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September, October Flower Chrysanthemum

and November 2017 



Tension and polarization could reach a peak in September to mid-October as we move toward a showdown or crisis point that has been building since October 2016. The good news is this is the ending phase of this energy and it will fade out by the end of October. The better news is that this crisis point has the potential to cause a breakthrough that can bring us new awareness, realizations and understanding. It can help us find ways to work together and in doing so, will make us stronger.

The polarization we have been experiencing over the past year can be traced to the Uranus/Pluto cycle rooted in the 1960’s which I have referred to in previous newsletters as radical restructuring energies. These energies were strongly activated from 2011-2015 when Uranus and Pluto formed a series of seven squares. For full article, See Radical Social Restructuring  which explains why the issues in the 1960’s are so relevant right now. Even though the exact squares are done, the energies are still smoldering as we prepare for a new era starting in the 2020’s.

The showdown/breakthrough that is coming in September/October 2017 is shown by Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries:

  • The energies of Uranus bring disruptions, changes, surprises, upsets and innovations in order to shake us up and wake us up. Because Uranus is now passing through the fire sign of Aries, it is manifesting in an Arian way – assertive, self-initiating, impulsive and fast moving. Uranus in Aries can be a fiery and aggressive combination.
  • The energies of Jupiter are those of expansion, optimism and a desire for improvement. Jupiter is considered a positive influence, but it can work by expanding whatever is there, positive or negative, thereby showing us what needs to be improved. Sometimes what we see isn’t all that great. Jupiter is manifesting its energies through the air sign of Libra. Libran energies seek balance, fairness, justice and harmony and peacemakers. However, Libra can be assertive when a situation is judged to be out of balance or unfair to others. Libra has been described as an iron fist in a velvet glove.
  • The Jupiter in Libra air has also been providing oxygen to the smoldering embers of the radical restructuring energies of Uranus and Pluto and has succeeded in producing quite a fire.

We can view this as a refining process of the social changes that began in the 1960’s. The heat has been turned up (Uranus in Aries) and problems and imbalances have expanded (Jupiter in Libra). Toxic elements have floated to the surface that need to be released (Pluto in Capricorn). Yes, it is challenging, but we have an opportunity to make some major breakthroughs. It will be important to focus on what we want to happen and to let go of anger and blaming. Whatever we focus on is where we are going. Focus on what you love and want to happen. Focusing on anger or what we don’t want to happen will only bring more negative energy into our lives. Feeling upset just adds more upsetting energy.

This is the path we are currently experiencing. We are moving through it as part of our life’s journey together on the planet at this time. We wanted to be here. This is an opportunity to let the Love within us shine.

Another concern in the world in September and October will be global issues that could involve technology, artificial intelligence, science, climate the environment and economic security. Our vision of the future will require serious attention. From 2017 to 2021, the world will be making decisions that will have far reaching effects.

The energies should start settling down after mid-October. The potential exists to make significant changes that are practical and innovative in November. New discoveries, inventions and open minded attitudes can help us combine the old with the new in ways that really work. Saturn in Sagittarius will trine Uranus in Aries which will help to manifest changes in realistic and positive ways. See the November forecast below.




Sep 1-3:  A sudden realization could bring us the desire to make exciting and innovative changes in our lives. initial enthusiasm could to turn into impatience, defensiveness or irritability by Sep 3.

Sep 4-7: Our impulse to make changes is positive, but information and communications could easily be misunderstood, mistaken or even intentionally false. Something that sounds good may not add up when we look at the facts. Information is likely to keep changing as the week goes on. Ideas and plans for the future are fine, but actually trying to start something right now is risky. The energies are too unstable. Wait to act until things stabilize. You will be fine as long as you double-check your spoken/written words and travel plans and don’t assume anything. The FULL MOON occurs on Sep 6 in sensitive and intuitive Pisces, (14°, 1:03 am MDT). This will bring compassion, imagination and sensitivity, but may also increase gullibility or overinflate worries.

As individuals, we can help ourselves and others during the above seven days by staying grounded in Love and connected to our Inner Spirit. We will see these energies reflected in the news, but very likely in a more fiery and volatile fashion. Innovative ideas may be brought forward, but will be challenging to implement. Information can be unreliable and is likely to go through many changes. Communications, technology, climate, transportation and travel could experience challenges.

