Keep focusing on your goal. Think of this as a work week and do what needs to be done. Improvements made now will pay off in the future. Don’t take shortcuts. If we avoid taking the time to do things right now, we will have to face the consequences in mid-March. 

Feb 23-28 ~ Openings

The urge to expand our horizons and the confidence to do so will be strong as February comes to a close. We are likely to feel more optimistic and ready to take a chance during the last six days of February. Mercury will go direct on Feb 28. Our revising and reorganizing time will be drawing to a close. However, there will still be a possibility of communication mix-ups this entire week and the first few days of March. Don’t take anything for granted. Feb 28 brings happy and positive astrological influences. The New Moon in the sensitive and creative sign of Pisces occurs on at midnight on Feb 28 for those in the Pacific Time zone and in the wee hours of Mar 1 for the rest of the USA time zones. After a month of work and focus, this New Moon will usher in fresh energy for the next step in our journey. More about that next time! 

Thanks for Reading!

Judy Joyce 

You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.

You’re on your own.

And you know what you know.

You are the guy who’ll decide where to go.

- Dr. Seuss

  See more articles on astrology   Pertinent Astrological Aspects (Times are shown for Mountain Standard Time Zone, degrees have been rounded off)   Feb 3: Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries, square Jupiter in Cancer, square Pluto in Capricorn, square Venus in Capricorn. Feb 6: Mercury Retrograde, 2:43 pm, 3º Pisces. Feb 7: Moon in Gemini square Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. Feb 9: Mars conjunct degree of Apr 15, 2014 Lunar Eclipse at 25º Libra. Feb 11: Sun square Saturn, 23º Aquarius/Scorpio. Jupiter at 11º Cancer Sesquisquare Uranus/Pluto midpoint at 26º Aquarius. Mars at 26 º Libra opposite degree of Oct 18, 2013 Lunar Eclipse at 26º Aries. Feb 14-15: Full Moon, 4:53 pm, 26º Leo. Moon at 26º Leo opposite Uranus/Pluto midpoint, 26º Aquarius. Sun conjunct Uranus/Pluto midpoint at 26º Aquarius. Feb 15: Mercury Rx conjunct Uranus/Pluto midpoint at 26º Aquarius. Feb 16: Mercury Rx trine Mars, 26 Aquarius/Libra. Feb 18: Mercury Rx square Saturn, 23º Aquarius/Scorpio. Feb 20: Pluto conjunct Sun/Saturn midpoint at 13º Capricorn. Feb 23: Sun conjunct Neptune, 5º Pisces. Feb 24: Venus sextile Saturn, 23º Capricorn/Scorpio. Feb 25: Jupiter square Uranus, 11º Cancer/Aries. Moon in Capricorn square Uranus, opposite Jupiter, conjunct Pluto, sextile Saturn and conjunct Venus. Feb 28: Mercury Direct at 18º Aquarius. Sun trine Jupiter, 11º Pisces/Cancer. Mar 1: New Moon, 12:59 am at 11º Pisces. Moon trine Jupiter, 11º Pisces/Cancer.



2013 Astrology Guidebook 

Also see: 



for All 12 Signs 

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