March 2010 to March 2011: Breakthrough, Awakening and Opportunity

 A. Recap of the past Three Years

As discussed in previous articles, we are going through a profound transformation that will last for many years. (See 2008-2015, Major Astrological Influences and Pluto in Capricorn)

Led by Pluto’s 16 year transit through the sign of Capricorn, we will dismantle and rebuild our world structure from 2008 to 2024, with the years of 2008 to 2016 being the most dramatically transformative. Since September, 2008 we have also been experiencing the energies of Shake-Up & Wake-Up (Saturn opposite Uranus), and Karmic Consequences (Saturn Square Pluto).  Although challenging and intense, these energies have already been used by many individuals to bring about positive changes in their lives – by letting go of old limiting ideas or behaviors, changing their life direction, taking responsibility, restructuring their lives, and starting to live in a more authentic way. Perhaps you can look back at your life over the past couple years and see how this applies to you.

B. Currently: Has the World Lost Its Mind?

When we look at the outer world, at least judging by what gets most of the media attention, we see negativity, instability, uncertainty, polarization, doom and gloom, rebellious and divisive behavior, refusal to accept responsibility, a we-versus-them mentality, finger pointing, weeping, hair pulling, eye-rolling – and yes, at times, actual foaming at the mouth.  There has been lots of squawking, but few ideas for solutions.  Along with constant social, economic, religious and political turmoil, we have also been given many environmental signals of stress and change in the earth and our environment. 

C. We Are Okay

All that being said, there are still millions of rational and calm people in the world who want to deal with the profound changes and the coming challenges in productive ways. Our chance is coming. The influence of upheaval and divisiveness is still with us but is starting to lessen. The next powerful wave of transformative energy will start to come to our attention around March 2011 and will last until 2016. In the meantime, there is another influence with very positive potentials that started earlier this year and will be getting stronger over the next several months. It is:

The Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus – March 2010 through March 2011

Liberation, Breakthrough and Inner Awakening 

Jupiter conjuncts Uranus every 14 years and their energies last for about a year. This conjunction has coincided throughout history with times of breakthroughs, innovations, discoveries, liberation, exploration, sudden awakenings, human rights, rebellions and revolutions. (Historical notes of some past conjunctions and positive events are listed at the end of this newsletter) It can be exciting and invigorating. The urge for dramatic and immediate change can lead to radical developments in society, but it also can bring personal breakthroughs, expansion of consciousness and “peak” experiences.

Between Mar 2010 and Mar 2011, Jupiter and Uranus exactly conjunct three times (June 8, 2010  in Aries @ 0 deg, 18 min.  Sep 18, 2010 in Pisces @ 28 deg 43 min.  Jan 4, 2011 in Pisces @ 27 deg, 03 min).  The energy of liberation, breakthrough and awakening is in effect for the entire period of Mar 2010 through Mar 2011, but the how the energy manifests varies because two different signs are involved.

Summer 2010 – In Aries: The first conjunction occurred in the fiery and active sign of Aries. Aries is the sign of the warrior, and it represents individual action, energy, initiative, quickness, enthusiasm, courage, confidence, beginnings, pioneering discoveries and leadership. As in all influences, it can have an out of balance side – rash actions, impatience, anger, aggression and a “me first” attitude. This summer’s conjunction in Aries seemed to be swept up in the volatile Shake-Up and Wake-Up energy pattern at that time. There were some exciting discoveries, pioneering inventions, positive decisions, actions and innovations this summer that were overshadowed. We may not hear about them or realize their importance until 2011.

Sep 2010 – Mar 2011 – In Pisces: The final two conjunctions will occur in the watery and spiritual sign of Pisces and will have a much different quality. After a summer of the intense fiery energy of Aries the Ram, it will now be time to take a refreshing dip in the cool mystical waters of Pisces, the Fish. Pisces is a gentle, creative, flowing, inner energy. It represents our subconscious and our spiritual return to Oneness, and rules the realms of dreams, visions, mysticism, compassion and creativity.  The liberation, breakthrough and awakening energies of Jupiter/Uranus will work from within while they are in Pisces. Don’t you feel dreamy already? However, before you float off to Nirvana, there are some things you need to know……

Now is the time to expand your spiritual self, whatever your belief system may be. This will also be a very creative and innovative time. However, remember to keep yourself in balance. Pisces unchecked can be unrealistic, over-idealistic, super-sensitive, escapist and gullible. If you find yourself feeling over-emotional, over-whelmed, muddled, befuddled and living in la-la land, you need to ground yourself and fill yourself with Light. If you should start to feel this way, this could help – go outside, walk around and connect with Nature. Feel your connection to the gentle and powerful energy of Mother Earth. Physically feel your feet firmly on the ground. Then feel the Light (The Universe, God) fill you completely and shine out all around you.

The next seven months (Sep 2010 through Mar 2011) can be seen as a bridge over which we transition from one stage of our worldwide transformation to the next stage.  The first stage is just ending – 2008-2010 – Shake-Up & Wake Up, Karmic Consequences. The next stage – 2011 – 2016- Major Restructuring of Society -Uranus Sqr Pluto. The choices we make now are pivotal in how the next stage will unfold as we restructure the world

The “old world” described in B. above is unraveling and is not viable. Let it go. Instead, choose to envision a better world.  Use this time to take responsibility for your own spiritual development. Seek out those who feel as you do. Liberate yourself from limiting and false concepts about you are and open your heart to your Spiritual Self.  You may find that old limiting ideas and beliefs, relationships, etc. are turning up. Probably some you didn’t even realize you had! Now is the time to let them go. You also may have a great urge to get rid of excess and unused material possessions. These need to be thrown away or passed on to someone who can use them.  

By lightening up our lives and becoming fully aware of our Inner Light, we will be ready for whatever comes next in our transformation. There will be challenges and our Light will be needed. This is a wonderful chance to strengthen and expand our awareness of ourselves as brothers and sisters on this planet. As we strengthen ourselves and connect with each other, we will be ready for the next step in the evolution of our consciousness.  

We will all feel this awakening energy, but all those with birthdays on Mar 15 to 23 will be the most strongly affected. All those with birthdays on Jun 15 to 24, Sep 17 to 25, and Dec 16 to 24 will also be strongly affected. (For those of you who can read your chart, the conjunction also would strongly bring it’s energies to any planets, the ascendant or midheaven located at:  24 to 29 degrees of either Pisces, Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius – or – 0  to 3 degrees of either Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.)

P.S. There is something else about this Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Pisces that is special and is worth repeating. Here is an excerpt from my April 2010 newsletter………..

Even though Jupiter and Uranus conjunct about every 14 years, the signs in which they conjunct go in cycles. Hundreds of years can pass without a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in a particular sign. That is true in this instance. The last time Jupiter conjuncted Uranus in the sign of Pisces was February 10, 1334. Yes, you read that correctly: 1334 – 676 years ago! The historical back then are a little scant in the “inner awakening” department, so there isn’t much to give us clues as to how this manifested in the past.

Something else to consider is the fact that Uranus was not discovered until 1781. Until a planet is “discovered”, we use its energies in a subconscious way. After it is discovered the energy of the planet is consciously available to us. That means the Uranian energies of individual freedom, independence, breakthroughs, originality, and innovation did not come into Collective Consciousness until it was discovered in 1781.

Since the last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in Pisces was in 1334, we haven’t ever consciously experienced this conjunction in Pisces. This is interesting, because the sign of Pisces is all about the unconscious and our connection to the oneness of us all. Could we have a breakthrough in which we consciously become aware that we are all one? Will it be a revolution/evolution of consciousness? 


Judy Joyce, August 2010

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