September 8-10: Something could come to light that empowers us to make transformative changes. We should start to see things more clearly.

Transiting aspects – Sep 1: Moon in Cap conj Plu and sqr Jup. Sun opp Ura/Plu midpt. Sep 2: Mars in Leo trine Ura in Aries. Merc retrograde conj Aug 21 eclipse degree. Sep 3: Merc retrograde conj Mars in Leo. Jup Sesqr Ura/Plu midpt. Sep 4: Sun in Virgo opp Nep in Pisc. Moon in Aquar sxtl Sat, trine Jup, sxtl Ura, opp Mer and Opp Mars. Sep 5: Sun Sesqr Ura. Merc Sta Direct. Sep 6: Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Nep. Moon in Pisc sqr Sat. Sep 7: Merc, now direct, conj Aug 21 eclipse degree again. Sep 8: Mars Sesqr Plu. Moon in Aries trine Ven, sqr Plu, trine Sat, opp Jup. Sep 9: Sun in Vir trine Plu in Cap. Moon in Aries conj Ura, trine Merc, trine Mars. Jup opp Eris Sep 10: Moon in Taurus trine Plu, trine Sun, sqr Ven.


SEPTEMBER 11 to 17

Sep 11: Challenges in communication and travel could arise in the afternoon and evening. People may be feeling overly critical, irritable or impulsive. This would not be the best day for presentations or agreements. However, It may be a time when grievances come out in the open and can then be addressed.

Sep 12-13: A serious and responsible attitude is likely to be needed in any kind of work or obligation. Whether this is something we want to do or something we have to do, it is likely to require more time and patience than we thought it would. Things will work out if we accept this and focus on doing the best we can.

Sep 14-16: The energies start to speed up. This can be exciting, but unsettling, too. Sep 15 may be a good time for social or creative activities, if done around midday. We are likely to feel optimistic and harmonious at that time. However, don’t get too relaxed because a surprising turn of events can occur later that day and continue on Sep 16. There could be a war of words in the world that will heat up controversy. That seems to happen on a very regular basis now, so we may not be shocked. In our personal lives, we can avoid unnecessary problems by thinking before we speak, driving carefully and being in the moment. It could be quite an interesting time.

Sep 17: A good day to relax and enjoy life. Get together with friends and loved ones. Do something creative or entertaining. It would also be a very good time to try something new and exciting. Sudden romances are possible. Have some fun. Go for it!

Transiting aspects- Sep 11: Moon sqr Merc and sqr Mars. Sep 12: Ven in Leo Trine Sat. Sep 13: Sun in Vir sqr Sat in Sag, Moon in Gem trine Jup, sxt Ura, sxt Merc. Mars sqr Jup/Plu. Ura sqr Sun/Merc. Sep 15: Ven in Leo sxtl Jup in Lib. Moon in Can sqr Jup, sqr Ura. Merc sqr Jup/Plu midpt. Sep 16: Merc conj Mars in Virgo. Merc and Mars opp Ura/Plu midpt. Sep 17: Ven in Leo trine Ura in Aries. Moon in Leo trine Sat, sxt Jupiter, conj Ven and trine Ura.


SEPTEMBER 18 to 24

Sep 18-20:  Information and communications could be confusing, misleading or overwhelming. The NEW MOON occurs on Sep 19 in analytical and practical Virgo (27°, 11:30 pm MDT). It will be best to avoid making important decisions or starting something new until we have all the facts. Attend to routine matters in the meantime.

Sep 21-22: We may feel like spending time with others today rather than being alone. Communications are revealing on Sep 22 and some information could come to light that clears up previous conflicting information. The Autumnal Equinox occurs on Sep 22 as the Sun moves into Libra at 2:02 pm MDT.

Sep 23: A good day to deepen our understanding of ourselves and others.

Sep 24: Take it easy today. Our general physical energies may be low and dealing with others could be confusing or misleading. This is not the time to buy a used car. You may want to help others now. This is fine, just make sure they are deserving of your help.

Transiting aspects-Sep 18: Moon in Vir conj Mars and Merc and opp Nep. Sep 19: Merc opp Nep and Sesqr Ura. Moon sqr Sat. Sep 20: Sun in Vir qucnx Ura in Aries. Sep 21: Moon in Libra sqr plu, sxtl sat. Sep 22: Moon conj Jup, opp Ura, sxtl Ven. Merc in Vir trine Plu in Cap. Sep 23: Moon in Scor sxtl Mars, trine Nep and sxtl Plu. Sep 24: Mars in Vir opp Nep in Pisc.



Sep 25: This could be a challenging day when once again communications could be misunderstood, delayed or pessimistic. This will not be a good time for meetings or presentations. However, it can be a good time for focusing on a mental problem or task on our own. We may have tendency to be overly critical and focus on what is wrong, but this energy should dissipate by the end of the day.

Sep 26-29: This four day period is likely to be intense as the Jupiter-Uranus opposition reaches a peak on Sep 27-28. Pluto will also go Direct on Sep 28 indicating a shift in direction is coming, possibly regarding something we have been mulling over since April of this year. This is definitely a turning point period, although we may not be able to fully comprehend it at the time.

The following birth dates are likely to experience this week as a personal shift in direction or a breakthrough in their life:

  • Aries: born Apr 5-8 (shift in direction), or Apr 14-19 (breakthrough)
  • Cancer: born Jul 7-10 (shift in direction), or Jul 16-21 (breakthrough)
  • Libra: born Oct 8-11 (shift in direction), or Oct 17-22 (breakthrough)
  • Capricorn: born Jan 6-9 (shift in direction), or Jan 15-19 (breakthrough)

If you know your chart, look for the house that holds 17° of Capricorn. That is where Pluto will turn direct in your chart, indicating a shift in direction for you in that area of your life. Also locate the houses that hold 27° of Aries and 27° of Libra. Those are the areas of your life where a breakthrough could occur.

Also look for any planets, the ascendant or Midheaven at:

  • 15-18° Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. These planets will be affected by Pluto going direct – indicating a shift in direction involving that planet or angle in your chart.
  • 24 -29° of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. These are the planets or angles that will be affected by the breakthrough energies of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition.
  • Sep 30-Oct 1: The energies are very positive, open-minded and friendly. We may be motivated to make transformative changes in our lives or work with others for the greater good.

Transiting aspects- Sep 25: Merc in Vir sqr Sat in Sag. Moon in Sag sqr Ven, sqr Nep and sqr Mars. Sep 27: Jupiter in Libra Sesqu Nep in Pisc. Sep 27-28: Jupiter in Libra opp Uranus in Aries (exact Sep 27 at 10:24 pm MDT). Sep 28: Pluto Direct. Plu Sta Dir opp Sun/Ura midpt and sqr Sun/Jup midpt. Moon in Cap conj Plu. Sep 29: Ven in Vir opp Nep in Pisc. Sun sqr Mars/ Jup midpt. Sep 30: Moon in Aquar trine Sun. Oct 1: Mars in Vir trine Plu in Cap. Moon in Aquar sxtl Sat.


OCTOBER 2 to 9

Oct 2: We may need a day of rest. Try not to schedule a lot of activities and just see what unfolds.

Oct 3: A positive day to get in touch with intense feelings. We can gain insights into ourselves and others that can be very productive. The healing power of love will be strong.

Oct 4: We could feel pulled in two contradictory directions. Hold off making important decisions until things are clearer.  

Oct 5: The FULL MOON occurs in dynamic and independent Aries (13°, 12:40 pm MDT). The Jupiter opposite Uranus energies will be activated. Areas of disagreement could come to light that need to be addressed. We may be more willing to find ways to work together at this point.

Oct 6-8:  Global issues regarding economics, security, technology, science and the environment could command our attention. Whether it is global or personal, we will realize that the decisions we are now making will set us on a course that will have far reaching effects in the future. It may be a sobering realization.

Oct 9: The energies today are a carryover from Sunday. Power struggles can pop up. We will tend to express our views more intensely than usual and take things personally if others disagree. Some may attempt to force their views on others. Something hidden could be revealed. Positively, If we stand back and look within, this will be an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. It may be time to release something that is no longer appropriate in our lives.

Transiting aspects- Oct 2: Moon in Pisc with no aspects during the day. Oct 3: Ven in Vir tri Plu in Cap. Moon in Pisc sxtl Plu, opp Ven and opp Mars. Oct 4: Sun in Lib qucnx Nep. Oct 5: Ven conj Mars in Vir. Oct 6: Merc in Lib qucnx Nep in Pisc. Moon in Aries conj Ura and opp Jup. Oct 7: Ura in Aries ssqr Nep in Pisc. Oct 8: Ven in Vir sqr Sat in Sag. Sun conj Merc in Lib. Oct 9: Merc and Sun in Lib sqr Plu in Cap. Moon in Gem sqr plu.


OCTOBER 10 to 15

Oct 10: An important energy shift occurs as Jupiter moves into the water sign of Scorpio and out of Libra where it has been opposing Uranus in Aries. (see Sep 26-29 above). We’re not done yet, but this will help to start cooling down the heated polarization we have been experiencing for the past year. Jupiter will stay in Scorpio until November 8, 2018. During the next 13 months things that have been hidden may be revealed that can lead to greater understanding and healing. There will be an intense desire to solve mysteries, to explore the unknown and to expand our spiritual side. At this point in October 2017, we are just beginning a shift in perception, although It may not be obvious yet.

Oct 10-11: Late in the day on Oct 10 and the morning of Oct 11 it will be necessary to slow down and carefully attend to the work at hand. Some may be feeling irritated and frustrated. Anger could be simmering below the surface. This is not the day to challenge authority. Be patient. Use this energy to get work done, but do not overtask your physical body. This influence will lessen as the day goes by.

Oct 12: Communications may be tense in the morning. By later that afternoon, we should be able to reach agreement and get something moving that may have been stalled.

Oct 13-14:  Good days for fun, entertainment and creativity. Do something that brings you joy. By the end of the day on Saturday, Oct 14, we may sense that the energies are speeding up. Slow down and drive carefully if you are out late that night.

Oct 15: Surprising information or events could stimulate us to action. Avoid being impulsive. Slow down and think before you speak Oct 15-17. Even though Jupiter has moved into Scorpio, the Jupiter opposition to Uranus is still in orb, and could be stirred up now through Oct 19.

Transiting aspects- Oct 10: Jup into Scor, 7:20 am MDT. Moon in Gem sqr Mars, opp Sat, sqr Ven sxtl Ura. Moon in Cancer trine Jup. Oct 11: Mars in Vir sqr Sat in Sag, 7:37 am MDT. Oct 12: Merc in Lib sxtl Sat. Moon in can sqr Merc, sxtl Mars, sqr Ura, sxtl Ven. Oct 13: Moon in Leo. Oct 14: Ven into Libra, Moon in Leo sxtl Sun, trine Sat, sxtl Merc and trine Ura. Oct 15: Merc in Lib opp Ura in Aries and Sesqr Nep. Ura opp Sun/Jup midpt.


OCTOBER 16 to 22

Oct 16-19: We will continue to deal with the energies that were ignited over the previous weekend. Oct 16 will be a good day to get organized and take care of responsibilities. Excitement or agitation could build From Oct 17 to Oct 19. This could be a time of breakthroughs, realizations and discoveries or conflict and rebellion – maybe all of the above. This is especially true if you were born on the dates discussed above (See Sep 25 to Oct 1 section). The NEW MOON on Oct 19 in balanced and harmonious Libra (27°, 1:12 pm, MDT) will challenge the unruly energies of Uranus in Aries. A new phase is starting. Many people may find this is a time when sudden changes or surprises may occur either outwardly or inwardly. These changes can be transformative.

Oct 20-21: The general mood will be deep, peaceful and reflective. Insights can be gained by those who choose to look within.

Oct 22: We are likely to be feeling optimistic and ready to move forward.

Transiting aspects – Oct 16: Ura opp Sun/Merc midpt. Sun in Lib sxtl Sat in Sag. Moon in Vir trine Plu. Oct 17: Mars qucnx Ura. Oct 18: Merc conj Jup. Oct 19: Sun and Moon in Lib opp Ura in Aries and Sesqr Nep. Plu opp Ven/Ura midpt, Plu sqr Ven/Moon midpt, Plu sqr Merc/Mars midpt. Moon in Scor conj Jup, 11:41 pm MDT. Oct 20-21: Moon in Scor conj Merc, trine Nep, and sxtl Plu. Jup conj Sun/Merc midpt. Oct 22; Moon in Sag. Mars into Libra. Sun into Scorpio.


OCTOBER 23 to 29

Oct 23: Our optimistic outlook continues.

Oct 24-25: During the day on Oct 24 we can use our imagination, creativity and empathy to come up with ideas. That evening and on Oct 25 we can apply these ideas in practical down to earth ways.

Oct 26: Optimism deep warm feelings and generosity will be strong. This will be a good time to think about how we can improve our life in some way.

Oct 27: Intense feelings can lead to conversations that are revealing and perhaps transforming.

Oct 28-29: Our attention may be on the future and what it holds. This is likely to be reflected in the outside world as well.

Transiting aspects – Oct 23: Moon in Sag. Oct 24: Merc in Scor trine Nep Pisc 9:56 am. Moon in in Sag trine Ura 10:44 am. Moon in Cap sxtl Jup and sxtl Sun that evening. Oct 25: Moon in Cap sxtl Nep and sxtl Merc. Oct 26: Sun conj Jup in Scor. Oct 27: Moon in Aquar sqr Jup and Sun. Ven in Lib sqr Plu in Cap, Merc in Scor sxtl Plu in Cap. Oct 28: Moon in Aquar trine Ven and sqr Merc. Mars opp Ura/Nep midpt. Ura opp Merc/Mars midpt. Oct 29: Nep sqr Sun/Plu midpt. Merc in Scor sqr N Node in Aquar.



Oct 30-31: A positive time for imagination, creativity and compassionate service. There are a couple caveats. First, be careful not to take on more than you can handle. Second, finish what you want to do by midday on Oct 31. After that your energy level is likely to drop and you may find you are overwhelmed with work. What you were enjoying in the morning could turn into drudgery in the afternoon.

A new Phase begins….

As we begin the month of November we will be past the disruptive and polarizing energies of that reached their peak in late September. This doesn’t mean everything has magically been fixed in the world, but we now will have the opportunity to work together to solve problems instead of fighting and blaming each other. In our personal lives, we will also feel a lessening of tension. Even if nothing major was going on in our individual life, we still felt the disruptive energies in the world.

In November we can make the choice to work together to find ways to blend the old with the new. We can make needed changes that are both innovative and practical. This is shown by the trine of Saturn and Uranus. A trine indicates an easy flow and cooperation between two energies.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, organization, tradition and physical manifestation and is currently in the fire sign of Sagittarius.

Uranus is the planet of shake up and wake up, innovation and the cutting edge and is in the fire sign of Aries.

Their fire energies are compatible and this influence has the potential to enthusiastically combine innovations, discoveries and new ideas in a practical and disciplined way that can result in positive changes for our future.

Saturn and Uranus trined each other earlier in December 2016 and in May, 2017. Perhaps some progress was made then that we aren’t aware of. It was hard to tell because the polarizing opposition of Uranus and Jupiter has been the dominant energy all year. Now that the opposition is done, the trine will give us another opportunity to come together and make positive changes in November and December. It is not a guarantee, but it will be much easier to do this now than it has been.

One way we can help both the world and ourselves is to envision what we would like to happen. What is your positive vision for your country and for the world? What is your positive vision for yourself? We may not know what exactly we want to happen, but we can know how we want to feel about it. Practice feeling that feeling. You don’t need to know the details. The Universe will take care of that. For instance, if you want to have more financial security, feel yourself living your life with security and abundance. What we think about and focus on is where we are going. Think about what you want, not what you don’t want. Your positive visions can manifest more easily during this period than you may think.

Nov 1-2:  High energy days. The ideas for positive changes and innovations are exciting, especially the evening of Nov 2.

Nov 3: The FULL MOON occurs in realistic and earthy Taurus, (12° 11:23 pm MDT). We will become aware of some practical and necessary steps that will be needed to achieve our aims. However, there will still be some things that will need further discussion before we can reach an agreement.

Nov 4:  A good day to work on practical matters or to get outside in nature.

Nov 5: There may be interesting news out in the world or we might have interesting ideas or conversations with others that are stimulating. Keep an open mind.

Transiting aspects- Oct 30: Moon in Pisc trine Sun and conj Nep. Oct 31: Moon in Pisc trine Merc. Moon in Pisc sqr Sat at 3:08 pm MDT. Mars sqr Sat/Plu midpt. Nov 1: Moon in Aries opp Mars. Nov 2: Moon in Aries sqr plu, opp Ven, trine Sat and conj Ura. Nov 3: Ven in Lib sxtl Sat and opp Ura in Aries. Sun in Scor trine Nep in Pisc. Moon in Taurus opp Jup and sxtl Nep. Nov 4: Moon in Taurus. Plu opp Mars/Ura midpt, Ura opp Sun/Mars midpt. Nov 5: Merc into Sag. Moon in Gem trine Mars and sqr Nep. Merc conj Jup/Sat midpt.


NOVEMBER 6 to 12

The positive trine of Saturn and Uranus is building strength this week and will be exact on Nov 11.

Nov 6-9: Important discussions and negotiations may be occurring in the world and in the lives of many people. Even if you aren’t exchanging ideas with others in your personal life, you may be having an internal dialogue as you think about your future and what you want for yourself. We could all use some updating in our lives. We can keep the best of the old and still embrace something new and exciting. We won’t be forced to make changes. This is our choice and it is up to us to seize the moment and go for it. This energy will be with us through December, but is at its peak this week.

Nov 10-11: We may feel somewhat tense and start to second guess ourselves around the Last Quarter Moon which is at 1:36 pm MST on Nov 10. Don’t worry, that will pass.

If you live in the U.S. mainland, the Saturn and Uranus trine will be exact in the wee hours of the morning of Nov 11 (1:41 am PST; 2:41 am MST; 3:41 am CST; 4:41 am EST). It is strongest as it is becoming exact so Friday evening will be a little stronger than Saturday day or evening. If you want to get together with others or just pick a time to do your own thing, I would suggest Friday evening, Nov 10. On the evening of Nov 10, the Moon in Leo will be forming a grand trine in fire with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. This is a very enthusiastic combination. The Moon/Saturn/Uranus grand trine will be exact at 1:55 am MST on Nov 11.

Whether you are with others or alone, do something life affirming. It will be a great time to visualize your future. You are only limited by your imagination.

Nov 12 will be a good day to get down to the details and the actual nitty-gritty of making things happen in the manifest world.

Transiting aspects- Nov 6: Moon in Gem opp Sat and sxtl Ura. Nov 7: Ven into Scor. Moon in Cancer trine Jup, sqr Mars and trine Nep. Nov 8: Moon in Cancer trine Sun, opp Plu and sqr Ura. Nov 9: Sun sxtl Plu Moon in Leo sqr Ven, trine Merc and sqr Jup. Nov 10: Sun sqr Moon. Nov 11: Saturn in Sag trine Ura in Aries (26° at 2:41 am MST). Moon in Leo trine Sat and trine Ura at 1:55 am MST, Moon in Virgo sxtl Ven in Scor at 8:07 pm and sxtl Jup in Scor 10:26 pm Nov 12: Moon in Vir trine Plu in Cap and sxtl Sun in Scor.


NOVEMBER 13 to 19

Nov 13: Although we will have good intentions and want to keep everyone happy, we are likely to run into some delays due to communication or technology mix-ups. Information can be misunderstood, incomplete or misleading. This would not be a good day to hold a meeting or make important decisions. Double check information before you hit send.

Nov 14-15: The ability to communicate persuasively will be strong on Nov 14. This can be good or bad, depending on who is doing the talking and what their motivation is. If you would like to get your message across, this would be a good day. Nov 15 will not be quite as easy, but you can still make some progress. If you want to get something accomplished try to have it completed before the end of the business day.

Nov 16 -17: Positive days. Caring, compassion, friendship and heartfelt emotion will be strong. People will be likely to work together harmoniously.

Nov 18-19: The NEW MOON occurs on Nov 18 in powerful and mysterious Scorpio, (26° 4:42 am MST) and sets the tone for the month ahead. Although we should be making some headway in the world on working together, there are still some power struggles and unruly elements that need to be addressed this weekend. This is the time to get things out in the open. Whatever stays buried becomes toxic. Healing cannot take place until it is released. This is especially true in our personal lives. Fortunately, this New Moon also carries energies of great spiritual compassion, love and healing energies. Transformation and healing can occur by being willing to face our fears head on with courage, love and understanding.

Transiting aspects- Nov 13: Ven conj Jup in Scor. Moon in Vir sqr Sat. Merc in Sag sqr Nep in Pisc. Ura opp Ven/Mars midpt and opp Mars/Jup midpt. Nov 14: Moon in Libra sxtl Merc in Sag and conj Mars. Merc conj Jup/Plu midpt. Nov 15: Moon in Lib opp Ura and sxtl Sat. Plu conj Sun/Nep midpt. Nov 16: Ven in Scor trine Nep in Pisc. Moon in Scor conj Jup and trine Nep. Nov 17: Merc in Sag sxtl Mars in Lib. Moon in Scor sxtl Plu. Nov 18: Nep sqr Sun/Sat. Nov 19: Mars in Lib sqr Plu in Cap. Moon in Sag sqr Nep and sxtl Mars.


NOVEMBER 20 to 26

Nov 20:  A good day to make positive changes and to initiate some of the things we have been thinking about that will improve our lives. Also around this this time a positive aspect will begin to influence us with energies of peace, love and spirituality. Jupiter, in the water sign of Scorpio, will begin to trine Neptune in the water sign of Pisces. Water signs are about feelings and intuition. Jupiter will positively expand the deep psychic waters of Neptune. This particular pattern will be exact on Dec 2, 2017 and will occur two more times in 2018. It can open us to higher awareness and a yearning to seek a deeper meaning to our existence.

Nov 21: Another positive day. We are likely to feel optimistic and hopeful.

Nov 22: The focus will be on getting organized and accomplishing our tasks. Get those pumpkin pies baked! (Call me when they’re done. I’ll be right over.)

Nov 23:  Thanksgiving. This will be a lovely day to be with family and friends, both new and old, and to share our bounty with others.

Nov 24-25: Good days to get out and about or to invite friends over. People are likely to be feeling sociable and outgoing.

Nov 26: We may want to relax and take it easy. This will be a day when our spiritual side will be stimulated. (See Nov 20 above).

Transiting aspects- Nov 20: Moon in Sag trine Ura and conj Sat. Nov 21: Ven in Scor sxtl plu in Cap. Moon in Cap sxtl Jup and sxtl Nep. Sun into Sag. Nov 22: Moon in Cap conj Plu, sxtl Ven and sqr Mars. Nep Sta Dir in Pisc. Nov 23: Moon in Aquar sxtl Sun in Sag. Jup conj Sun/Plu midpt .Ven conj Sun/Jup midpt. Sun conj Merc/Jup midpt. Nov 24: Moon in Aquar sqr Jup. Nov 25: Merc in Sag trine Ura in Aries. Moon in Aquar trine Mars, sqr Ven, sxtl Ura, sxtl Merc and sxtl Sat. Nov 26: Moon in Pisces sqr Sun, trine Jup and conj Nep.



Nov 27: It will be important to give and receive correct information at this time. Double check communications. Mistakes made now could come back for correction next month.

Nov 28 – 29: The general mood is enthusiastic, independent and a little impatient.

Nov 30:  The morning could be full of interesting information and conversations. People may be feeling a little rebellious, assertive or rambunctious later that evening.

Transiting aspects-Nov 27: Merc conj Sat. Moon in Pisc sxtl Plu. Nov 28: Moon in Aries trine Sun. Sun sqr Ura/Plu midpt. Nov 29: Moon in Aries sqr Plu. Sat conj Sun/Plu midpt. Nov 30: Moon in Aries conj Ura, trine Sat and trine Merc. Ura sqr Sun/Nep and qucnx Sun/Jup. Dec 1: Mars in Lib opp Ura in Aries, 2:04 am.


New energies are coming in December! See you next time…..


Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving to all you Beautiful Spirits!




All great changes are preceded by chaos.

Deepak Chopra




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